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Edwin P. Robinson notebook, early 1900s
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Biographical note
Edwin P. Robinson (d. 1937) of Newport, Rhode Island, was a dentist and a collector mostly of Greek and Roman coins. He was born in Concord, New Hampshire, graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery in 1886, and married Mary Mumford Swinburne in 1889. He became an associate member of the American Numismatic Society in 1910. A portion of his collection was acquired by the Society in 1941.

One notebook containing an inventory of what is presumably Robinson’s coin collection. Each entry is written on removable and interchangeable slips of paper. With the notebooks are pages from a publication with pictures of sculptor and medalist Louis-Oscar Roty, the cover of the booklet Hints to Collectors of Coins and Medals by Spink & Son, kept presumably for the coin measurement scales on its reverse, and some loose notes.

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