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Elena Stolyarik

FY 2013 Annual Report


During this fiscal year over 1,077 objects were registered through generous gifts as well as purchases. We would like to express our deep appreciation to all of our donors, who continue to fill gaps in our collections. We acknowledge and thank them all.

Donors 2013

Lawrence A. Adams
Karen Alster
Pam Berk
Banco Central do Brasil
William A. Burd
David L. Burka
Robert A. Burka
Mark B. Burka
Terence Cheesman
João Duarte
Kenneth Edlow
Dick Eidswick
Elizabeth R. Hahn
Alan Helms
David Hendin
Ed Hohertz
Christina & Saskia Höhn
Robert Horbach
Dr. Jay M. Galst
Paul Kagin
Matthew R. Karges
Sylvia Karges
Frank Kovacs
Joshua Mack
Leonard Mazzone
Dr. David Menchell
Barbara Phillips
Marion Roller Estate
Dorette Sarachik
Walter Reed
Abraham D. & Marian Scheuer Sofaer
Craig Sholley
Rita Shulak
Robert Schaaf
Roger Siboni
Anthony Terranova
Mel Wacks
Ute Wartenberg Kagan
Michael Wierzba
Ray Williams
John Zabel

Vendors 2013

Baldwin purchase through Simmons Gallery
Arthur Blumenthal
Mike Dunigan
Heritage CICF World & Ancient Coins Signature Auction
Amy Kann
Leipziger Munzhandlung und Auktion Heidrun Hohn
Lan Lis, London
H.D.Rauch GmbH
Anthony Terranova
Edmond Torn
Jesus Vico purchase through NG SA
Jesus Vico purchase through CNG

Last year, thanks to a generous benefactor, over 19,000 objects (nearly half of Archer M. Huntington's collection) came back on long-term loan. Now, thanks to another anonymous benefactor the ANS has received 7,493 pieces from this great collection, also on long-term loan. Among these are various issues of ancient Iberian and Celtiberian coins, as well as bronze coins of the early Roman emperors struck in Spain. The largest portion of this group consists of thousands of Dutch, German, and French jetons from the 16th and 17th centuries.

In addition to the loans, the Society purchased 41 important items from the Huntington collection, not represented in the ANS cabinet. This group includes a 2nd century BC bronze coin from Tirsos (one of only two known examples); an exceptionally rare as from Cilpe of the mid 1st century BC; a unique bronze coin from Libiakos.

Among the highlights of the Huntington coins purchased are two great rarities- silver 8-reales of Philip V from the Seville mint, dated 1701. One is unique; the other is one of two known examples.

Another fine coin, which the ANS has acquired from the Huntington collection, is a 5 escalins emergency issue from Oudenaarde, struck during the siege of the city in 1582. This curious piece, with an image of eyeglasses, is a generous donation of Ophthalmologist, Dr. Jay M. Galst, ANS fellow and Augustus B. Sage Society member.

In the beginning of this fiscal year, the ANS received one of its most exciting gifts for our Greek Department. This was a donation of 30 ancient Judaean bronze coins of Herod Antipas and 92 coins of Agrippa II, all from the magnificent collection of Abraham D. & Marian Scheuer Sofaer. This donation, along with the earlier Sofaer donations of 260 ancient Samarian coins and 170 coins of the Bar Kochba Revolt, will significantly enlarge our collection of ancient coinages from the Holy Land.

Another significant gift came from ANS Adjunct Curator and Fellow David Hendin. His newest donation consists of 244 extremely rare ancient coins from Israel, Decapolis, and the province of Arabia.

Our extensive collection of counterfeits and forgeries received a generous donation from Frank Kovacs. Removed from the marketplace this group of 107 forgery dies for the coins of the ancient Black Sea Greek colonies-- Istrus, Mesembria, Apollonia and Thracian Chersoneses, comprises a useful resource for further analysis, comparative study, and reference for collectors and scholars.

