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Recommended by Andrew Meadows


Seaford, Richard. 2004. Money and the Early Greek Mind: Homer, Philosophy, Tragedy. Cambridge University Press.
A bold revisionist view not only of money in the archaic Greek world, but also of the entire tradition of money in the early Near East.

Le Rider, Georges. 2008. Alexander the Great: Coinage, Finances, and Policy (Memoirs of the American Philosophical Society) American Philosophical Society.
And overview of the coinages and fiscal policy of Alexander the Great written by the master of the field.

Mørkholm, Otto. 1991. Early Hellenistic Coinage from the Accession of Alexander to the Peace of Apamaea (336-188 B.C.). Cambridge University Press.
The standard reference to the early Hellenistic period. Buy this book before you buy the coin.

Greece and Rome

Howgego, Christo. 1995. Ancient History from Coins (Approaching the Ancient World). Routledge.
The best guide to the use of ancient coinage to write ancient history.

Harris, W. V. 2008. The Monetary Systems of the Greeks and Romans. Oxford University Press.
Thought provoking essays on topics from the pre-coinage history of Greece to the macroeconomics of the Roman Empire to Han period China.

Shipton, Kirsty, and Andrew Meadows (eds.). 2002. Money and Its Uses in the Ancient Greek World. Oxford University Press.
A series of papers exploring the nature of coinage and its uses in the ancient Greek world.

Dahmen, Karsten. 2007. The Legend of Alexander the Great on Greek and Roman Coins. Routledge.
The influence of Alexander the Great on later Greek and Roman coinage.


Harl, Kenneth W. 1996. Coinage in the Roman Economy, 300 B.C. to A.D. 700. Johns Hopkins University Press.
A one volume guide to the vast sweep of Roman coinage from beginning to end.

Howgego, Christopher, Volhker Heuchert, and Andrew Burnett. 2008. Coinage and Identity in the Roman Provinces. Oxford University Press.
A great introduction to the image-rich coinage of the provinces of the Roman Empire by leading scholars in the field.

Abdy, Richard. 2008. Romano-British Coin Hoards (Shire Archaeology). Shire.
A basic guide to the evidence from Britain for coin-hoarding in the Roman period.


Eagleton, Catherine, Jonathan Williams, Joe Cribb, Elizabeth Errington. 2007. Money: A History. Firefly Books.
The British Museum’s one volume history of Money.

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