FY 2014 Annual Meeting Oct 25, 2014 elections

Annual Meeting October 25, 2014


Mr. Robert A. Kandel, Chair of the 2014 Nominating and Governance Committee, proceeded with the business of the elections: Mr. Kandel welcomed the Trustees and Members present at the meeting, then recited the names of the Fellows newly elected during the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees held on October 25, 2014:

  • Mr. John Dannreuther
  • Mr. Allan H. Davisson
  • Mr. David Feinstein
  • Mr. Ross Larson Jr.
  • Mr. John Nebel
  • Mr. Lawerence Sekulich
  • Mr. William Sudbrink

Pursuant to Article IV Section 1, and Article V Section 12 (b) of the ANS Bylaws, 13 of the Fellows present at the October 25, 2014 Annual meeting raised their hands in favor of the nominations and eigh 83 proxies were counted, electing the following individuals to serve on the Board of Trustees in the class of 2017:

  • Mr. Dick Eidswick,
  • Mr. Daniel Hamelberg
  • Mr. Robert A. Kandel
  • Dr. Andrew Meadows
  • Mr. John Nebel
  • Mr. Douglass F. Rohrman
  • Dr. Christopher J. Salmon, MD

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