American Numismatic Society
American Numismatic Society

Archival Collections

The ANS maintains personal papers and collections of significant numismatists and numismatic organizations, including those listed below.

For related collections, please refer to Numismatic Archival Collections in Other U.S. Repositories.



Edgar H. Adams notebooks, circa 1924, 1933-1962
0.3 cubic feet (1 box)
Four notebooks kept by Adams, with notes on early American and colonial coins and on the printing of serial and monograph publications for the American Numismatic Society.

John W. Adams collection of papers relating to United States Large Cents, 1907-1972, bulk 1939-1949
0.6 cubic feet (1 box)
Collection gathered by Adams of correspondence, catalogs, notes, printed matter, and photographs from various American numismatists and large cent collectors.

American Numismatic Society records, 1858-present
ca. 580 cubic feet
Contains curatorial, administrative, financial, governing, and library records of the Society. The bulk of the materials include correspondence files from circa 1905 through the late 1970s. Parts are restricted.

American Numismatic Society early correspondence, 1853, 1858-1908
4 cubic feet (14 boxes)
Contains the earliest official correspondence of the American Numismatic Society.

American Numismatic Society general photographs, 1868-2007
9 cubic ft. (22 boxes)
Contains the American Numismatic Society’s general photograph collection.

American Numismatic Society secretary correspondence, 1892-1939, bulk 1908-1939
63 cubic feet (126 boxes)
Official correspondence of the American Numismatic Society, starting around the time the Society moved into its first permanent home at Audubon Terrace (1908) and hired its first professional staff (1909).

ANA convention photograph collection, 1908-1956
Contains the official photographs of various American Numismatic Association conventions which were held between 1908 and 1956.

P.K. Anderson notebooks, mid-1900s
1 cubic foot (1 box)
Notebooks with information on coins and tokens of Europe, European colonies, and the United States (first century B.C. to the 1900s), and a handwritten index to all four volumes of Numismatic Review (1943-1947).

Carmen Arnold-Biucchi papers, 1982-1997
3 cubic feet (3 boxes)
Papers include correspondence and memoranda generated by the ANS's first Margaret Thompson Curator of Greek Coins. Access is restricted.

James Atkins letters to Ralph Nelson, 1889
6 letters (1 file folder)
Six letters from James Atkins to Ralph Nelson concerning the exchange of information on British colonial coins and efforts to obtain coins for each other.

Charles E. Barber papers, 1868-1916
0.7 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Photocopies of correspondence and notebooks produced by Charles Barber. Originals are on deposit at the Smithsonian Institution.

Edward R. Barnsley papers, 1965-1985
1.7 cubic feet (3 boxes)
Notes relating to American colonial coins and Barnsley’s publishing activities, including work pertaining to The Colonial Newsletter. Includes what appears to be an inventory of his collection and photocopies of unpublished materials.

Michael L. Bates papers, circa 1971-present
6 cubic feet (6 boxes)
Notes, correspondence, and administrative files produced by Michael Bates during his tenure as curator of Islamic coins for the ANS. Access is restricted.

Chester A. Beach correspondence, sketches, and other material, 1909-1945, 1966-1967
0.5 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Correspondence, photographs, original pencil sketches, and other materials relating to Beach’s designs for various medals and commemorative coins, including the Peace of Versailles Medal, Charles Coffin Medal, and the 1923-S Monroe Doctrine Centennial half dollar.

Bauman L. Belden papers, 1905-1933
1.3 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Correspondence, notes, clippings, printed materials, and photographs relating Indian Peace Medals, life saving awards and medals, and World War I medals, decorations, and insignia.

William Bischoff papers, 1987-1989
1 cubic foot (1 box)
Correspondence and administrative records related to William Bischoff's tenure as curator of modern coins at the ANS. Access is restricted.

Del Bland papers, 1955-2006
10.7 cubic feet (12 boxes)
Includes correspondence between Bland and other large U.S. cent collectors and dealers. They also include manuscript copies of the large cent condition census Bland helped compile in the 1980s and 1990s. Access is restricted.

Jeremiah Brady papers, circa 1976-1980
1 cubic foot (1 box)
Papers related to Brady, who served as ANS's curator of medieval coins and medals. Access is restricted.

