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In 1946, the forces of Josip Broz Tito (1892-1980) abolished the kingdom of Yugoslavia and established in its place a socialist republic that lasted until the collapse of European communism in 1991. The constituent provinces of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Yugoslavia (Serbia) reclaimed the independence that they enjoyed in earlier times.

Copper-nickel 10 dinara (1976) issued by the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, depicting the state coat of arms.


Croatian copper-nickel kuna (1993) showing a marten. Marten (kuna in Croatian) pelts were used for trade in medieval Central and Eastern Europe.


Slovenian brass 5 tolarjev (1992) depicting the head of an ibex.


Bosnian copper-plated steel 10 feninga (1998) displaying a territorial map of Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Macedonian brass denar (1997) depicting a dog.


Yugoslavian copper-nickel 10 dinara (1992) with the state emblem.