American Numismatic Society
American Numismatic Society

1911 letter from Archer M. Huntington, Society president (1905-1910) and benefactor

American Numismatic Society secretary correspondence, 1892-1939, bulk 1908-1939
63 cubic feet (126 boxes)

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Secretaries of the American Numismatic Society

Official correspondence of the American Numismatic Society, starting around the time the Society moved into its first permanent home at Audubon Terrace (1908) and hired its first professional staff (1909). Although in the early years there are letters addressed to various ANS figures such as Bauman L. Belden (secretary, 1910-1916) and William Poillon, from the mid-1910s on most letters are to and from Sydney P. Noe, the Society’s secretary from 1917 to 1947.

Note: This description pertains to the processed and listed portion of the records. The correspondence does continue chronologically from 1940 to the present. Restrictions apply.

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Container List

Correspondence, ca. 1908-1931 (90 boxes)

Box 1.3.1 #1

A (unsorted).

Box 1.3.2 #2

Abbott, Holker.
Abbott, Justin E.
Abel, Anne H.Abo Academy (Finland).
Abramson, Engessor Manufacturing Company.
Academia Nacional de la Historia (Caracas, Venzuela).
Acheson, Edward G.
Ackerman, Ernest R.
Adams, Edgar H., 1908-1912.
Adams, Edgar H., 1913.
Adams, Edgar H., 1914.
Adams, Edgar H., 1915.
Adams, Edgar H., 1916-1922.
Adams, Edgar H., 1923-1924.
Adams, Edward D., 1908-1910.
Adams, Edward D., 1911-1914.
Adams, Edward D., 1916-1918.
Adams, Edward D., 1919-1927.

Box 1.3.3 #3

Adams, Elbridge L., 1919-1924.
Adams, Herbert.\\ Adams Express Company.
Addressograph Company.
Administration des Monnaies et Medailles (Paris, France).
Aeronautical Society of America.
Agger, E. E. (Rutgers University).
Agnew, Andrew G.
Ahlswede, H. Edward.
Aitken, Robert I.
Akron (Ohio) Centennial.
Aktiebolaget Nordiska Bokhandeln (Stockholm, Sweden).
Albert I (King of Belgium).
Alberti, Paul E.
Allen, H. D.
Allen, John.
Allen, William H.
Allis, Charles.
Alphonso XIII (King of Spain).
Altena, Edward.
Alterman, Henry J.
Amelung, Cecilia L.
American Academy of Arts and Letters.
American Academy in Rome.
American Ambassador, Rome, 1921.
American Antiquarian Society (Worchester, Massachusetts).
American Art Association.
American Asiatic Association.
American Association of Museums, 1923-1928.
American Bankers Association Journal.
American Consul, Malta.
American Express Company.
American Express Company.
American Federation of Art, 1922-1924.
American Foreign Service Corporation.
American Geographical Society.
American Historical Association
American Institute of Architects.
American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers.

Box 1.3.4 #4

American Journal of Archaeology.
American Legion.
American Library Association.
American Mining Congress.
American Museum of Natural History.
American News Company.
American Numismatic Association (ANA).
American Numismatic Association (ANA)—Convention, 1910.
American Numismatic Association (ANA)—The Numismatist, 1918-1921.

Box 1.3.5 #5

American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Applications for positions.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Building—estimates, 1916.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Christmas appeal, 1924.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Christmas appeal, 1925.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Committees.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Committees.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Committees—Foreign Medals.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Committees—Publications.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Educational posters, ca. 1916

Box 1.3.6 #6

American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medal campaign.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals and publications with a historical sketch.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—American Red Cross.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—Cardinal Mercier.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—Catskill Aqueduct.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—Choate.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—Declaration of War.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—Marshal Foch.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—Hudson-Fulton.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—Archer M. Huntington.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—Independence Day.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—Joan of Arc.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—King and Queen of Belgium Crossing the Channel.

Box 1.3.7 #7

American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—LaSalle.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—Membership.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—Prince Henry of Prussia, 1902.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—Prince of Wales.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—Queen of Belgians.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—Paul Revere.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—Algernon S. Sullivan.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Medals—Americus Vespucci.

Box 1.4.1 #8

American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Meetings, 1908.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Meetings, 1920s.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Meetings, 1921.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Meetings, 1926.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Meetings, 1929.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Meetings, 1930.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Meetings, 1932.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Membership—Delinquent members.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Membership—Membership campaign, 1918.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Publications.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Reports—Council.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Reports—Council.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Reports—Bd. of Governors.
American Numismatic Society (ANS)—Reports—Treasurer, 1925.

