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Readings by Session:

June 8

Numismatic Toolkit (Witschonke)

Questions of Coin Description and Style (Meadows & van Alfen)

June 9

Die Studies (Witschonke)

June 10

Hellenistic Coinages (Meadows)

Archaic and Classical Coinage (vanAlfen)

June 11

Hoard Studies (Witschonke)

June 14

Roman Republican Coinage (Witschonke)

Roman Provincial Coinage (Woytek)

Roman Imperatorial and Imperial Coinage (Woytek)

June 15

Byzantine Coinage (Stolyarik)

Medieval Coinage (Hoge)

Metalurgical Analysis of Coins (Keyser)

June 16

Coinages of the Early Islamic Period (Bates)

Coinages and Monetary Economy of the Middle Islamic Period and the “Gunpowder Empires” (Heidemann)

Modern and American Coinage (Hoge)

June 17

The Cistophoric Coinage: A Case Study (Witschonke)

Why Coinage? Political and Economic Aspects (van Alfen)

June 18

Material Evidence and Narrative Sources: Inscribed Numismatic Evidence (Bacharach)

June 21

Chinese Coinage (Withington/Hoge)

June 22

Temples, Elephants, Shields, and Chariots: The Later Sestertii of Tiberius (Cox)

The Creation of RPC IV (Yarrow)

June 23

June 24

Trajan’s Bilingual Coins (Woytek)

June 25

June 28

The Restored Coinages of the Roman Empire: New Research (Woytek)

June 29

July 1

Legal & Ethical Readings (Witschonke)
-Background Articles

-Laws & Agreements

-Organizational Positions

-CPAC Letters & Hearing Summary

-Legal and Ethical Issues in Numismatics Supplemental Reading Bibliography

July 6

July 7

Coins in Context (Elkins)

July 9