American Numismatic Society
American Numismatic Society

The Club's first seal, designed by Victor David Brenner and officially adopted in 1909

New York Numismatic Club records, 1909-present
7.5 cubic feet (8 boxes)

Historical note
The idea for a New York Numismatic Club developed within the American Numismatic Association, and numerous ANA figures, such as President Farran Zerbe and General Secretary Howland Wood, were among those in attendance at the club’s first meeting, which took place on December 11, 1908, at Keen’s Old English Chop House at 36th Street and 6th Avenue in New York City. The group then decided to hold regular monthly meetings. The first was in January 1909, and it has been meeting monthly ever since. The club’s bylaws were adopted in November 1909 and it was incorporated on December 3, 1909.

Contains a certificate of incorporation (1909); photographs of meetings at Keen’s Old English Chop House (undated) and the Hotel McAlpine (1913), and modern copy negatives and prints of a combined American Numismatic Society-NYNC meeting at the Hotel Breslin (1917) and other early meetings; yearbooks (1912-1921); meeting minutes (1954-1996); guest books (1960-1991); attendance rosters (1975-1985); annual rosters (1978-1995); dues and attendance lists (1974-2003); meeting agendas and table charts (1984-2003); mailing lists (1988-1998, 2002); files of correspondence and printed materials relating to the club’s Druck (1995-1999), Grunthal (1999-2002), and Wormser (1991, 1997) lectures and to its anniversary meetings (1958, 1983, 1991); and financial records, including bank books, bank statements, checks and checkbooks, corporate resolutions, bills paid, vouchers and expenses, tax filings, financial statements and other banking records (1942-2006).

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