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Germany began the century as an important Central European empire, but with the loss of World War I, the monarchy collapsed and the Weimar Republic (1919-1933) was established. Inflation and civil unrest destroyed the republic and allowed the Nazi party to usher in World War II. After the war, Germany was partitioned by the Allies. In 1990, East and West Germany reunited.

Silver reichmark (1911) of Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859-1914), depicting the eagle emblem of the German Empire.


Aluminum-bronze 50 rentenpfennig (1923) of the Weimar Republic showing a sheaf of wheat.


Aluminum-bronze 10 reichspfennig (1937) of the Nazi regime (1933-1945).


Copper-nickel 10 marks (1972) of East Germany, depicting the badge of the communist state.


Copper-nickel 2 deutsche marks (1965) of West Germany with a stylized version of the German eagle emblem.