Virgil M. Brand papers, 1906-1990
22 cubic feet (5 boxes and approximately 150 loose items)
Correspondence, financial records, legal documents, inventories, and auction catalogs relating to Chicago coin collector and brewery owner Virgil M. Brand and the disbursement of his estate.

Walter H. Breen papers, 1949-1992
1.7 cubic feet (5 boxes)
Correspondence, notes, and typescripts of published and unpublished works. Subjects include colonial American coinage, large U.S. cents, and U.S. gold dollars. Access to portions may be restricted.

Victor David Brenner papers, 1895-1912
0.5 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Correspondence, drawings, catalogs, photographs, conference and exhibit invitations, and other materials, some relating to Abraham Lincoln that were possibly used by Brenner when designing the 1909 Lincoln cent.

Agnes Baldwin Brett papers, 1900-1928, 1950s
6.7 cubic feet (39 boxes)
Correspondence and manuscripts generated by Agnes Baldwin Brett, ANS curator from 1910 through 1913. Also includes photographic images apparently taken by Brett during her trips to Bermuda and various European countries (Greece, France, Italy, Great Britain) from about 1900 through 1909.

David M. Bullowa papers, 1915-1990s
1 cubic foot (1 box)
Correspondence, clippings, photographs, publication page proofs of coin plates, research notes, pamphlets, and other publications collected by or otherwise relating to David M. Bullowa, a numismatist whose primary interests were in commemorative coins and paper money.

Étienne Jean Baptiste Cartier papers, 1830-1851
0.3 cubic feet (1 box)
About 280 letters written by Cartier to Jean-Francois de Paule-Louis de La Saussaye, with whom he cofounded Revue Numismatique.

Henry and S.H. Chapman business correspondence, auction catalogs, and other material, 1869-1949
17.5 cubic feet (19 boxes)
Correspondence, mostly regarding bids, payments, lists of coins sent on approval, and other matters having to do with the buying and selling of coins, along with annotated auction catalogs, notebooks, and glass plate negatives.

Chase Manhattan Bank Money Museum inventory, 1977
0.3 cubic feet (1 box)
Annotated photocopy of an inventory of the Chase Manhattan Bank Money Museum collection, with information on country, description, condition, catalog number, appraisal value, and acquisition date and cost.

George W. Cogan scrapbook of submitted bids and invoices, 1879-1880
1 scrapbook
Scrapbook containing bids submitted to Cogan, along with invoices from New York City coin dealers.


John S. Davenport papers, 1954-1996
8.5 cubic feet (9 boxes)
Notebooks and files of research for Davenport’s work on European coins; page proofs, typescripts, and mockups of published works; maps; photographs of coins; plaster coin casts of crowns and talers; coin rubbings; invoices; and correspondence, much of which has to do with the publishing of his books and discussions of individual coins.

Damon G. Douglas papers, 1774-1793, 1943-1961
1.3 cubic feet (4 boxes)
Correspondence, notes, research transcripts, coin photographs and pictures, and original eighteenth century documents, all relating to Douglas’s research into post-1783 U.S. state coinage.

Henry Russell Drowne papers, 1888-1927
0.1 cubic feet (1 box)
Correspondence, research notes, drafts, and printed versions of articles, mostly pertaining to paper money, fractional currency, and stamps used as currency.

Paul R. Eden papers, 1954-1964
1 cubic foot (3 boxes)
Correspondence, manuscripts, and typescripts relating to Eden’s efforts to gather information on the mints of various countries.

Robert J. Eidlitz correspondence and photographic plates, 1925-1935
1.5 cubic feet (3 boxes)
Correspondence mostly pertaining to Eidlitz’s efforts to add to his collection of medals and plaques relating to architects, as well as photographic plates and other materials having to do with his book on the topic.

Thomas L. Elder papers, 1929-1933
0.1 cubic feet (2 folders in 1 box)
Correspondence, canceled checks, and a catalog pertaining to the sale of coins from the estate of George Alfred Lawrence.

F. Munroe Endicott papers, 1925-1929 and undated
0.3 cubic feet (1 box)
Notes, catalogs, and invoices relating to Endicott’s collection of Greek coins.

