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American Numismatic Society

Heritage Lecture Series: Ancient Coinage

The Shoshana Collection: Culture, Conflict and Coinage in the Ancient Holy Land by David Michaels

Iran and Greece: Then and Now by Andrew Meadows

9 May 2012

Heritage Auctions
9478 West Olympic Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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about the lecturers

David Michaels is Director of Classical Coins at Heritage. Mr. Michaels' 25 years of Classical numismatic experience includes a specialty in Roman Imperial coinage, with an extensive background in Greek, Byzantine, Dark Age and Medieval coins as well. Mr. Michaels is also a respected lecturer and author. He has published several articles on ancient coinage, both on his own and with well-known Greek coin expert Catherine Lorber.

Andrew Meadows is Deputy Director of the American Numismatic Society. Dr. Meadows is a specialist in the history, numismatics and epigraphy of the Hellenistic Greek world. Dr Meadows has written and edited more than 70 books and articles, including three volumes in the Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum series and Coin Hoards IX and X. He is Series Editor of the joint ANS-Cambridge University Press Guides to the Coinage of the Ancient World and the editor of the American Journal of Numismatics. He is currently working on a collaborative project to digitise the Inventory of Greek Coin Hoards and is writing a book-length study of the development of civic coinage in Hellenistic Asia Minor.