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The American Numismatic Society publishes books, monographs, and periodicals relating to all areas of numismatics. A few selected books from other publishers relating to numismatics are also available, as are the medals issued by the Society. ANS Members receive a 30% discount on most items.

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Irritamenta: Numismatic Treasures of a Renaissance Collector (Numismatic Studies Volume 31), by John Cunnally. Handsomely bound in red leather, MS Typ 411 is one of thousands of rare editions, manuscripts, and documents in the Houghton Library’s Printing and Graphic Arts section at Harvard University . Resembling an old fashioned family Bible at 10 × 8 inches and some 300 pages, when opened this book reveals no text but a series of fine pen-and-ink drawings, 1,220 illustrations of ancient coins. These are the records of a coin collection owned by Andrea Loredan, a Venetian patrician well known in the 1550s and ‘60s as a passionate connoisseur of antiquities.

The Banknotes of Imperial Persia: An Analysis of a Complex System with Catalogue (Numismatic Studies Volume 30) by Michael E. Bonine, edited by Jere L. Bacharach. The Imperial Bank of Persia, established in 1889, was the first bank to issue banknotes and attempt to establish a modern banking system in Iran. The banknotes of the Imperial Bank of Persia are some of the most beautiful and largest notes ever issued for any nation, yet the story of these notes is complex.

Monuments in Miniature: Architecture on Roman Coinage (Numismatic Studies no. 29) by Nathan T. Elkins. The representation of monuments and buildings on Roman coinage is one of the most popular topics in studies of coin iconography. Instead of using images on coins as evidence for reconstruction, this book contextualizes monumental representations on the coinage within their broader historical, social, and political contexts, by addressing how and why images evolved through time and by investigating why architectural representation emerged on and disappeared from the coinage.

ΚΑΙΡΟΣ: Contributions to Numismatics in Honor of Basil Demetriadi, Edited by Ute Wartenberg and Michel Amandry. This Festschrift honors Basil Demetriadi, and will be available for shipping in September 2015. This volume is limited to 150 hand-numbered copies, and will not be reprinted. It features 21 new, fully illustrated articles on ancient coins of the Greek world written specifically for this volume. The 428-page, hardcover book is printed on heavyweight, archival paper, bound in Greek-blue linen, and handsomely slipcased, featuring a silver stamp of an stater with eagle head and leaf.

FIDES: Contributions to Numismatics in Honor of Richard B. Witschonke, Edited by Peter G. van Alfen, Gilles Bransbourg, and Michel Amandry. This Festschrift honors Richard "Rick" B. Witschonke, and will be available for shipping in September 2015. This volume is limited to 150 hand-numbered copies, and will not be reprinted. It contains 20 articles of new scholarship on the ancient coinage of the Roman world and greater italic peninsula and islands. RBW’s volume is 520 pages with illustrations throughout, bound in Roman imperial purple linen, and stamped in gold with the image of an as depicting an eagle above the word “ROMA”.

Kushan, Kushano-Sasanian, and Kidarite Coins. 2015
by David Jongeward and Joe Cribb with Peter Donovan
This catalogue presents all the Kushan coins in the American Numismatic Society, with selected illustrations, detailed descriptions, and commentary. The production system of Kushans coinage is presented with major revisions of chronology and organization compared with previous publications.

Medallic Art of the American Numismatic Society, 1865-2014
by Scott H. Miller
Studies in Medallic Art 2 (2015)

Numismatic History and Economy in Epirus during Antiquity. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference: Numismatic History and Economy in Epirus During Antiquity (University of Ioannina. October 3rd - 7th, 2007) Series Kerma, No. III. Published by: Lydia Lithos, Society for the Study of Numismatics and Economic History, 2013. This publication was made possible with the support of the American Numismatic Society.

La Colección Cervera, Moneda Antiqua de Hispania by Maria Paz García-Bellido y William Metcalf, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas & Ediciones Polifemo, Madrid, 2014

European Medals in the Chazen Museum of Art joint publication: Chazen Art Museum, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the American Numismatic Society

The RBW Collection of Roman Republican Coins by Roberto Russo, with collaboration of Alberto de Falco (Numismatica Ars Classica NAC AG 2013)

Essays in Honour of Robert Russo Edited by Peter G. van Alfen and Richard B. Witschonke (Numismatica Ars Classica NAC AG 2013)

Diva Faustina. Coinage and Cult in Rome and the Provinces by Martin Beckmann (Numismatic Studies 26, 2012) The coinage struck posthumously in the name of Faustina the Elder, wife of the Roman emperor Antoninus Pius, was the largest such issue ever produced by the mint of Rome. Until now it has been impossible to date these coins with any accuracy, and thus difficult to determine their place in imperial ideology. This study definitively resolves the chronological difficulties of these undated issues by means of die study of Diva Faustina's gold and bronze coinage.

Feel of Steel by Mark D. Tomasko. The “feel of steel” is that tactile experience one gets from well-printed bank-note engraving, which for more than 150 years was engraved on and printed from steel dies and plates. The Feel of Steel gives particular attention to picture engraving and the picture engravers, as well as a look at the process of bank-note engraving. This publication in three parts concentrates on the post–Civil War era, on the process, provides insights into the design, engraving, and printing of the documents, and on connecting faces to the names of the engravers and includes illustrations of the best work of most of these men.

Cultural Change. Jewish, Christian and Islamic Coins of the Holy Land A full color catalogue of the coins featured in the ANS’ acclaimed temporary exhibit of the same name. All coins are illustrated in full color, with explanatory text, illustrations of related material, maps and family-trees. The volume serves as the ideal introduction to the coinage of the Holy Land, as well as providing a history of the region from the 4th century BC to Crusader times, illustrated by the coinage that was produced there. As such, it contains some of the earliest Jewish coins, as well as the earliest to bear overtly Christian symbolism. Order Now

Coinage of the Caravan Kingdoms: Ancient Arabian Coins from the Collection of Martin Huth Built over the last 20 years, the Martin Huth collection of pre-Islamic coins covering all parts of the Arabian Peninsula represents the lagest assembly of such material ever put together, exceeeding by far the holdings of existing Museum collections. 480 coins are fully described and illustrated on more than 70 plates. Order Now

American Art Medals, 1909-1995 American Art Medals, 1909–1995 is the first comprehensive study of the two most important series of art medals produced in the United States: the medals of the Circle of Friends of the Medallion (1909–1915) and those of the Society of Medalists (1930–1995). Together, these two series offer an unmatched panorama of American medallic sculpture in the twentieth century. Order Now

The Silver Coinage of Massachusetts The Silver Coins of Massachusetts is a splendidly illustrated review of the first coins struck in British North America, a mere generation after the establishment of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, employing the latest historical and numismatic evidence as well as novel scientific analysis. Order Now

Coinage of the Caravan Kingdoms (Numismatic Studies No. 25) This volume represents the first comprehensive look at ancient Arabian coinage in toto since George Hill’s 1922 British Museum catalogue. In addition to a catalogue and updated typologies, die studies of the owl and Alexander imitations, this volume features essays written by numismatists, archaeologists, and epigraphists that situate the coins within their political, social, and economic contexts. The table of contents and a link to the McDonald Plates are available on the book page. Order Now

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