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A section of a page from one of the notebooks

Augustus F.R. Hoernle notebooks, 1890s
0.3 cubic feet (6 notebooks in 1 box)

Biographical note
Augustus F. R. (Frederic Rudolf) Hoernle (1841-1918) was an Indologist, philologist, and numismatist born at Secundra, near Agra, India. He left for Europe as a young boy in 1848 and attended universities in Basle, Switzerland (1858), and London (1860). He returned to India in 1865, becoming professor of philosophy at Jay Narayan’s College in Benares. He was a scholar of Indo-Aryan languages and is remembered for deciphering the Bower Manuscript. He retired to Oxford, England.

Six notebooks containing an inventory and notes on Hoernle’s collection of 1,726 Indian coins, which were acquired by the American Numismatic Society in 1921. Includes notations on material, shape, size, weight, rarity, and other details. The notebooks have labels indicating Indian regions and rulers, such as Sultans of Delhi, Bengal Governors, and Sultans and Mughal Emperors.

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