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American Numismatic Society Enews September 2010

153rd Annual Meeting

The ANS 153rd Annual Meeting will be head on Saturday, October 23rd at 3:00pm. In addition to remarks and presentations by Officers and staff, election of Trustees and a sale of duplicate items from the ANS Library will take place. A reception will follow.

Nominations for Trustees, Officers, and Fellows of the Society can be read here. For more information, contact Megan Fenselau at (212) 571-4470 ext 117,

Sage Society Event

Sage Society members and ANS Board members are cordially invited to attend a Sage dinner and lecture on Friday Oct 22rd at the Century Association in New York City. Tickets are $95 per person. ANS Fellow John W. Adams will present a lecture entitled "History Revisited - Vernon's Attack on Cartagena" Please RSVP by Monday Oct 18th to Megan Fenselau at (212) 571-4470 ext 117,
Dinner & Lecture
Fri. October 22
Century Association
7 West 43rd Street, NY, NY
For more information, visit

Save the Date - ANS Gala

The recipients of the 2011 American Numismatic Society Trustees’ Award are Mr. Ira Goldberg and Mr. Lawrence Goldberg. Ira and Larry will be honored at the 2011 Annual Dinner Gala held at the Waldorf-Astoria on Thursday, January 6th. As co-owners of Ira and Larry Goldberg Coins and Collectibles, Inc. of Beverly Hills, California, Ira and Larry have made invaluable contributions not only to ANS but also to the numismatic world. As professional numismatists and experts in their field, Ira and Larry’s dedication to the hobby is outstanding.

To find out how you can participate, lend support, or purchase tickets, visit

ANS in Athens

On September 30th, 2010, ANS Deputy Director Dr. Andrew Meadows and Margaret Thompson Associate Curator of Greek Coins Dr. Peter van Alfen will participate in a conference entitled "All that glitters...a Belgian contribution to Greek Numismatics" presented by the Belgian School at Athens and the Numismatic Museum of Athens. Details available here

Recent Accolades

We are delighted to announce that the ANS brought home two awards in the 2010 Numismatic Literary Guild Awards presented at the ANA's World's Fair of Money in August. Eric Silberberg, ANS Intern and Bard Undergraduate Student won the Clement F. Baily Memorial Award for his article, “The Monuments We Have Built Are Not Our Own – Borglum, Huntington, and the Rise of American Culture” in the Spring 2010 ANS Magazine. John Kleeberg's publication Numismatic Finds of the Americas received an extraordinary merit award. Shop for our many award-winning publications in the online store now: Online Store

Nominate the ANS Librarian

Happy with the ANS Library? Please nominate ANS Librarian Elizabeth Hahn for the NY Times Librarian Award! (Deadline is Sept. 20). Just go to this link and fill out the 5 short questions. Some information you will need: Name of Library Branch = American Numismatic Society Library (New York, NY); Librarian's email:
Thank you for your support!

ANS Library New Arrivals

For a list of recent acquisitions to the library, visit:

ANS Publications Now Available for Pre-order

The Silver Coins of Massachusetts: Classification, Minting Technique, Atlas by Christopher J. Salmon
Hardback, illus., 304 pp., ISBN 978-0-89722-316-0.

List Price: $95.00 Pre-order through December 15 2010: $60

The silver coins of Massachusetts hold a special place in early American numismatics. They were the first coins struck in British North America, a mere generation after the establishment of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Because of their historical importance and charming style, they have prompted rich inquiry among scholars and an intense interest and desire among collectors. The Silver Coins of Massachusetts is a splendidly illustrated review of these coins, employing the latest historical and numismatic evidence as well as novel scientific analysis. Minting technique is explored in detail. All varieties of the coinage are newly classified with a consistent yet flexible taxonomic system that lists the varieties in chronological order and can readily accommodate potential future discoveries. The system allows an appreciation for how varieties evolved and the relative degree of change that occurred at each step. It is designed to be as simple as possible without oversimplifying, with all varieties named according to their obverse and reverse dies. The book includes a fully illustrated atlas that details important characteristic features. The last part of the atlas displays each variety at actual size to aid in attribution. Order Now

Coinage of the Caravan Kingdoms: Studies in Ancient Arabian Monetization, edited by Martin Huth and Peter G. van Alfen. Numismatic Studies No. 25
Hardback, illus., 560 pp., ISSN 051-7404-X ISBN 978-0-89722-312-6.

List Price: $185 Pre-order through October 15, 2010: $100

This volume represents the first comprehensive look at ancient Arabian coinage in toto since George Hill’s 1922 British Museum catalogue. In addition to a catalogue and updated typologies of Philistian, Nabataean, Minaen, Qatabanian, Sabaean, Himyarite, and Gerrhean coinages, among others, and die studies of the owl and Alexander imitations, this volume features essays written by numismatists, archaeologists, and epigraphists that situate the coins within their political, social, and economic contexts. As these studies demonstrate, the beginnings of coinage in Arabia followed two very distinct traditions, the first along a line running roughly from Gaza on the Mediterranean coast to the Hadhramawt on the Arabian Sea, the other in eastern Arabia, running along the Persian Gulf coast from the mouth of the Euphrates to the Oman peninsula. Order Now

Q. David Bowers Medal - Last Day to Order 10/31/2010

The American Numismatic Society is pleased to announce the limited edition of the ANS Medal honoring numismatist Q. David Bowers. The medal will be minted in both silver and bronze and will be available only by subscription until October 31, 2010. In 2006 the ANS honored Q. David Bowers for his contributions to numismatic scholarship and for promoting coin collecting to a broad and growing audience. Bowers was awarded a uniface medal, designed by Alexander Shagin, which is being issued by popular demand as a two-sided medal. To place an order, visit

CNL Logo Contest - Deadline Approaching

In honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of the Colonial Newsletter, we would like to develop a new CNL logo to grace the cover of the publication and indicate its status as the premier source for colonial numismatic discussion. Readers are invited to submit their own proposals, which should include an image and the words, “The Colonial Newsletter”, as design elements. Additional appropriate Latin mottoes are encouraged, but not required.

The deadline for submissions is October 22, 2010. Please submit your designs (email is preferred) to or mail to CNL Logo Design c/o American Numismatic Society, 75 Varick St. Floor 11, New York, NY 10013. Full details available on the CNL Page