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The title page of one of the scrapbooks

Casey A. Wood scrapbooks, 1926-1931
2 scrapbooks (1 folder)

Biographical note
Ophthalmologist, ornithologist, and bibliophile Casey A. Wood (1856-1942) was born in Wellington, Ontario, and was educated at Ottawa Grammar School and Ottawa College Institute. He obtained an M.D. from University of Bishop’s College (1977) and McGill University (ad eundem, 1906), eventually practicing ophthalmology in Chicago. After retiring in 1917, he traveled with his wife to British Guiana, India, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), and the South Pacific.

Two scrapbooks glued together containing correspondence and other materials relating to a hoard of silver coins (larins) found in Gampola, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), that came to be owned by Wood. Correspondents include Howland Wood and Sydney Noe at the American Numismatic Society (ANS), and John Allan at the Royal Numismatic Society. Topics include attempts to publish reports on the hoard, the donating of the coins to McGill University and other places, and the shipping of coins to ANS for examination. Includes a typescript paper, Notes on a Hoard of Sinhalese Coins, by retired London archeologist John Still along with correspondence relating to his work, including a letter from Still expressing his frustration at what he perceives to be John Allan’s lack of interest in the hoard. Also present are a newspaper clipping announcing the gift to McGill, lists of coins from the Numismatic Circular series Coins of the East Indies (1926), and an inventory of the Gampola find.

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