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The Assistant Curator of American Collections: Job Description

The Assistant Curator of American Collections is responsible for the acquisition, care, display, interpretation and publication of the Society’s collection of Coins, Currency, Decorations and Medals of the Americas. S/he reports to the Executive Director and works, as part of a team, closely with colleagues in the curatorial department, the library and the administration.

The Assistant Curator is responsible for the cataloguing, proper arrangement and monitoring of the condition of the collection, in collaboration and consultation with the Collection Manager. S/he is expected to work pro-actively to develop a strategy for the enhancement of the collection through both purchase and donation. S/he is expected to draw upon the collection in a variety of educational fora (classes, seminars, lectures), as well as to publish items from the collection in the Society’s magazine, journals, monograph series and digital publications. As part of the Society’s outreach within the collector community, the Assistant Curator is expected to attend coin shows, local club-meetings and similar events. From time to time the Curator is expected to organize exhibitions of the Society’s collections on and off the Society’s premises, as well as to contribute to the Society’s loan program. The Curator is expected, in consultation with the Executive Director and the Director of Development, to develop proposals for submission to outside funding bodies and individuals, in line with the Society’s strategic objectives.

Specific duties and responsibilities of the Curator include:

  • responsibility for the American collection of artifacts
  • acquiring objects or collections of interest to the Society
  • cataloguing current holdings and new acquisitions and general collection documentation and management
  • carrying out background research and writing catalogues
  • displaying objects or collections in way that makes them accessible to the general public
  • writing materials and articles for the website
  • writing articles for internal and external publications
  • planning, organizing, interpreting and presenting exhibitions and lectures
  • teaching and supervision of students during the Society’s annual Summer Seminar
  • collaborating with other departments of the Society, such as Publications, Fundraising, Membership and the Library and Archives
  • writing bids for external funding
  • handling enquiries from Fellows, Members, other researchers and the general public
  • dealing with and understanding the Society’s digital resource platforms as part of enhancing public experience of the collection
  • management of interns and volunteers
  • liaising with various individuals, groups and grant agencies to secure sponsorship for events, publications and development projects
  • networking with other museum and academic professionals.

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