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ANS E-news, September 2012


Heritage Lecture Series: Latin American Coinage

On Thursday, September 20th the third part of the Heritage Auctions sponsored ANS lecture series will be held at Heritage headquarters in Dallas, TX. Robert W. Hoge, ANS Curator of North American Coins and Currency, will present "Caribbean Cut and Countermarked Coins of the Napoleonic Wars in the ANS Cabinet" and Cristiano Bierrenbach, Heritage Auctions Executive Vice President of International Numismatics will present "The Napoleonic Invasion of the Iberian Peninsula and its impact in South American Numismatics". RSVP to or 800-872-6467 ext. 1050. Details here.

Krause-Mishler Forum

On Thursday, October 2nd, Dr. Hortensia von Roten, Director of the Numismatic Cabinet, Swiss Museum and Past President of the International Committee of Numismatic Museums, will present “An exceptional collection of Modern European Coins from the Old City Library of Zurich.” Details available here.

ANS in Russia

On Wednesday, September 26, ANS Curatorial Associate Peter Donovan will present "Da Yuezhi and Kushan coinage from Bactria, from the collection of the American Numismatic Society, New York" during the Two Centuries of Islamic Numismatics in Russia conference at The State Hermitage Museum in Russia.

ANS in Greece

ANS Deputy Director Andrew Meadows will present “The Great Transformation. Civic Coin Design in the 2nd Century BC” at the Greek Coins and their Images: Noble Issuers, Humble Users?" Conference organized by the French School at Athens on Wednesday-Friday, September 26-28, 2012. “The Sincerest Form of Flattery: Counterfeit and Imitation Coins in the Seleucid Empire” by ANS Adjunct Curator Oliver D. Hoover will also be presented. Details available here.

Wall Street Collectors Bourse II

ANS staff will be in attendance at the Wall Street Collectors Bourse on October 18-20, 2012. The organizers have planned a special reception for ANS members on October 19th. Details and updates here.

Sage Society Dinner and Lecture in New York

A dinner and lecture honoring ANS Donors and Benefactors who will be recognized with wall plaques at the Annual Meeting will be held on October 19th, 2012. Details available here.

ANS Annual Meeting

The ANS 155th Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, October 20th at 3:00pm. In addition to remarks and presentations by Officers and staff and election of Trustees, there will be an unveiling of new donor plaques for the Benefactor and Library Donor walls. An exhibit of medals by the J. Sanford Saltus Award recipient, João Duarte will be on view. A reception will follow.

Nominations for Trustees, and Officers of the Society can be read here. For more information, contact the membership office at (212) 571-4470 ext 117,

Augustus B. Sage Society Trip 2013

Ancient Lycia: A Week on the Turquoise Coast

Sage Society members may want to save the week of August 25 through 31 in their diaries for 2013. In conjunction with Westminster Classic Tours the ANS is organizing a seven day cruise along the southern coast of Turkey, visiting a variety of Lycian, Greek, Roman and Byzantine sites.

The tour will be accompanied by Richard Ashton, author of studies of the coinage of the region, and editor of the Numismatic Chronicle.

A full description of the program, together with prices, is available here.

Colonial Newsletter 149

CNL-149 had been printed and distributed to subscribers. This issue includes articles on contemporary counterfeit pine tree shillings, the "Rubber Lady" family of counterfeit halfpence, a mold/die set for counterfeit 1807 Mexican 2 reales, and the latest installment of plates covering the ANS collection of FUGIO, CT, NJ, and MA coppers. Subscribe here.

New ANS Publications

The ANS is pleased to announce three new publications:

Diva Faustina. Coinage and Cult in Rome and the Provinces by Martin Beckmann (Numismatic Studies 26, 2012) The coinage struck posthumously in the name of Faustina the Elder, wife of the Roman emperor Antoninus Pius, was the largest such issue ever produced by the mint of Rome. Until now it has been impossible to date these coins with any accuracy, and thus difficult to determine their place in imperial ideology. This study definitively resolves the chronological difficulties of these undated issues by means of die study of Diva Faustina's gold and bronze coinage. This book is ready for shipping and can be ordered now.

Feel of Steel: The Art and History of Bank-Note Engraving in the United States by Mark D. Tomasko. The “feel of steel” is that tactile experience one gets from well-printed bank-note engraving, which for more than 150 years was engraved on and printed from steel dies and plates. The Feel of Steel gives particular attention to picture engraving and the picture engravers, as well as a look at the process of bank-note engraving. This publication in three parts concentrates on the post–Civil War era, on the process, provides insights into the design, engraving, and printing of the documents, and on connecting faces to the names of the engravers and includes illustrations of the best work of most of these men. This book will be available at the end of October. Order now.

Ophthalmologia Optica et Visio in Nummis
(Ophthalmology, Optics and Vision in Numismatics)

Hirschberg History of Ophthalmology Supplement Series 13 

by Jay M. Galst and Peter G. van Alfen (2013).

 Published jointly by J.-P. Wayenborgh Verlag and the ANS, Ophthalmologia,Optica et Viso in Nummis catalogues roughly 1,700 objects in 14 chapters each of which focuses on a discrete topic, e.g., ophthalmologists, ophthalmological congresses, the blind (and their rehabilitation), optical instruments (including spectacles), and the eye as a symbol. Appearing as volume 13 in the supplemental series to Julius Hirschberg’s History of Ophthalmology, the book also serves to situate the objects within the larger historical context of the ophthalmological and optical disciplines. This book will be ready for shipping in 2013.Order now.

Recent Acquisitions

For a list of ANS Library new arrivals, click here.

For a list of recent acquisitions to the ANS Collection, click here.


ANS in France

On August 28, ANS Adjunct Curator of Roman Coins Gilles Bransbourg, visited the Musée Martin Duby in Auriol, France to offer technical support and a coin loan for a planned exhibit on the famous Auriol hoard of 1867 (scheduled for 2013). The Society recently acquired 70 pieces from the original hoard. During his visit, Bransbourg was given a tour of the original find site and met with Jean-Claude Hérau, Director of the museum, representatives from the Musée d'Archéologie Méditerranéenne, Marseilles, the Mayor of Auriol, and several benefactors regarding the project. The visit was reported in La Provence the regional daily newspaper.