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American Numismatic Society

Heritage Lecture Series: Latin American Coinage

Caribbean Cut and Countermarked Coins of the Napoleonic Wars in the ANS Cabinet
by Robert W. Hoge, ANS Curator of North American Coins and Currency


The Napoleonic Invasion of the Iberian Peninsula and its impact in South American Numismatics
by Cristiano Bierrenbach, Heritage Auctions Executive Vice President of International Numismatics

20 September 2012


Heritage Auctions, 3500 Maple Avenue, 17th Floor Dallas, TX 75219-3941

Sponsored by Heritage Auctions

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about the lecturers

Cristiano Bierrenbach received a degree in management from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania in 1996. In 1999, Cristiano founded Bier Numismatica and within a few years had become one of the largest numismatic dealers in Latin America. At the age of 30, he became the youngest ever Technical Director of the Brazilian Numismatic Society, and is the founder of the Latin American Numismatic Convention. He is a life member of the ANA and FUN and several other numismatic clubs and organizations around the world. Mr. Bierrenbach will discuss the impact of the Napoleonic invasion in the Iberian Peninsul,the arrival of the Portuguese family in Brazil and their impact on numismatics.

From 1981 to 2001, Robert Wilson Hoge was Curator of the American Numismatic Association--in charge of the ANA's Money Museum, in Colorado Springs. He served also as manager of the ANA's Authentication Bureau and columnist and contributing editor for The Numismatist. For 19 years he taught the most highly rated course in the ANA's Summer Seminar, and prepared dozens of exhibits. He served previously as Director of the Sanford Museum and Planetarium, from 1976 to 1981, when he was named in Outstanding Young Men of America; he also taught Cultural Anthropology at Buena Vista College, in Iowa. Hoge's numismatic interests range widely through ancient, medieval, oriental and early modern issues. He is the author of several hundred articles in numismatics and other areas. Hoge has participated in archaeological excavations, and in 1985 was invited to observe the treasure salvage of the 1622 Spanish galleon Nuestra SeƱora de Atocha. He was selected as a United States representative in the International Partnerships among Museums Program of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), working with the National Museum of Pakistan (1990). He has been a member of numerous professional numismatic and museological organizations and has served as a speaker upon many occasions, also appearing on the PBS Television programs, The News Hour, with Jim Lehrer and The History Detectives.