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ANS book on display at The Frick Collection: Les Médaillons de David d’Angers. Collection de 125 Planches, accompagnée d’un portrait de David d’Angers, gravé d’après d’Hebert, et précédée d’une Préface par Émile-Soldi (Paris: A. Lévy, 1883).

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Sage Society Trip 2014
Roman Holiday (for coin lovers)

An event for members of the Augustus B. Sage Society of the American Numismatic Society

Dates: Sunday, June 22 to Saturday, 28 June 2014

Under the direction of Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan, Executive Director, and several distinguished numismatic scholars based in Rome, members of the Sage Society will have the opportunity to visit four important coin cabinets in the Eternal City, as well as archaeological sites, churches and museums. The tour is designed to accommodate many types of activities, including visits to some of Rome’s wonderful food shops and markets. There will be plenty of time to enjoy Rome and its many cultural attractions, shops and ambiance.

This is the sixth Sage Society trip, an annual event that has become one of the highlights on the calendar of the American Numismatic Society. Meeting with old friends, making new ones, and seeing numismatic treasures not commonly accessible to tourists should make this trip a memorable one.

What we will visit

The tour will include visits to the coin collections of the Capitoline Museum and the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, which houses Italy’s most important coin cabinet. We will also visit the Crypta Balbi Museum and its fascinating collection of pottery and coins from new excavations in Rome. Another highlight will be a tour of the numismatic cabinet of the Vatican Library.

Churches of Rome

Among the churches on the itinerary will be: Santa Maria del Popolo; Sant’ Ignacio di Loyola; Santa Maria Sopra Minerva; and San Luigi of the French, which houses paintings by Caravaggio, Bernini and Michelangelo. A private guide will accompany the group throughout the tour to explain the history of Rome’s most famous churches and illuminate the masterpieces of great artists.

A special private tour of the Vatican

Group members will enjoy a particularly enriching early morning tour of the Vatican, and they will have the rare pleasure of being allowed into the Sistine Chapel before the daily rush arrives. Included in the day’s visit, of course, will be St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums—the Rome of the Popes—with four miles of corridors and 2,100 years of art ranging from Ancient to Egyptian, from Etruscan to Contemporary, and highlighted by the sculptural wonders of Michelangelo’s Pietà and the baroque masterworks of Bernini.

Archaeological tour of Ancient Rome: The Forum, the Coliseum & Caracalla

A private guide will again accompany the group on a tour of ancient Rome, which will naturally include a visit to the spectacular Coliseum, where gladiators fought to entertain and pacify the Roman population. Walking through the Forum, where ancient Rome began, the group will see the monumental ruins and imposing buildings that help us understand the politics, religion and organization of ancient Rome. The tour will then continue on foot to the archaeological site of the Baths of Caracalla, one of the largest and best-preserved ancient bath complexes anywhere.

Full day tour of Ostia and Tivoli (8 to 9 hours)

The group will also have the opportunity to get a glimpse of Roman life 2000 years ago through a guided visit to Ostia and Tivoli. Ostia, the best-preserved ancient Roman town, was once a working port, the Emporium of Rome, and later a residential area. Tivoli is a mixture of natural beauty and the creations of great minds. Just outside Rome is Villa d’Este, which was created for the very powerful Cardinal Ippolito d’Este. It features luxurious gardens with gravity-powered fountains—a miracle of hydraulic engineering. Hadrian’s Villa was an estate built by the emperor Hadrian, a retreat sprawling over 300 acres, larger than the Vatican State.

Upon special requests, guided tours can also be arranged for food lovers who would like to discover Rome’s many markets and shops.

Accommodation – Meals – Transport

The group will be staying at the Rose Garden Palace, a four-star hotel near the Spanish Steps and the Via Veneto. This is a luxury hotel, in contemporary style, with a beautiful indoor pool and spa facilities. The hotel accommodations include a buffet breakfast each morning.

Breakfast and two special dinners, including one on the last evening, are included in the tour package. Most transportation, including pick-up by car from and to the airport/train station in Italy, are also included. Most other meals will be more casual and arranged according to the wishes of the group members.


The price of the tour per person is $4,750 ($4,890 if paying by credit card) based on double occupancy per room. Single room cost is $5,350 ($5,510 if paying by credit card).

At this time a minimum deposit of $1,200 per person is due along with this form. Full payment has to be received by May 1, 2014. The tour is limited to 12 people (Sage Society members and their partners). Deposits are not refundable, and a cancellation has to be received by May 1.

The price includes:

  • Transportation to and from the airport or the station in Italy
  • Hotel accommodation with breakfast for six nights
  • Two special dinners (restaurants will be chosen after group members have signed up – requests permitted)
  • One-day tour to Ostia and Tivoli
  • Half-day tour of churches of Rome
  • Half-day tour of archaeological sites of Rome (incl. Forum, Bath of Caracalla, Coliseum)
  • Half-day tour of Vatican, (early 8:00 am entrance), with museum and St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Visit of the coin cabinet of the Capitoline Museum
  • Visit of the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme
  • Visit of the Crypta Balbi Museum
  • Visit of the Medagliere of the Vatican Library
  • Guided tour of food markets and shops of Rome (if requested)

All tours will be accompanied by expert guides fluent in English and Italian.

If you are interested in joining us, please register early. Please feel free to contact Viviana Londono for more information about the trip.

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Sage Rome Trip Registration form

Sage Rome Trip Brochure with Registration form included

On view in the Sage Society Room

Ophthalmologia in Nummis is now on view in the Augustus B. Sage Society Room at the ANS headquarters. This exhibit, featuring items from the collection of Sage Society member, Jay M. Galst, M.D., explores the representation of ophthalmology as a medical specialty in numismatics.

The book to this exhibit can be purchased online or at the ANS headquarters.

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