American Numismatic Society
American Numismatic Society

What We Publish

The ANS has an active publication program that began in 1866 with the first numismatic periodical in the United States and continues today with a variety of publications on all aspects of numismatics.


The American Journal of Numismatics is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal published annually, containing original research in all areas of numismatics.

The Colonial Newsletter is a research journal devoted to the colonial and Confederation-period coinages of the United States, published thrice yearly.

The ANS Magazine is a full-color magazine published three times a year that presents feature articles on a wide range of numismatic topics as well as keeping members up to date on the Society's work.

Books and Monographs

The ANS publishes two monograph series, called Numismatic Notes and Monographs and Numismatic Studies. These series comprise book-length works of original scholarship in all areas of numismatics. We also frequently publish books outside of these series, including numismatic research works as well as exhibition catalogues and other types of numismatic books.

Conference Proceedings

The papers from each Stack Family Coinage of the Americas Conference are usually published in a volume in the Coinage of the Americas Conference Proceedings series. Each book in the series thus represents a set of papers presenting research relating to a particular theme in the coinage of the Western Hemisphere.

Research Tools

Numismatic Literature is a comprehensive bibliographic reference to publications in all areas of numismatics from around the world

Digital Publications

Since computer technology and the Internet are opening up new ways to distribute information efficiently, the ANS has begun a series of digital publications to take advantage of the new possibilities.


The ANS has published many other works, including some notable series. In the nineteenth century, the first numismatic periodical in the United States—the first series of the American Journal of Numismatics—was founded by the ANS, while many lectures presented at ANS meetings were published in the Society's Proceedings.

In the twentieth century, there was a short-lived series funded by Archer Huntington and called the Hispanic Numismatic Series, to publish the coins from Huntington's collection. Two series published fully illustrated but tersely described corpora of ancient coins: the Ancient Coins in North American Collections series for ancient coins in significant American collections, mostly private, and the Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum series for coins in the Greek department of the ANS. The latter two have now been superseded by digital technology.

The list of all ANS publication series, past and present contains links to all of our publications, from 1858 to the present.