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Malcolm Storer numismatic reference works, early 1900s
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Biographical note
Like his father, Horatio Robinson Storer (1830-1922), Malcolm Storer (1862-1935) was a prominent physician and numismatist of Boston. Malcolm oversaw collections held by the Boston Medical Library, Harvard College, the Massachusetts Historical Society, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. He was an active member of the Boston Numismatic Society, serving as curator, secretary, and president. Born in Milton, Massachusetts, he was a graduate of Harvard College (1885) and Harvard Medical School (1889). He amassed a collection of Navy medals and was the author of numerous articles published in the American Numismatic Association’s journal The Numismatist and elsewhere. He became an associate member of the American Numismatic Society in 1913.

Contains typed, annotated, and corrected versions of Storer’s A Numismatic Bibliography of the United States (partly published in The Numismatist, May 1918); Abbreviations in Coin Inscriptions: An Alphabetical List; Lists of Rulers with their Dates of Reign; Pirates As Commemorated on Medals; Medals of Newspapers; and Medals Connected with the American Theatre.

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