Herbert J. Erlanger medal collection card index, late 1900s
0.3 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Card index to Erlanger's collection of mostly European medals and some talers.

Domenico Facci letters and sketch photographs for Homage to Israel medals, 1973-1975
1 folder
Photographs and letters relating to sculptor Domenico Facci's Homage to Israel medals which were based on Salvador Dalí’s sketches.

DeWitt Clinton Falls notebooks, 1920s and 1930s
0.2 cubic feet (1 box)
Falls' notebooks containing handwritten and typed reference works relating to military decorations and medals.

Arthur J. Fecht correspondence and coin collection inventories, 1934-1980, bulk 1934-1939
0.5 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Five bound volumes of Fecht’s correspondence, mostly relating to the buying of coins and the gathering of information about them, along with Fecht’s bound catalog of his coin collection and related inventories.

George J. Fuld papers, 1956-1957, 1988-2007
1 cubic foot (2 boxes)
Correspondence, photographs, and research notes relating to Benjamin Franklin medals along with inventories and appraisals of the John J. Ford, Jr., R. Henry Norweb, Jr., and Waldo Newcomer collections.


T. Harrison and John Work Garrett papers, circa 1875-1942
5.3 cubic feet (20 boxes)
Correspondence of T. Harrison Garrett and John Work Garrett, and John Work Garrett’s handwritten card file documenting the Garrett coin collection.

Harrold Edgar Gillingham papers, 1915-1942
0.7 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Correspondence, notes, booklets, and drafts of writings on Central and South American medals and decorations. Also includes materials on peace medals and the WWI Victory Medal, and on the War of 1812 and early American silversmiths.

Harold W. Glidden coin collection card index, late 1900s
0.5 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Card index inventory of Glidden’s collection of coins that were bequeathed to the American Numismatic Society in 1990.

Henry Grunthal curator correspondence, 1967-1969
2 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Contains official correspondence from Grunthal's work as curator of the American Numismatic Society, mostly relating to the cost and historical values of coins, medals, and paper money.

George L. Hamilton notebooks and letters, 1919-1940
0.2 cubic feet (1 box)
Notebooks containing an inventory of Hamilton’s collection of world medals and letters dealing with war medals.

Horace Havemeyer notebook and letter, 1903 and mid-1900s
1 folder
Notebook containing notes handwritten in French describing Greek coins presented by Horace Havemeyer to the American Numismatic Society in February 1964, and a letter (February 18, 1903) from a coin seller to his grandfather, Henry (Harry) Osborne Havemeyer, which contains notes on a gold coin Henry had purchased.

Charles Austin Hersh numismatic research materials, mostly late 1900s
14 cubic feet (9 boxes and loose materials)
Research materials pertaining to Hersh’s coin collections and his scholarly interest in ancient coins.

Clifford Hewitt Chinese Mint collection, 1930-1934, 1971
0.5 cubic feet (1 box)
An assembled collection consisting of Hewitt’s correspondence and materials from a later exhibit, all relating to his work on the Chinese Mint at Shanghai.

Augustus F.R. Hoernle notebooks, 1890s
0.3 cubic feet (6 notebooks in 1 box)
Six notebooks containing an inventory and notes on Hoernle’s collection of 1,726 Indian coins, which were acquired by the American Numismatic Society in 1921.

Leonard Holland correspondence and card index, 1943-1959
0.3 cubic feet (1 box)
Correspondence and card index relating to Leonard Holland’s collection of large copper U.S. cents. Includes a copy of the list of coins, with price, from the auctioning of Holland’s collection in 1959.

Rose Chan Houston papers, circa 1971-1986
1 cubic foot (1 box)
Correspondence and other administrative files of the American Numismatic Society's associate curator of Far Eastern coins. Access is restricted.

Herbert E. Ives coin catalog and card index, mid-1900s
1 cubic foot (1 box)
Contains the manuscript Catalogue of Florentine Florins, a binder of notes, and two card indexes to coins.

Herbert E. Ives American Numismatic Society correspondence, 1944-1954
1 cubic foot (1 box)
Includes correspondence between Herbert Ives and others during his tenure as president of the ANS and chair of its publications committee.


