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ANS logo, ca. 1900 (The Society was then known as the American Numismatic and Archaeological Society.)

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In 2004 the ANS established a centralized archive when it was preparing to move to its location in Lower Manhattan. The mission of the Archives is to serve as a centralized resource for historical information about the Society. The ANS Archives fulfills this mission by:

  • Collecting, preserving, and making accessible the historical records of the Society.
  • Using these records to promote to key audiences the Society's heritage of success.
  • Supporting the Society's staff in their roles as scholars and administrators.

The records housed in the ANS Archives document the history and development of the Society, its collections, exhibitions, and programs, as well as the contributions of individuals and groups associated with the Society — they are unique and irreplaceable assets.

In short, the ANS Archives serves as the Society's "institutional memory."

In 2011 the ANS released ARCHER (ARCHival Electronic Resource) powered by EADitor, open source software developed by the ANS for creating, managing, and publishing collections of archival finding aids described in Encoded Archival Description (EAD) XML.

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To learn more about the ANS Archives or the history of the Society email, ask the Archivist.