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Visigothic Kingdom of Spain. Leovigild (AD 568-586).AV tremissis, Toledo mint. Leovigild was the first of the Visigothic kings to strike coins in his own name and the last to be an Arian Christian; his coinage types prefigured nearly all the main variants of the later=Visigoths.(1001.57.630)

Great Britain. Brass commemorative medal, 1741. The piece prematurely celebrated a capture of Cartagena, in Colombia, and defeat of its heroic defender, Don Blas de Leso y Olivarrieta, by the unsuccessful English expeditionary forces under Admirals Edward Vernon and Sirm Chaloner Ogle. 38 mm. (1001.1.15996)

One Hundred Fifty-Fifth
ANS Annual Meeting

20 OCTOBER 2012
Saturday 3:00 pm

  • Remarks and presentations by Officers and staff
  • Election of Trustees to be held
  • Donor recognition
    Unveiling of new donor plaques

    Wall of Benefactors
    John W. Adams
    Abraham D. Sofaer and Marian Scheuer Sofaer

    Wall of Library Donors
    William A. Burd
    In honor of D. Brent Pogue

  • On view
    Exhibit The Medallic Art of João Duarte
    medals by the 2011 J. Sanford Saltus Award recipient

Reception to follow

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images - Coins from the former Huntington (Hispanic Society of America) Coin Collection, on 2012 long term anonymous loan.

Muslim Spain. Nasrid dynasty, Muhammad IX (1428-1430). AV dinar, Grenada mint (Madinat Gharnata). Last of the Islamic rulers in Spain, the Nasrids minted among the most handsome Spanish Muslim coins from their storied palace of the Alhambra, before their expulsion in 1492. (1001.57.5880)

Roman Republic. M. Junius Brutus (43-42 BC). AR denarius by L. Plaetorius Cestianus, mint moving with Brutus in Northern Greece. The famous “Ides of March” issue celebrating the assassination of Julius Caesar is one of the most evocative coins of all time. The Liberty cap and daggers sought to justify judicial murder. (1001.1.247420)