American Numismatic Society
American Numismatic Society


by Dr. Fernando López Sánchez

25 February 2009

5:30 pm Reception
6:00 pm Lecture

75 Varick Street, Floor 11
New York NY 10013

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Megan Fenselau at 212-571-4470 ex.117

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About the Lecture

Dr. Sánchez will discuss the role played by the Mamertines in the conflict between pro-Carthaginian and pro-Roman factions in Syracuse from B. C. 216-210. He shows that these mercenaries of Italian origin shifted their allegiance from Carthage to Rome at this time. Although the importance of Mamertine mercenaries in the First PunicWar is universally recognized, this is not the case as regards the Second PunicWar. This talk suggests that all the Hispanorum coins of Morgantina were the product of Mamertine mercenaries displaced from Messina. During the Second PunicWar, the term Hispani was not applied to Iberian or Celtiberian warriors, but to the "men of the hare", that is to say, the Mamertine mercenaries of Messina. Furthermore, it can be shown that the iconography and legends of the Hispanorum series were fundamentally Mamertine in nature. The talk will offer new explanations, too, for military and monetary developments in Syracuse, Herbessos and other Sicilian towns between the years 216 and 210 B.C. The status of all the Mamertine series of Messina is also reinterpreted, especially the M. Särström’s XVI series.

Fernando López Sánchez is a full-time researcher (Ramón y Cajal) at the Universidad Jaume I in Castellón (Spain), and fellow of theWolfson College in Oxford. He has published one book and some 40 articles on Greco-Roman coinage, focusing particularly on military and iconographic themes. He has worked for prolonged periods with the collections of the Cabinet des Médailles at the National Library in Paris and the Cabinet of Coins and Medals at the British Museum.