John F. Jones correspondence and notes, 1879-1965
1.3 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Correspondence with fellow coin collectors, coin dealers, friends, family members, and numismatic groups, and notes on coin sales.

Robert F. Kelley correspondence and coin lists, 1943-1965
0.2 cubic feet (1 box)
Correspondence relating to the purchasing of coins, and coin lists annotated by Kelley.

Guido Kisch papers, 1937-1960, 1973-1981
0.7 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Correspondence, invoices, and coin lists relating to Kisch’s collecting and research interest in law and the legal profession.

George F. Kunz correspondence, 1893-1931
0.2 cubic feet (1 box)
Letters received by Kunz on topics relating to numismatics, such as the striking of medals, U.S. coin design, and matters pertaining to the U.S. mint.

Richard Hoe Lawrence scrapbooks, 1859-1907
0.3 cubic feet (1 box)
Two scrapbooks relating to coin and medal collecting and other numismatic activities. Contains flyers, price lists, booklets, invitations, announcements, and clippings from newspapers, popular magazines, and other publications.

Philipp Lederer papers, 1939-1943
0.3 cubic feet (1 box)
Mostly correspondence written in German to Philipp Lederer, but also contains photographs of coins and other research materials.

Kenneth Lee notebook and fractional gold coin photographs, circa 1932-1969, 1979
0.3 cubic feet (1 box)
Notebook of detailed descriptions used to produce Lee's book California Gold Dollars, Half Dollars, Quarter Dollars and photographs of his collection of fractional gold coins.

Joseph N.T. Levick notebook and coin rubbings, probably late 1800s
1 folder
Notebook containing research notes on eighteenth and nineteenth century coins, and rubbings and other illustrations of coins and tokens from the United States, Canada, South America, and other locations.

Dana Linnett collection of South Africa mint postcards, 1920s or 1930s
12 postcards
A collection of 12 unused postcards with photographs of workers operating machinery at the British Royal Mint in Pretoria, Africa, and one photograph of the exterior.

Allen Lovejoy papers, 1952-1994
1.5 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Correspondence and other materials relating to Lovejoy’s efforts to buy, and later sell, American dimes. Includes invoices for coin purchases, lists of bids, and slides used to illustrate a lecture.

Lyman Haynes Low scrapbooks, 1827-1895
1 cubic foot (6 scrapbooks in 1 box)
Five scrapbooks contain printed cards, flyers, circulars, and other materials relating to Low’s numismatic activities. One scrapbook has correspondence, notes, and news clippings pertaining to research for Low’s book Hard Times Tokens.


Kenneth M. MacKenzie papers, 1950 and mostly late 1900s
6.3 cubic feet (7 boxes)
Research, reference materials, and items prepared for publication on the topic of Ottoman numismatics.

Richard Margolis collection of printed and published materials, 1843-1924, 1950, 1977-1994
0.5 cubic feet (1 box)
Printed and published materials collected by Richard Margolis, most of which relate to numismatics. Includes price lists, catalogs, magazines, newsletters, and a videotape.

William T.R. Marvin papers, 1877-1900
1 cubic foot (1 box)
Correspondence and notes mostly relating to Marvin’s research on Masonic medals. Includes rubbings, wax impressions, photographs, and illustrations of coins and medals, as well as printed materials related to Freemasons.

William E. Metcalf papers, circa 1973-2000
15 cubic feet (15 boxes)
Correspondence, memoranda and other administrative files related to the ANS's curator of Roman coins (1973-2000) and chief curator (1979-2000). Access is restricted.

Joseph J. Mickley diary, 1866-1869
1 bound item
Diary documenting the daily life of coin collector, musician, and instrument repair expert Mickley, the “Father of American Numismatics.”

George C. Miles papers, 1939-1974
3.3 cubic feet (4 boxes)
Correspondence, lecture notes, and research files generated by George C. Miles, chief curator (1954-1969) and executive director (1966-1972) of ANS. Includes photographs of Egyptian Islamic glass balance weights for coins and commodities and of glass stamps affixed to measuring cups for commodities.

