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The Agaronomia: Studies in Money and Exchange

Peter G. van Alfen, ed.

Hardcover, 290 pp., 14 pls.

ISBN-13: 978-0-89722-298-3
ISBN-10: 0-89722-298-9
Published in 2006
Price $125

Offered to John H. Kroll on his retirement from the University of Texas at Austin, this volume features essays on Greek coinage, exchange, and polis economies from the Archaic to Hellenistic periods. Included in the collection are studies that explore aspects of Homeric and Archaic exchange, the law of sale, and cavalry costs. Other studies examine the social, economic and historical contexts of coinages from Abdera, Athens, "Lete," Lydia, Mylasa, and Side, and present new interpretative approaches to "cooperative" coinage.

Agaronomia: Studies in Money and Exchange - Table of contents


Bryn Mawr Classical Review: “The final piece in the volume is on 'Co-operative coinage' by Emily Mackil and Peter van Alfen, dealing with the monetary 'unions' of the Greek world….. There is no space here adequately to summarize their argument, which is dense and rich and provides several interesting case studies. However, the authors' conclusion, that 'we should begin to think seriously about complex economic cooperation across political boundaries in the ancient Greek Mediterranean' is one which should be heeded by all ancient economic historians, and the piece provides a fitting conclusion to the book as a whole.” (Full Review); Mouseion 2007, vol. 7.2: 174-178.

About the Editor

Dr. van Alfen is the author and editor of dozens of articles and books dealing with aspects of Mycenaean, Archaic, and Classical economies, numismatics, amphoras, shipwrecks, and medallic art. He currently has three volumes in preparation to appear in 2010: Coinage of the Caravan Kingdoms: Studies in the Monetization of Ancient Arabia (with Martin Huth) on early Arabian monetization; Complicating Value (with Mark Lawall) on the use of imitation in antiquity; and Ophthalmologia in nummis (with Jay Galst) on ophthalmic medallic art. The former editor of Studies in Mycenaean Inscriptions and Dialect, he now edits the Society’s American Journal of Numismatics and the ANS Magazine. Dr. van Alfen is co-director of the Society's Eric P. Newman Summer Graduate Seminar and also teaches as an adjunct professor in the Classics Department at New York University.

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