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An invoice for books purchased from Wayte Raymond, March 10, 1925

F. Munroe Endicott papers, 1925-1929 and undated
0.1 cubic feet (14 folders in 1 box)

Biographical note
Coin collector F. Munroe Endicott (1879-1935) was born in New York City, went to St. Mark’s School in Southborough, Massachusetts, and earned an A.B. from Harvard University in 1905. He attended Harvard Law School for two years and then joined the U.S. Diplomatic Service, serving in Cairo, Norway, Costa Rica, and Santo Domingo. He returned to Boston in 1916 and became a property manager. His coin collecting interest was in Greek coins minted during the reign of Alexander the Great, and his collection was donated to the American Numismatic Society in 1935. The coins were exhibited that year.

Notes (undated) relating to Endicott’s Greek coin collections, which have the following titles: “Sulpicius Uranius Antoninus,” “Published Greek Coins in the F.M.E. Collection,” “Types of Denaru & Antoniniani, Macrinvs & Diadvmenianvs, Alexander & Family, Gordianvs Africanvs I & II, Balbinvs & Pvpienvs, Gordianvs III, Philippvs I & II, Traianvs Decivs, Trebonianvs & Volvsianvs, Aemilianvs – Svpera, Catacombs Hoard,” “Gallienus,” “Severvs I – Domna, Geta, Caracalla – Plavtilla,” “Synopsis of The Coinage of Severvs – Caracalla – Geta,” “Numismatic Works and Sales Catalogues, Greek and Roman,” “Notes on Coinage of Elagabalvs and Family,” and “Maximinus I & Family.” Also includes Four auction catalogs, all with William Hesslein as cataloger: (1) J.T. McLaughlin (Wm. K. McKay Co., June 19,20, 1925); (2) T. James Brown Collection (Wm. K. McKay Co., February 6,7, 1925); (3) George H. Drake and James A. Munro (Geo. R. Rucker Co., December 2,3,4, 1926); and (4) S.T. Brookhardt (Geo. R. Rucker Co., March 29, 30, 31, 1928). In addition, there are invoices for catalogs and other books from Smith & McCance (Boston), Wayte Raymond (New York City), and Dunster House Bookshop (Cambridge, Massachusetts) (1925-1926), and for coins from William Hesslein (1926, 1928, 1929).

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