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A page from one of the notebooks

Edgar H. Adams notebooks, circa 1924, 1933-1962
0.3 cubic feet (1 box)

Biographical note
Edgar H. Adams (1868-1940) of Bayville, Oyster Bay, and Brooklyn, New York, was a numismatic scholar, author, and collector who produced, among other works, reference guides to territorial and private gold coins. He also coauthored, with William H. Woodin, the book United States Pattern, Trial, and Experimental Pieces, a standard reference work on pattern coins. He served as editor of The Numismatist, the monthly journal of the American Numismatic Association, wrote a numismatic column for the New York Sun newspaper, and was a co-founder of the New York Numismatic Club (1908).

Four notebooks kept by Adams, with notes on book and serial publications and on early American and colonial coins. Contains (1) a loose leaf binder used to record costs, print runs, and publishing details on the printing of serial and monograph publications for the American Numismatic Society (ANS) from 1933 to 1962; (2) a loose leaf binder with typed notes on pricing, condition, and grading of Massachusetts silver (mostly 1652) and copper cents and half cents (1787 and 1788), with photographic plate images from coin reference works cut and pasted in; (3) a notebook of notes with cut and pasted plates, mostly on Willow Tree, Oak Tree, and Pine Tree shillings; and (4) a professionally bound volume (circa 1924) containing cut and pasted plates and notes on grading and pricing of silver dollars, half dollars, quarter dollars, dimes, twenty cents, and half dimes (1794-1860).

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