An exciting coin added to the Latin American department, is a Philip III 8 reales from the Potosí mint, from the 1622 shipwreck off the coast of Florida. This piece came as a generous gift from David, Robert A. and Mark B. Burka in recognition of the service of Kenneth L. Edlow as Chairman of the ANS Board of Trustees.

The Society’s collection of Americana has also been expanded by a fine gift of 55 fantasies, facsimiles, and forgeries of Indian Peace Medals, donated by long-time friend and generous benefactor Anthony Terranova. Among this gift is a group of facsimiles of the George Washington oval Indian Peace Medals of various dates, small-sized fantasies produced for sale at Indian reservations or trading posts, and fantasy medals of John Adams and William Henry Harrison, two presidents who never issued official medals.

To the great satisfaction of the curatorial staff, we received from ANS Trustee Dr. Lawrence A. Adams an extremely beautiful example of the gold medal of the National Institute of Arts and Letters, which was awarded to the U.S. composer Aaron Copland in 1956, for his achievements in music. It was designed, by the eminent sculptor Adolph Alexander Weinman, who also designed “Mercury” dime and the Walking Liberty half-dollar.

Inter-Museum Loans

To date, around 353 objects are out on loan to 22 permanent, temporary and traveling exhibitions. The curatorial staff continued to provide back-up and consultation services, and helped with installation.

Here are some highlights of our loans:

In February, the Israel Museum shared with visitors the sensational discovery of Herod’s tomb at Herodium. An important section of the exhibition is devoted to Herod’s relations with Augustus. One part of this display is a selection of valuable coins from the ANS. These include the Octavian aureus and his denarius with an image of Caesar; an extremely rare gold coin depicting Octavian and Mark Antony, as well as a silver denarius of Mark Antony and Cleopatra.

In April the J. Paul Getty Museum invited visitors to view the magnificent exhibition Sicily: Art and Invention between Greece and Rome. The ANS coins from the Avola hoard were exhibited next to gold jewelry also from this find, owned by the British Museum. In addition, our coins with images of Arethusa and Heracles complemented other depictions of them on display in the same gallery. The exhibition is currently at the Cleveland Art Museum.

At the end of September the Federal Reserve Bank of New York opened their Centennial Exhibition at the Museum of American Finance in New York. For this special show the ANS gladly provided a commemorative bronze medal of Carter Glass, US Secretary of the Treasury under President Woodrow Wilson, widely known as co-sponsor of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, which enforced the separation of investment banking and commercial banking.

At the beginning of October, coins from the ANS collection were featured in a new exhibition entitled Measuring and Mapping Space: Geographic Knowledge in Greco-Roman Antiquity, organized by the Institute for Study of the Ancient World at New York University. Roman coins from the ANS collection show how the globe was a favored symbol for Roman emperors in their efforts to exert political and military control over the empire.

Other Activities

Our very successful exhibit at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York closed, resulting in the return transportation of 723 valuable objects from the ANS collection to our premises.

The Society’s collections provide an important resource for scholars and publishers. Photo orders, reproduction rights and exhibition fees resulted in $28, 456.00 income this Fiscal Year.

Our database has over 84,464 objects with high-resolution images available. The ANS now has a full time photographer; in addition to digitizing of our collection, he is also providing illustrations for the ANS publications and social media.

During this fiscal year, the ANS interns regularly helped with our collections. Under supervision of the curatorial staff, Shannon Ness worked on the OCRE projection to help populate the new database through the emperor Commodus, Jesse Kraft worked on collections of Civil War Tokens and French Colony Coins, and Sylvia Czander started to assist us with organize our extensive collection of the Alexander the Great coinage.

In recognition of the gift of service we would like to express our sincere thanks to our volunteers Ted Withington, William Sudbrink, Jacob Lichtblau, Whitney Senzel. Personally, I wrote the column “From the Collections Manager” for the American Numismatic Society Magazine, highlighting this year’s major acquisitions, gifts and museum loans.

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