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Warren B. Snow books of U.S. cent auctions and sales, before 1972
3 books (1 box)

Biographical note
Chemical engineer Warren B. Snow (b. 1919?) of Nashua, New Hampshire, became a member of the American Numismatic Society in 1961. He was a collector of large and small U.S. cents with a particular interest in large proof cents.

Three books containing records of U.S. cent auctions and sales: (1) “Proofs of Large Cents Listed in Auctions, Private Sales, and Fixed Price Lists,” a handwritten listing from 1855 to 1971; (2) a spiral notebook with handwritten listings categorized by coin dealer from 1858 to 1967; and (3) the mimeographed “Large Proof Cents, 1817-1857: Auction Record and Data over the Last 14 Years, 1946-1960.”

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