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A section of the inventory, with Eric P. Newman's notes in red

Chase Manhattan Bank Money Museum inventory, 1977
0.3 cubic feet (1 box)

Historical note
The Chase Manhattan Bank Money Museum (1928-1977) was located at Rockefeller Center on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, New York City. The collection contained legal tender in a variety of forms, including wampum, ancient and modern coins, and paper money. The bank’s collection had originally been acquired in 1928 from Farran Zerbe. The museum closed in 1977 and most of the collection was donated to the Smithsonian Institution, though an 1804 U.S. dollar was given to the American Numismatic Society, the result of efforts by Eric P. Newman.

Photocopy of an inventory of the Chase Manhattan Bank Money Museum collection (1977), with information on country, description, condition, catalog number, appraisal value, and acquisition date and cost. A letter from Eric P. Newman of the Newman Numismatic Education Society dated August 22, 1977, indicates that he was reviewing the inventory at a time when the museum was being dissolved and most of the collection going to the Smithsonian Institution, with the intention of determining which pieces might be duplicates that could instead be donated to the American Numismatic Society. Handwritten notes on the inventory are presumably Newman’s.

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