Bernard Morgenthau papers, 1932, 1940-1948
2 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Contains correspondence regarding Morgenthau’s efforts to obtain transportation tokens and information about them from various cities throughout the United States. Includes notebooks with clippings, notes, and checklists.

Stuart Mosher Curiosities of Currency clippings, 1931-1936
0.4 cubic feet (1 box)
Clippings of Mosher’s Curiosities of Currency newspaper columns.

Robert I. Nesmith scrapbooks, 1946
0.5 cubic feet (1 box)
Two scrapbooks of photographs and illustrations of coins struck at the Mexico City Mint, 1536-1556, and a list of documents held by the Library of Congress that concern payments made in pesos in Peru, 1531-1556.

New Netherlands Coin Company records, 1940-1992
15 cubic feet (13 boxes and loose materials)
Records of New Netherlands Coin Company auctions, correspondence, and coin photographs used for catalogs.

New York Numismatic Club records, 1909-present
7.5 cubic feet (8 boxes)
Administrative files of the New York Numismatic Club from its inception through the present day. Access is restricted.

Edward T. Newell papers, 1920-1967
6 cubic feet (6 boxes)
Correspondence, notebooks, invoices, card indexes, and photographs mostly relating to the collecting and scholarly research of American Numismatic Society president and Greek coin expert Edward T. Newell.

Sydney P. Noe papers, 1906-1966, bulk 1906-1918
1.5 cubic feet (4 boxes)
Correspondence along with a notebook, identification cards, term reports, and other documents dating from Noe’s time as a student and assistant librarian at Rutgers and from several years after he graduated, along with clippings of his articles, a draft of his thesis, and photographs, notes and other material relating to his published work on Massachusetts colonial coins. Noe served the ANS as librarian, secretary, and curator.

R. Henry Norweb and Emery May Norweb ledgers and auction catalogs, 1867-circa 1984
1 cubic foot (1 box)
Five ledgers containing an inventory of the Norweb collection of United States, Canadian, Latin American, and English coins. Also includes auction catalogs and a portfolio of coin rubbings.

Oral history collection, 2005-present
5 cubic feet (12 boxes)
Audio recordings and transcripts of 22 interviews conducted by the ANS Archivist, Joseph Ciccone, with staff and associates of the ANS. Access is restricted.


Charles K. Panish papers, 1961-1987
5.3 cubic feet (6 boxes)
Correspondence, notes, articles, booklets, article reprints, and background information about various regions and coins of the world, but mostly pertaining to Panish’s work researching, publishing, and collecting in the area of South Asian coins.

Richard Picker coin photograph files, mid to late 1900s
1 cubic foot (1 box)
Six small boxes of coin photographs, correspondence, and a handwritten list with notes on U.S. colonial coins.

Adam Pietz artwork, photographs, and rubbings, 1932-1952
0.2 cubic feet (1 box)
Artwork, photographs, and rubbings relating to Pietz’s coin and medal designs.

William Poillon ledger, probably late 1800s
1 ledger
Ledger containing a record of coin catalogs produced between the years 1764 and 1873. Most note date, number of sale days, seller, place, number of pages, lot number, catalog condition, and whether prices and names were included.

Presidential Coin and Antique auction catalog photographs, circa 1989-1995
3.3 cubic feet (4 boxes)
Photographs and page layouts used for the production of Presidential Coin and Antique auction catalogs.

J. Colvin Randall notebooks, circa 1898
3 notebooks (1 folder)
Notebooks containing lists and notes on U.S. gold, silver, and base coins and proof sets, 1794-1898.

Alfred Zantzinger Reed papers, 1943-1945
0.3 cubic feet (1 box)
Consists mostly of notes, photographs, and letters pertaining to political and store tokens, store cards, 1939 Matron Head large cents, Feuchtwanger Cents, and other topics.

John Reilly, Jr. papers, 1883-1935
3 cubic feet (5 boxes)
Correspondence relating to the collecting of Far Eastern coins and various personal matters, student notebooks, research notebooks, coin photographs, and several Chinese documents.

Edwin P. Robinson notebook, early 1900s
1 notebook
A notebook containing an inventory of what is presumably Robinson’s coin collection.

