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ANS E-news, April 2014


Archer M. Huntington Award

Mr. John W. Adams will be the recipient of the 2014 Archer M. Huntington Award, on Saturday, April 26, 2014. The Award will be presented in Boston, at the Massachusetts Historical Society. We hope you can join us.

Details available here.

NEH Grant

In March the ANS was informed that it has been successful in its bid to the National Endowment for the Humanities for a Humanities Collections and Reference Resources Award, to allow it fully to implement the Online Coins of the Roman Empire project. This project, co-directed by ANS Deputy Director Andrew Meadows and Professor Roger Bagnall of the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, and managed by Dr. Gilles Bransbourg will provide a complete online reference to the whole of Roman Imperial Coinage. The grant, worth $300,000, will enable the ANS to digitize its entire collection of Roman Imperial coins, standardize its cataloguing, and contribute all of the data to the OCRE project. The project will run for three years.

Membership Renewal

For those of you who still have not renewed your membership for 2014, please do so today so as not to miss out on all of the benefits and services that ANS has to offer. All 2014 renewals can be made directly on our website here.

We thank you in advance for your continued support and active participation.

ANS in Chicago

The ANS will participate in the Chicago International Coin Fair (CICF) show in Chicago, from Thursday through Sunday, April 10-13. If you are attending the show, please stop by our table.

The ANS will hold a member exclusive cocktail event on Friday, April 11th.

Details available here.

Sage Society Roman Holiday

An event for members of the Augustus B. Sage Society, Sunday, 22 June –Saturday, 28 June 2014.

Under the direction of Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan, Executive Director, and several distinguished numismatic scholars based in Rome, members of the Sage Society will have the opportunity to visit four important coin cabinets in the Eternal City, as well as archaeological sites, churches, and museums. The tour is designed to accommodate many types of activities, including visits to some of Rome’s wonderful food shops and markets. There will be plenty of time to enjoy Rome and its many cultural attractions, shops and ambience.

Details available here.

Salton Memorial Lecture

Dr. Cécile Morrisson will give the Mark M. Salton Memorial Lecture on May 7th, 2014. She will speak on the topic of "Byzantine Gold and the Economy of the Empire."

Details available here.

ANS in London

On March 31-April 1, ANS Web and Database Developer Ethan Gruber is participating in the Standards for Networking Ancient Prosopographies meeting, held at King's College in London. This represents an opportunity for broader collaboration with the Digital Humanities/ Classicist community in the development of models of large-scale social networks of ancient peoples, particularly those of authorities and issuers related to Greek and Roman coins. At this meeting the open source archival authority management software, xEAC, which has been under sporadic development at the ANS for about 18 months, will be demonstrated. We hope to receive funding from the IMLS to further develop the software as well as to create a prosopography of the Roman Empire, which will enhance biographical context within Mantis and OCRE, as well as demonstrate a proof-of-concept for representing die linking studies electronically.

ANS Library Videos

ANS Librarian Elizabeth Hahn Benge has been making some tutorials for assisting users with the online library catalog. So far, 5 videos have been created. These can be viewed on the ANS YouTube channel here.


ANS in Switzerland

On March 13-14, ANS Web and Database Developer, Ethan Gruber, participated in the third annual European Coin Find Network meeting, held in Basel, Switzerland. The meeting was designed to further international collaboration in interlinking Roman coin hoard and find databases by implementing typologies defined on , following the tenets of linked open data. The prototype for RRC Online, a joint-project between the ANS and the British Museum was demonstrated. Modeled on OCRE, this is an online type corpus based on Michael Crawford's Roman Republican Coinage. It will launch later this spring with more than 20,000 coins from at least four participating institutions and includes more than 700 findspots from Kris Lockyear's [[|Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic]] database.

New ANS Publication

The ANS is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of

The Island Standard: The Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman Coinages of Paros by John A N Z Tully.

This book is the first comprehensive study of the monetary history of one of the major coin-producing states of the Hellenistic and Roman Aegean. It analyzes the Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman coinages of the Cycladic island of Paros.

Ordering information available here.

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