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The ANS has always valued excellence in publishing, a standard that has resulted in a rich heritage - one that is almost as old as the ANS itself. The ANS began its publications program in 1866, when Joseph N. T. Levick proposed that the ANS establish a journal of "numismatic and archaeological intelligence." His proposal was adopted, and by July 1866 the ANS had launched the American Journal of Numismatics - the first numismatic journal published in the United States.

Since Levick's time, the ANS has published numerous books and periodicals.

Monograph SeriesPeriodicalsMembership News & Information
Ancient Coins in North American CollectionsAmerican Journal of Numismatics, First SeriesAnnual Reports
Coinage of the Americas Conference ProceedingsAmerican Journal of Numismatics, Second SeriesANS Magazine
Hispanic Numismatic SeriesColonial NewsletterANS Newsletter
Numismatic Notes and MonographsMuseum Notes 
Numismatic StudiesNumismatic Literature
Studies in Medallic Art
Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum:
The Collection of the
American Numismatic Society

Monographs published outside of the above series.

Monograph Series

Ancient Coins in North American Collections, 1969-present

Originally published as Greek Coins in North American Collections, Ancient Coins in North American Collections (ACNAC) systematically describes and illustrates ancient coins in significant private and institutional collections and is intended to record collections of numismatic value which are not readily accessible or are likely to be dispersed.

This series conforms to the general format of the Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum fascicules in placing emphasis on the reproduction of the coins and limiting the text to basic numismatic data. References and dates are given only when there has been a thorough mint study of a particular coinage. Earlier publications of individual coins have been noted in some cases but no comprehensive search of sale catalogues has been undertaken. All weights are in grams, and all coins are silver unless otherwise indicated.

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Coinage of the Americas Conference Proceedings, 1984-present

The Proceedings of the Coinage of the Americas Conferences (COAC) consist of formal scholarly versions of the papers presented in the Society's annual COAC. COAC was initiated by Harry W. Bass, Jr., (ANS President, 1978-84) as a means of increasing the Society's involvement with Western hemisphere coinage, currency, and related fields.

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Hispanic Numismatic Series, 1950-54

The HNS consists of publications devoted to the coinage of the Iberian Peninsula and of related countries, and is based on the numismatic collection of the Hispanic Society of America. It is published jointly by the American Numismatic Society and the Hispanic Society. This series resulted from the decision of Archer M. Huntington - then president of the Hispanic Society - to transfer his great personal collection of Spanish coins stored in the Hispanic Society to the custody of the neighboring American Numismatic Society. This collection of more than 30,000 coins was part of an exhaustive effort on Mr. Huntington's part to assemble under one roof a representation of the entire coinage of the Iberian Peninsula and its rules beyond its land and sea frontiers from the time of the early Greek colonies down to the birth of the independent republics in Latin America.

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Numismatic Notes & Monographs, 1921-present

Numismatic Notes and Monographs consists of separately issued numismatic studies - each on a specific topic. The series was sponsored by Archer M. Huntington, who suggested the original small format of 4-1/2 by 6-1/2 inch paperback. In 1947, when the Society introduced Numismatic Literature in a larger format, it was decided that all ANS publications should be issued in the same size. As a result, the next issue of Numismatic Notes and Monographs (No. 110, The Oak Tree Coinage of Massachusetts by Sydney Noe) became the first in the series to be published in the larger format. The larger scale of subsequent monographs blurred the original distinction in content between this publication and Numismatic Studies.

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Numismatic Studies, 1938-present

Numismatic Studies was established in 1938 as a series featuring lengthy original studies where extended illustration is necessary or where large-flanned coins of considerable number are involved, requiring a larger format than originally used for Numismatic Notes and Monographs.

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Studies in Medallic Art, 2010-present

Studies in Medallic Art, the Society's newest monograph series, was launched in 2010.

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Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum: The Collection of the American Numismatic Society, 1969-98

The Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum: The Collection of the American Numismatic Society (SNG ) was an irregular issue, which the ANS published to systematically describe and illustrates coins in the Society's Greek collection. The Society's participation in the SNG began in 1961 with the publication of the Burton Y. Berry collection, most of which eventually came to the Society through annual donations; the last part (principally coins of Lycia and Cilicia) was withdrawn after Berry's death, and the SNG volumes stand as a record of his collecting in this area. In 1969 the ANS published the first SNG fascicule of its collection, beginning with coins of Italy. The availability of Ya'akov Meshorer to edit the coins of Palestine and South Arabia series led to a departure from strict geographical order. Other experts have been engaged as opportunity allowed to deal with specialized areas of the collection. For instance, Denyse BĂ©rend compiled the 6th fasicule (Sicily) and Osmund Bopearachchi the 9th (Bactria).

