American Numismatic Society
American Numismatic Society

Special Events, Annual Report 2010

by Megan Fenselau, Membership Associate

We thank all of our members and supporters for another successful year. Some highlights of FY 2010 include...

Hudson Donor Event

In October, the ANS honored its many donors for their outstanding support and generosity. The Benefactor Wall and other naming plaques throughout the Hudson Square space were unveiled.

ANS President Roger Siboni thanks donors

Donor plaques adorn staff offices

ANS Entryway plaque acknowledging Donald G. Partrick and all donors

ANS Annual Dinner Gala in Honor of Mr. Victor England, Jr. of Classical Numismatic Group

In January, gala attendees joined us in honoring Mr. Victor England for his many contributions to the field of numismatics and to the American Numismatic Society.

Mark M. Salton Memorial Lecture

James K. Draper, the Henry R. Kravis Curator of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts at The Metropolitan Museum of Art presented a talk on Medals and Plaquettes at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan, Mrs. Lottie Salton, Dr. Ira Rezak

Evangeline Markou Lecture

Evangeline Markou of the National Hellenic Research Foundation in Athens presented a lecture entitled 'The Gold of the Kings of Cyprus'

Michael Parris, Andrew Meadows, Evangeline Markou, Jim Matthews

Sage Society Trip to Turkey

ANS Deputy Director Dr. Andrew Meadows led Augustus B. Sage Society members on a cruise around Turkey and the Greek islands. Highlights included visits to two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World at Ephesus and the Mausoleum. Tours of sites were complemented by a program of numismatic talks by Dr. Meadows. The group also had the opportunity to taste some of the fine wines produced in the region and sample the excellent local cuisine.

In addition to our many New York-based events, ANS staff members attended conferences, presented papers, and gave lectures throughout the globe. Below is a list of just some of the events staff participated in this year.

Dec 11, Mr. Rick Witschonke, San Francisco Historical Bourse, Lecture: “The Case of the Missing Muses: A Numismatic Mystery”

Jan 23rd, Dr. Elena Stolyarik, Hofstra University Conference -Eurasian Steppe as Contact Zone, Lecture: "Late Scythian Coins from Greek Mints of Dobrudja"

Feb 21, Dr. Peter van Alfen, San Antonio Art Museum, Lecture: "Designing the Beautiful: Economics and Politics in the Art of Ancient Greek Coins"

April 12, Dr. Andrew Meadows, Lydia LithosSociety Lecture at the National Hellenic Research Institute, Athens, Greece, 'Greek coins in Iran: New evidence from an old hoard'

April 16, Dr. Andrew Meadows, Monetary Circulation in the Ancient Greek World Conference Athens, Greece, Lecture: “The Chian Revolution: Changing patterns of hoarding in 4th-century BC Western Asia Minor"

May 14 Dr. Andrew Meadows, San Francisco Historical Bourse, “The origins of Money: coinage in the Roman Republic”

May 15, Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan, Augustus B. Sage Society Event, San Francisco, Lecture: “A Discussion of Funny Money: The Fight of the U.S. Secret Service against Counterfeit Money"

May 21, Ms. Sylvia Karges, Teaching the Holocaust, Genocide and War Seminar, The Harriet & Kenneth Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives of Queensborough Community College, Lecture: “Holocaust Numismatics – An Overview”

June 1, Dr. Andrew Meadows, Ancient History Research Seminar: The Attalids and their Neighbours, 188-133 BC, Oxford University, Lecture: "Coinage in the Attalid Kingdom: A Closed Monetary System?"

August 15-18, Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan, Augustus Saint-Gaudens: The Renaissance of American Coinage Conference, Lecture: “Saint-Gaudens in the ANS Collection”

August 28- September 5, Dr. Andrew Meadows, Augustus B. Sage Society Trip: Journey to the Birth of Coinage

September 30, Dr. Andrew Meadows “New bronze obverse dies from Egypt: Rethinking the question of Athenian imitations” and Dr. Peter van Alfen “Why imitate? Mechanisms and modes in the production of non-Athenian owls” at an international numismatic conference organized by the Belgian School at Athens, the Royal Library of Belgium, the Belgian Embassy in Greece and the Numismatic Museum of Athens, "All that glitters...Contributions to Greek Numismatics".