H. Elliott Rogers papers, 1939-1985
1 folder
Correspondence with the New Netherlands Coin Co., and lists of U.S., colonial, and foreign coins, some with date, condition, and value.

Louis H. Schroeder papers, 1934-1950
0.2 cubic feet (1 box)
Correspondence and inventories concerning Schroeder’s efforts to gather and document his collections of porcelain coins, medals, and tokens.

Hans Schulman records of an American Numismatic Association convention sale, undated
1 cubic foot (3 ledgers)
Three ledgers containing a record of an American Numismatic Association convention auction.

Warren B. Snow books of U.S. cent auctions and sales, before 1972
3 books (1 box)
Two handwritten notebooks and one mimeographed book containing records of U.S. cent auctions and sales.

Raphael E. Solomon papers, 1954-1991
1 folder
Correspondence, drafts, and ephemera pertaining to Solomon’s publications, lectures, and numismatic group memberships.

Alan E. Stahl papers
14 cubic feet (14 boxes)
Correspondence and memoranda generated by Alan Stahl, the ANS's curator of Medieval coins and medals from 1980 through 2000. Access is restricted.

Malcolm Storer numismatic reference works, early 1900s
0.3 cubic feet (1 box)
Typed, annotated, and corrected versions of numismatic reference works prepared by Storer.


Margaret Thompson papers
1 cubic foot (1 box)
Materials relating to Margaret Thompson, the ANS's curator of Greek coins until 1976 and chief curator from 1969 to 1979.

Bluma L. Trell publication draft and coin index, undated
2 cubic feet (10 boxes)
Handwritten and typed drafts of a publication along with notes, drawings, and photographs of coins and ancient sites. Includes a card index to ancient coins containing information such as place and ruler. Some cards have photographs.

United States Department of the Treasury collection, 1875-1956
1 cubic foot (1 box and 5 loose bound volumes)
Contains collected materials that relate to The United States Department of the Treasury, including items pertaining to Joseph R. Carpenter and 50 cent fractional currency, which he designed and printed. Also includes runs of Treasury Department circulars “Values of Foreign Moneys” and “Coinage Executed at the Mints.”

Nancy Waggoner papers, 1983-1988
1 cubic foot (1 box)
Papers related to the ANS curator of Greek coins. Contains correspondence and memoranda, as well as lecture notes from the Columbia University seminar Waggoner taught.

Robert A. Weinman papers, 1968-1992
0.5 cubic feet (1 box)
Contains proposal sketches and final drawings for various medals and medallions, including the American Numismatic Society’s 125th anniversary medal, as well as some correspondence, invoices, photographs, and pamphlets.

Louis C. West notebooks and letter, mid-1900s
0.7 cubic feet (2 boxes)
Four notebooks of Louis C. West listing and describing ancient Roman coins, and a letter regarding a Gallienus aureus purchased from the Apostolo Zeno collection.

Raymond Williamson papers, 1950-1990
1 cubic foot (1 box)
Mostly original and photocopied correspondence with Walter H. Breen, along with other materials relating to James Spilman, Stuart Mosher, and others. Portions are closed to researchers.

Casey A. Wood scrapbooks, 1926-1931
2 scrapbooks (1 folder)
Two scrapbooks containing correspondence and other materials relating to a hoard of silver coins (larins) found in Gampola Ceylon (Sri Lanka) that came to be owned by Wood.

Howland Wood curator correspondence and other material, 1913-1937
10 cubic feet (12 boxes)
Mostly official correspondence from Wood’s work as curator of the American Numismatic Society.

Howland Wood personal correspondence, 1873, 1902-1938
1.7 cubic feet (4 boxes)
Letters received by Howland Wood during his time as secretary, governor, and chairman of the American Numismatic Association, and for the first few years after becoming member and curator of the American Numismatic Society.

Farran Zerbe correspondence on Bryan Money and Lesher Medals, 1900, 1918-1944, 1919-1942
0.3 cubic feet (1 box)
Correspondence along with coin rubbings, coin photographs, drawings, clippings, and notes relating to Bryan Money and Lesher Referendum Medals

Please note that not all records are open to the public. Because of this, individuals interested in conducting research in the Society's archives should first contact the Society before visiting.