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American Journal of Numismatics, First Series, 1866-1924

The American Journal of Numismatics, established in 1866, was the first periodical of the American Numismatic Society. The first AJN published notices and minutes from meetings of the Society and included papers delivered at these gatherings; however, at this early stage the content of the journal was directed more towards coin collectors than scholars. The ANS discontinued publication of the "first series" in 1924. Museum Notes was then introduced in 1945, performing a similar function to that of the first series of the AJN, but with a greater scholarly emphasis. Museum Notes was in turn succeeded by the second series of the American Journal of Numismatics in 1989.

The first series was published monthly from May 1866 to April 1870, quarterly from July 1870 to October 1912, and annually from 1913 to 1924.

To search for articles appearing in the first series of the AJN, visit the ANS library's website.

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American Journal of Numismatics, Second Series, 1989-present

The second series of the American Journal of Numismatics is the successor to Museum Notes. This publication continues as a scholarly journal containing articles on numismatic topics, book reviews, and obituaries of notable figures in the field.

The second series of the AJN has been published annually from 1989 to 1990, bi-annually from 1991 to 1996, and annually from 1997 to present.

To search for articles appearing in the second series of the AJN, visit the ANS library's website.

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Colonial Newsletter, 1997-present

The Colonial Newsletter (CNL) is a research journal dedicated to the study of early American numismatics. Founded in 1960, the CNL was originally published by the Colonial Newsletter Foundation; the ANS assumed publication responsibilities in 1997. CNL focuses on the study of the coinages produced by the states during the Confederation period and is published three times a year.

Since 1997, CNL has been published triannually.

Note: Shouldn't the description refer to the colonial period in addition to the confederation period?

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Museum Notes, 1945-88

In 1945, the Society established Museum Notes as the journal of the Society. In it, ANS curators published research conducted on topics related to the Society's holdings and acquisitions, and original scholarship in the field of numismatics. The journal was published in 33 volumes. In 1989, Museum Notes was replaced by the second series of American Journal of Numismatics.

Museum Notes was published:annually from 1946 to 1948, bi-annually from 1950 to 1966, and annually from 1967 to 1988.

To search for articles appearing in Museum Notes, visit the ANS library's website.

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Numismatic Literature, 1947-2013

This series contains, under broad subject headings, a listing of recent articles and books relating to numismatics.

Until the late 1960s this was compiled by the ANS librarians and based largely on ANS library acquisitions. In 1967 the International Numismatic Commission assumed patronage of the publication and formalized a system of international editors that continues today. The titles and abstracts were submitted either by the authors themselves or by one of nearly 40 international editors who were themselves well-known numismatists. Each volume contains an author and a subject index, cross-references, a listing of the sources for book reviews, and an obituary section.

Numismatic Literature has been published quarterly from 1947 to 67, semi-annually from 1968 to 1999, and annually from 2000 to 2013.

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Membership News & Information

Annual Reports, 1878-1962

The ANS has published annual reports of its activities in various forms since 1878. Between 1878 and 1962, these reports consisted of a reprinting of the proceedings of the Society's annual and special meetings. Between 1963 and 1998, the ANS published formal annual reports. Beginning in 1999, the ANS provided online access to its annual balance sheets and reported its activities through its newsletter and magazine, with the exception of a printed annual report produced for 2005.

The proceedings of the Society's annual meetings were published in various forms between 1878 and 1962, in part due to funding availability. The sources of these proceedings are:
1878-1907individual publications entitled Proceedings of the American Numismatic and Archaeological Society
1908-1915supplements to the American Journal of Numismatics, first series
1916-1920individual publications entitled Proceedings of the American Numismatic Society
1921-1923individual publications issued in the format of the Numismatic Notes and Monographs series
1924-1925within an issue of the ANA's periodical, The Numismatist
1926an individual publication issued in the format of the NNM series
1927-1933within an issue of the ANA's periodical, The Numismatist
1934-1947individual publications issued in the format of the NNM series (although "NNM" would be removed from the title beginning in 1938)
1948-1962individual publications issued in the expanded format adopted by the Society in 1947

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ANS Magazine, 2002-present

The ANS Magazine presents regular columns from the Society's various departments, including contributions from individual curators, feature-length articles on numismatic or related topics, announcements about upcoming events, and highlights from conferences and functions. This full-color publication is issued four times a year in both print and digital editions. It is the successor to the ANS Newsletter.

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ANS Newsletter, 1979-2001

The ANS began publishing a quarterly ANS Newsletter in 1979 as a means of notifying members of recent and upcoming events. The final issue of the Newsletter was published in the winter of 2001. It was succeeded by the ANS Magazine in the spring of 2002.

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