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ANS E-news, November 2012


ANS Fully Operational

The last two weeks have been unexpectedly eventful for the American Numismatic Society at its location in lower Manhattan. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy’s landfall on 29 October, the ANS found itself in an area of the city affected by power outage and cut off by flooding, although its offices and collections remained safe. While the power was out and the surrounding neighborhood continued to be dangerous, the Society remained closed. However, once power and the computer networks were restored on 4-5 November, the ANS again resumed its regular operations, including the remarkably well-attended J. Sanford Saltus Award ceremony and lecture on 6 November. We thank the many friends, colleagues, and members who have expressed their concern over the state of the ANS and its staff in this challenging period.

Sale of ANS Duplicates by Numismatic Genevensis SA

On 27-28 November 2012, Numismatic Genevensis SA will auction 200 duplicates of World and US coins and patterns from the ANS collection. The press release is available here. The sale catalogue and information on how to bid is available here.

2013 ANS Gala

The 2013 Annual Dinner Gala is quickly approaching. The American Numismatic Society is pleased to announce an additional honoree at the Gala. Rosemary Lazenby will be honored along with with Roger S. Siboni and Richard B. Witschonke on January 10, 2013. To read the full press release, please visit our Press Release page. For advertising and sponsorship opportunities, please visit the 2013 Gala page.

ANS in Germany

On 15 November 2012, Executive Director Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan will present "The Clazomenae hoard: an archaeological and iconographical puzzle" at ‘Art in the Round’: New approaches to Ancient Coin Iconography International Workshop, held at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Institut für Klassische Archäologie. Conference details and full schedule available here.

On 23 November, at 11:45, Dr. Wartenberg Kagan and Jonathan Kagan will present "Münzfunden in England und ihre Erforschung und Publikation im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert" at the Tagung "Münzkabinette und Numismatik im Zeitalter des Barock" of the Forschungzentrum Gotha of the Universität Erfurt. Conference details and full schedule available [[|here].

ANS in Austria

On 19 November, at 6:00, Dr. Wartenberg will present "Elektronstatere aus Klazomenai: Ein numismatisches Rätzel," at the Österreichischen Archäologischen Instituts und die Numismatisches Kommission of the Österreischische Akademie der Wissenschaften. Details available here.

ANS at C4

On 15-16 November 2012, ANS Curator Robert W. Hoge will attend the Annual Convention of the Colonial Coin Collectors Club in Baltimore. Convention details available here.

ANS at the Institute for Study of the Ancient World

On 27 November 2012, ANS Adjunct Curator of Roman Coins Gilles Bransbourg will speak on "Signs of Inflation"at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University. Details available here.

Library Support Website

The ANS Library has recently updated a section of the ANS library support website. Library staff frequently get inquiries from people wishing to donate their auction catalogs. Because of space limitations here, we cannot accept all donations of every catalog, so we have prepared some listings of specific catalogs and runs of catalogs that we would very much like to acquire. Perhaps our members can help. The lists that are posted are of our MISSING catalogs (i.e. those we would like to acquire): This information will be updated as it becomes necessary.

New ANS Publications

The ANS is pleased to announce three new publications:

Diva Faustina. Coinage and Cult in Rome and the Provinces by Martin Beckmann (Numismatic Studies 26, 2012) The coinage struck posthumously in the name of Faustina the Elder, wife of the Roman emperor Antoninus Pius, was the largest such issue ever produced by the mint of Rome. Until now it has been impossible to date these coins with any accuracy, and thus difficult to determine their place in imperial ideology. This study definitively resolves the chronological difficulties of these undated issues by means of die study of Diva Faustina's gold and bronze coinage. This book is ready for shipping and can be ordered now.

Feel of Steel: The Art and History of Bank-Note Engraving in the United States by Mark D. Tomasko. The “feel of steel” is that tactile experience one gets from well-printed bank-note engraving, which for more than 150 years was engraved on and printed from steel dies and plates. The Feel of Steel gives particular attention to picture engraving and the picture engravers, as well as a look at the process of bank-note engraving. This publication in three parts concentrates on the post–Civil War era, on the process, provides insights into the design, engraving, and printing of the documents, and on connecting faces to the names of the engravers and includes illustrations of the best work of most of these men. This book will be available at the end of October. Order now.

Ophthalmologia Optica et Visio in Nummis (Ophthalmology, Optics and Vision in Numismatics) 

Hirschberg History of Ophthalmology Supplement Series 13 

by Jay M. Galst and Peter G. van Alfen (2013).

 Published jointly by J.-P. Wayenborgh Verlag and the ANS, Ophthalmologia,Optica et Viso in Nummis catalogues roughly 1,700 objects in 14 chapters each of which focuses on a discrete topic, e.g., ophthalmologists, ophthalmological congresses, the blind (and their rehabilitation), optical instruments (including spectacles), and the eye as a symbol. Appearing as volume 13 in the supplemental series to Julius Hirschberg’s History of Ophthalmology, the book also serves to situate the objects within the larger historical context of the ophthalmological and optical disciplines. This book will be ready for shipping in 2013.Order now.