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The Colonial Newsletter, Oliver Hoover, Editor

The Colonial Newsletter (CNL) is a research journal dedicated to the study of early American numismatics. Founded in 1960, CNL has continuously published some of the most scholarly and seminal studies in this area of numismatics. Focusing on the study of the coinages produced by the states during the Confederation period of the United States, CNL also investigates a variety of other specie that our forefathers used in their daily lives. Anyone with an interest in early America and its struggle to establish a new nation will find something of value in this publication. CNL is published three times a year in April, August, and December.

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CD of CNL 104 through current issue in PDF format The Colonial Newsletter (CNL) 104 through the current issue (inclusive) is now available on CD (in PDF format). $50.00 + shipping.

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Color Plates

The first set of four full-color plates with introductions and descriptive catalogs reprints the black-and-white plate set that appeared in The Colonial Newsletter 143 (August 2010). These include the first part of the ANS holdings of Vermont coppers (RR 2 to 8/Bressett 1-A to 6-E), Connecticut coppers (Miller 1-E to 3.4-F.2), New Jersey coppers (Maris 10-G to 13-J), and Massachusetts cents (Ryder 1-B to 3-G). Additional plate sets appear after each new issue of CNL. The proceeds from the sale of the color plates directly benefit the American Numismatic Society's mission to catalog and publish its colonial coin collection. $30.00 + shipping

Sample Articles (In PDF format)

   * Kays, T. "When Cross Pistareens Cut Their Way Through the Tobacco Colonies," 

CNL April 2001. (1181KB)

   * Danforth, B. "Wood's Hibernia Coins Come to America," CNL August 2001. (353KB)
   * Spilman, J.C. "[[Attach:checklist.pdf|The CNLF Checklist of Early American Counterfeit Halfpence 

Believed Struck in America]]," CNL August 2001. (57KB)

CNL Cumulative Index (in PDF Format)

The CNL cumulative index is a detailed alphabetical key for all published issues. It consists of three sections: subject & author, illustrations, and a page/issue number conversion chart. The index is searchable by way of the software FIND command.