Awards Given by the American Numismatic Society

Huntington Medal Award

The Huntington Medal Award is conferred annually in honor of the late Archer M. Huntington in recognition of outstanding career contributions to numismatic scholarship. The medal was designed in 1908 by Emil Fuchs to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the ANS. At Huntington's request, his image does not appear on it.

Initially, bronze copies were distributed to members and collectors who displayed pieces at exhibitions sponsored by the Society. However, as the Council later noted, when the medal was commissioned, "[i]t was provided that specimens in silver should be awarded from time to time, in recognition of literary or other services to the science of numismatics."

The first such award was conferred to Edward Newell in 1918.

Huntington Medal Award recipients.

Saltus Medal Award

The Saltus Medal Award was initiated in 1913 by J. Sanford Saltus to reward sculptors "for distinguished achievement in the field of the art of the medal." The silver medal was designed by A. A. Weinman, one of the finest American sculptors of the Beaux-Arts tradition and the second winner of the award.

Until 1983, the award was given intermittently to a total of thirty-one American medallic artists. In 1983, eligibility was expanded and since then the medal has been given to both American and foreign artists for lifetime achievement in medallic art.

Saltus Medal Award recipients.

In 1996, Stephen K. Scher endowed the " Lecture on the Art and History of the Medal" which is given at the ceremony during which the Saltus Medal Award is conferred.

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Trustees' Award

In 2003 the ANS began the tradition of honoring deserving individuals with the Trustees’ Award at the ANS Annual Dinner Gala held in January. The Trustees confer the award on those individuals who have helped in extraordinary ways to forward the mission of the Society.

Trustees' Award recipients.

Distinguished Service Award

In 2012 the ANS began to honor ANS volunteers at the Annual Dinner Gala who have dedicated their time and expertise to benefit the Society with The Distinguished Service Award.

Distinguished Service Award Recipients