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Використати вибір даних і візуалізацію параметрів далі для створення діаграми на основі вибраних параметрів. Інструкції з використання цієї функції можна знайти тут: http://wiki.numismatics.org/numishare:visualize.

Аналіз вимірювань

Analysis Type

Standard Deviation

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Select the measurement type below for visualization. Measurement queries are executed across all coins harvested in Nomisma.org, regardless connection to coin type URIs.

Порівняти запити

You can compare multiple queries to generate a more complex chart. Note that the value for each category for comparison is refined by previous selections in that group. For example, if the first category in a Group is "Denomination: Denarius", and Mint is select as the second category, the drop-down menu will include only those mints that produced denarii. Додати запит

Діапазон дат

You may select both a start and end date to display change in measurement(s) over time in the form of a line chart. An average will be taken for the selected interval over the entire duration. You may automatically generate this date range based on the queries above. Note that the automatic date range applies only to typologies for which there is at least one physical specimen where the selected measurement applies.