Box 1.4.2 #9

American Paper Stock Company.
American Relief Administration.
American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society.
American School of Classical Studies (Athens, Greece).
American School of Oriental Research (Jerusalem).
American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
American Surety Company.
American University of Beirut.
Ames, Oakes.
Ames & Rollinson.
Anastasis, Augustin G.
Anchor Post Iron Works.
Anderson Auction Company.
Anderson, Elizabeth M.
Anderson, John S.
Andrew, A. Piatt (Director, U.S. Mint).
Andrews, Eugene.
Andrews, Frank D.
Andrews, Henry E.
Andrews, J. H. M.
Antiques magazine.
Annin & Co., Flag Makers.
The Antiquarian magazine.
Aplin Vacuum & House Cleaning Co.
Apostolatos, M. E. (coin dealer).
Appeals from Germany and German-speaking people.
Appleton, W. (New England Society for the Preservation of Antiquities).
Archaeological Institute of America.
Architectural League of New York.
The Arkansas Gazette.
Armour & Co.
Arnold, Benjamin Walworth.
Arnold, George.
Arnot Art Gallery (Almira, New York).
Art Alliance of America.
Art Association of Indianapolis.
Art Framing Co.
Art & Life magazine.
Art Institute of Chicago.
Art Service.
Art World magazine.
Artype Press.
Arts Council of New York City.
Arts and decorations.
Ash, Harry A.
Ashton, W. (Mrs.).
Association of Military Surgeons of the United States.
Astor medal.
Astor, Vincent.
Atlas Engraving Company.
Atlas, Charles A.
Atwater, William G.
Aubert, A.
Aubert, Marcel.
Aubin, Leo J.
Audubon Printers.
Auer, C. G.
Auerbach, Joseph.
Auld, F. H.
Automobile Blue Book.
Avery, Samuel P.
Avezzano, Romano (Baron).

Box 1.4.3 #10

B (unsorted).

Box 1.4.4 #11

Babelon, Ernst.
Babelon, Jean.
Baer, Carlyle S.
Joseph Baer & Co., Buchhaendler und Antiquare.
Bahr, Peter.
Bahrfeldt, Emil.
Bailey, Banks & Biddle Co.
Bailey, James.
Bailey, John S.
Baird, Andrew B. (Dr.)
G. A. Baker & Co.
Baker, Raymond T. (Director, U.S. Mint)
Baker, Smith & Co.
Baker, Stephen.
Baker & Taylor Co., booksellers, 1923-1924.
Baker & Taylor Co., booksellers, 1925.
A.H. Baldwin & Sons, Ltd.
L.G. Balfour Co.
Banerji, R. D.
Bangor (Maine) Public Library.
Bangs, H. C.
Bank of Pittsburgh.
Bankers Trust Co.
Banks, Edgar James.
Francis Bannerman Sons.
Baranowsky, Michele.
Barbi, H.
Barnard F. P. (Curator, Ashmolean Museum)
Barnes, W. H.
Barocelli, Piero.
Barrett, S. A. (Director, Milwaukee Public Museum)
Bartlett, E. E.
Bartlett, Paul.
Bartlett, S. A.
Barrington, Rachel T.
Bastian Brothers Co.
Baudez, J. (French Miliary Attache)
Bauer, George J.

Box 1.4.5 #12

Beach, Chester.
Beal, William.
Beardslee, Oliver G.
Beatty, William Gedney.
Beaux Arts Institute of Design.
Beaux, Cecelia.
Beaver, William.
Beck, George.
Bedel, A. L.
Beekman, Gerard.
Beesley, Ebenezer.
Beistle, M. L.
Belden, Bauman L.
Belgian Ambassador.
Belgian Consul.
Queen of Belgium newspaper clippings, 1919.
Belgian Legation.
Bell, Harold W.
Bell, Rowland.
Beller, William.
Bellinger, Alfred R.
Belote, Theodore T. (U.S. National Museum)
Bement, Clarence S.
Bendann, David.
Benjamin, Marcus (U.S. National Museum).
Benjamin, Ruth L.
Benet, Jose.
Benson, Mary.

Box 1.4.6 #13

Berg, Max A.
Berge, Edward.
Bernhart, Max (Staatliche Muenzsammlung Muenchen).
Berkeley (California) Public Library.
Berkowitz, Joseph J.
Berkshire Antheaeum.
Berolzheimer, Philip.
Berry & Whitmore Co.
Berthold, Victor M.
Better Business Service.
Betts, Benjamin.
Betts, Samuel R.
Bibliotheque Nationale (Paris, France)
Bibliotheque Royale de Belgique (Brussels, Belgium).
Bickford H. J.
Biele, Edward.
Bierman, Arnold.
Biggs, L. A.
Bignell, William (Mrs.).
Bills paid, 1919-1921.
Bing, Alexander M.
Birchett, J. A. K.
A. & C. Black, Ltd.
Black, E. Titus.
Blackburn, J. S. C.
Blackstone Memorial Library.
Blake, George H.
Bland, F. A.
Bland, Harry M.
Blanton, Charles A.
Blessing, Arthur (Librarian, Naval War College).
Bliss, Robert Woods (Mrs.).
Bliss, Tasker H. (General)
Blitzblan, Louis.
Bloch, H. T.
Block, Karl.
Block, Paul.
Blodgett, William T.
Bloomingdale, Irving.
Bloor, Alfred J.
Bluestone, Barney.
Blumenthal, George.
Blumenthal, Sidney.

