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Richard Hoe Lawrence scrapbooks, 1859-1907
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Biographical note
Richard Hoe Lawrence (1858-1936) of New York City was a numismatic collector and scholar who was closely associated with the American Numismatic and Archeological Society (later the American Numismatic Society) during its early formative years in the nineteenth century. He amassed notable collections of Roman Republican and Early Imperial denarii and served as the Society’s curator (1879) and librarian (1880-1885), overseeing the production of the library’s first printed catalog. Lawrence served as president of the Grolier Club in New York City (1906-1908).

Two scrapbooks (1859-1907) relating to coin and medal collecting and other numismatic activities. Contains clippings from newspapers, popular magazines, and other publications on topics such as the history of coin collecting, notable publications in the field, recent transactions, and the activities of various numismatic societies in cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Newport, and Boston. Includes advertisements, such as for a coin cabinet, coin dealers, and Centennial Medals (1876). Also present are flyers, price lists, a booklet on the Nobel Prize (1906), invitations to exhibits and meetings, announcements, an obituary for Rev. Joseph M. Finotti of Boston, and a letter and short biographical sketch relating to John H. Hickcox, creator of a catalog for U.S. government documents who was arrested in 1882 for stealing money from envelopes addressed to the U.S. Capitol (the charges were later dismissed).

Table of contents, scrapbook 1: Florin of Florence, origin; English coins, rare; Betrothing token, old English; Frankfort coinage, curiosities of; Chinese coins; Copperheads, Masonic; Colonial coin discovery, New Netherlands; Confederate coins; Numismatic books; American Journal of Numismatics; Coin of Pope Benedict III; British coinage; Coins in America (Harper’s); Coins and Coinage (Harper’s); Bit piece; Battle of Bennington memorial medal; Coin of Eucradites; Feuardent collections; Adams, Charles F. coin collection; Early coins of America; Coinages of the world; Adams, John medal; Dollars, US silver; Forged coins; Morgan dollar model; 1804 dollar; Frueauff collection; Cyrenian coins; Forgeries, ancient; Finding rare old coins; Old red cent, history; Derivation of the word money; Centennial medals; Continental paper money (Haseltine); Die sinking, G.H. Lovett; Boston Numismatic Society medal; US Mint circular, American coins and medals; Chapman’s patent coin cabinet; Counterfeit coins, hog cents; August B. Sage & Co. , coins and medals sale; John K. Curtis circular; Finotti, Rev. Joseph M., obituary; Blatter fur Munzfreunde (Sheets for Munzfreunde); C.H. Bechtel, confederate notes for sale; C.J. Dyer, coins wanted circular; Papal medals; Russian coins; Rap coins of Ireland; Value of scarce US coins; Oban of Japan; Rebel half-dime; Turkish seize commemorative (1532) piece; Science of numismatics; Study of numismatography; Symbols on ancient coins; Swiss coins; Early tokens of New York; Portraits and history in coins, Dr. Robert Morris; Silver in Japan; Solomon’s Lodge Washington medal [see ANS 0000.999.39284]; The study of coins; Pine tree shilling; Numisgraphics by Attinelli; Rumford medal; Spurious coins; The Story of Some Money; Prices for US coins; Proskey’s price list.

Table of contents, scrapbook 2: American Numismatic Society meetings; Alden, John coins for sale; Anthon Collection; American Numismatic & Archeological Society circulars; Ancient coins; Boston Numismatic Society; Barra, E.J. collector; Bentley, Alfred collector; Brockway’s (F.L.C.); Bushnell sale; Cogan’s coin sale; Curtis, J.K. coins for sale; Drexel, Joseph W. loan to the Metropolitan Museum of Art; Duty on antiquities, protest against, by ANS; Drowne, L.S. numismatic journal; Dengremont, Maurice, medal of; English medals; Finotti, Rev. Joseph M., obituary; Find of coins at Pompeii; Groux’s numismatic history of the US; Greuber’s guide to English medals in British Museum; Grant Phalanx medal; Higley copper; Harvard College coin collection on exhibition; Hickox, J.H., notice of life; Hanoverian medals; Obelisk, coins found near; Philadelphia Numismatic Society; Parmalee collection; Prices of coins; Pounds, shillings, and pence; Repeton’s collection; Roman coins; Snowden’s description of ancient and modern coins; Sampson, H.G. coins stolen; Scott, John W., sale of collection; Vattemare, Alexander obituary; Wiggin, John K., coins for sale; Yale’s collection.

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