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Recent Acquisitions

December 2009

Psoma, Selene. 2008. The coins from Maroneia and the classical city at Molyvoti: A contribution to the history of Aegean Thrace. Meletemata 62. Athens: Research Centre for Greek and Roman Antiquity, National Hellenic Research Foundation.

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Petac, Emanuel. 2009. Bibliotheque de l’Academie Roumaine, Bucarest. II: Cites grecques du Nord de la Mer Noire, d’Asie Mineure et d’Afrique : collection Grand-duc Alexandre Mikhailovitch. Collection Moneta 89.

Neale, Robert S. c1999. The Bank of Cape Fear of Wilmington, North Carolina: A history of North Carolina’s first antebellum bank and its paper money, branches, key personnel, and local impact. Wilmington, N.C.: Lower Cape Fear Historical Society, Archives Division.

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Rouhette, Thierry, Francesco Tuzio. 2008. Medailles francaise des Xve, XVIe et XVII siecles. Italy: Musee des Beaux-Arts de Lyon & Editions Victor Godoury.

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