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Postcard of the interior of the Royal Mint, Pretoria, Melting House

Dana Linnett collection of South Africa mint postcards, 1920s or 1930s
12 postcards

Biographical note
Dana Linnett is the president of Early American History Auctions of Santa Fe, California.

A collection of 12 unused postcards with photographs of workers operating machinery at the British Royal Mint in Pretoria, Africa, and one photograph of the exterior. The British mint opened in 1923, and it became the South African Mint in 1941. Depicted are blank cleaning and blanching, automatic weighing machines, blank cutting machines, coin telling and packing department, mechanics shop, reverberatory annealing furnaces, melting house, die and medal department, assay department-furnace room, rolling mills, sorting and marking machines, and the building exterior.

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