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Part of a page from a book of reports on the printing of 50 cent fractional currency

United States Department of the Treasury collection, 1875-1961
1 cubic foot (1 box and 5 loose bound volumes)

Historical note
The United States Department of the Treasury is responsible for printing and minting all paper currency and coins in circulation through the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and the United States Mint.

Contains collected materials that relate to The United States Department of the Treasury. Includes items kept by the Philadelphia printer Joseph R. Carpenter, some or all of which pertain to 50 cent fractional currency, which he designed and printed. These items are (1) a book of unused printing receipts (1870s), (2) a book containing a record of printing reports to the Treasury (1876), and (3) a ledger labeled “Exhibit of a Day’s Work” (1875-1876) containing financial records. Also present is a bound volume, possibly related to Carpenter, labeled “Printing Department” (1875-1876) and listing number of sheets to printers, sheets printed, number of plate, and name of printer. Another bound volume is labeled “Disbursements, U.S. Mint, San Francisco” (1888-1893) and lists costs by department on things such as hardware, wages, chemicals, lumber, iron, steel, gas, charcoal, and tools. Included in the collection are the following printed items from the U.S. Treasury: (1) a run of Treasury Circular No. 1, "Values of Foreign Moneys" (1914-1956), (2) a run of “Coinage Executed at the Mints” (1914-1945), (3) a bound volume of “Proceedings of the Annual Assay Commission” (1955-1961), (4) the booklet Production and Coinage of the World (circa 1895), and (5) the booklet Domestic Coin Manufactured by Mints of The United States (1936). (Treasury Circular No. 1 was called “Values of Foreign Coins” through 1929.)

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