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Recent Acquisitions

November 2008

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Sedwick, Daniel and Frank Sedwick. 2007. The Practical Book of Cobs: Including an Expanded Guide to Shipwrecks. 20th Anniversary Edition. Winter Park, FL.

Dalaison, Julie. 2008. L’atelier d’ Amaseia du Pont: Recherches historiques et numismatiques. Numismatica Anatolica.

Numismatic Museum, Athens. 2008. The History of Coinage. Greece.

Nercessian, Y.T. 2008. Catalogue of Armenian Coins collected by Y.T. Nercessian. Armenian Numismatic Society.

Kunsthistorisches Museum. 2005-2007. Technologische Studien.Vols. 2-4. Note: Volume 3: Korrosion an Goldmünzen und –medaillen.

Facella, Margherita. 2006. La dinastia degli orontidi nella commagene ellenistico - romana. Pisa.

Opper, Thorsten. 2008. Hadrian: Empire and Conflict. The British Museum Press. A catalog of exhibit that took place at the British Museum from July 24 – October 26, 2008. click here to buy

Dodds, Jerrilynn D. 2008. The Arts of Intimacy: Christians, Jews, and Muslims in the making of Castilian culture. Yale Univ. Press.

Fricke, Pierre. 2008. Collecting Confederate Paper Money. New York: Spink.

Chryssanthaki-Nagle, Katerina. 2007. L’histoire monetaire d’Abdère en Thrace (Vie s. avant J.-C. IIe s. après J.C.). Melethmata 51. Athens.

Warren, Jennifer A.W. 2007. The Bronze Coinage of the Achaian Koinon: The Currency of a Federal Ideal. London: Royal Numismatic Society.

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