Box 1.4.7 #14

Boersenvereins der Deutschen Buchaendler zu Leipzig.Bolton, Reginald P.
Bonaventure, E. F.
Bonnet, Louis.
Book dealers.
Book, Robert D.
Boone, Cheshire L.
Booth, Franklin.
Booth, Henry.
Bordas, F.
Borghenzio, Gino. (Societa Piemontese di Archeologia e Belle Arti).
Borglum, Gutzon.
Borsch, A.
Borst, George H.
Borton, Marjorie.
Borum, Charles (Jr.)
Boss, John B.
Bossom, Alfred C.
Boston Post.
Boston Public Library.
Boston Numismatic Society.
Boston University.
Bostwick, W. W.
Bottee, Louis.
Bourgey, Etienne.
Bourn, W. B.
Bowdoin Museum of Fine Arts.
Bowdoin, Temple.
Bowdoin, W. G.
Bowen, Arthur (State Bank of Chicago).
Bowers, George W.
Bowles, Harry S.
Bowman, John M.
Boxstrom, H. J.
Boyd, F. C. C.
Boyer, Alden Scott.
Boyle, F.

Box 1.5.1 #15

Bradbury, Harry.
Bradlee, F. J.
Brady, Cyrus Townsend.
Brand, Joseph.
Brandon, Basil.
Brassler, Charles A.
Brenner, Judson.
Brenner, Victor D., 1896-1924.
Brett, Agnes Baldwin.
Brett, George M.
Breyer, Mirko
Briggs, Arthur B.
Bringle, John H.
British Consulate General.
British Embassy.
British Museum.

Box 1.5.2 #16

British Numismatic Society 1906-1908.
British Numismatic Society, 1909-1912.
British Numismatic Society, 1913-1916.
British Numismatic Society, 1919.
British Numismatic Society, 1922.
British Numismatic Society—Meetings, 1924-1929.

Box 1.5.3 #17

Britton, W. Rutger.
Brock, Elizabeth.
Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences.
Brooklyn Public Library.
Brooks, Arthur A.
Brooks, Richard E. (Mrs.)
Broun-Green Co., printers and stationers, 1924-1925.
Brown Brothers.
C. H. Brown Co., rug cleaning.
Brown, C. Wilson.
Brown, F. Q.
Brown, F. Rhinelander.
Brown, George F.
Brown, H. B.
Brown, James, public library bookbinder.
Brown, Samuel A. (Mrs.).
Browning, A. W.
Bruce, O.
Brunner, Arnold W.
Buchenau, ______ (Munzkabinettes Muenchen).
Buck, Henrie E.
Buckenham, J. E. B.
Buffalo (NY) Chamber of Commerce.
Buffalo (NY) Historical Society.
Buist, Henry R.
Bulgarian National Museum.
Bullen, Henry L.
Bullivant, William M.
Bundessammlung von Medaillen Muenzen und Geldseichen (Vienna, Austria).
Burch, Lowell R.
Burgess, Alexander.
Burlingham, Charles C.
Burnham, Roger N.
Burrage, Russell.
Burroughs, E. B. (Rev.).
Burrows Brothers Co.
Burruss, A. E.
Burton Historical Collection (Detroit Public Library).
Bush-Brown, H. K.
Butler, Charles Stewart.
Butler, Dudley.
Butler, Howard.
Butler, Nicholas M. (Mrs.).
Butler, Orma F. (University of Michigan).
Butler, Wyckoff & Reid.
Butterick Publishing Co.
Butterworth, F. C.

Box 1.5.4 #18

C (unsorted).

Box 1.5.5 #19

Cabanne, Albert.
Cable address.
Caemmerer, H. P. (Clerk, National Commission of Fine Arts).
Carlstrom, Gideon.
J. E. Caldwell Co.
Cagiati, Memmo.
Cahn, Adolph E.
The Caledonian magazine.
Calver, W. L.
Cambridge Encyclopedia Co.
Cambridge University.
Cambridge University—Library.
Cammann, G. P. (Mrs.).
Camp Devons Library.
Campbell, William.
Campbell, Robert James (Mrs.).
Canfield, Harry (Mrs.).
Canfield, Frederick A.
Canadian Shipping Agency.
Canessa, Ambroglio.
Cannon, Henry W.
Capen, Louise.
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
Carnegie Medal.
Carnegie Museum (Carnegie Institute).
Carp, R.
Carpenter, Elbert (Mrs.).
Carpenter, Rhys.
Carrington, C. (Mrs.).
Carry, Edward F.
Carter, George R.
Carter, Rice & Co.
Cartier, E. (Belgian ambassador)
Cartier, Inc.
Cary Memorial Library (Lexington, Massachusetts).
Casa Pardo.
Case, Ralph E.
Casey, E. P.
Caskey, L. D. (Curator, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston).
Cathcart, Wallace (Western Reserve Historical Society).

Box 1.5.6 #20

Central Book & Newspaper Co.
Central Bureau for Registered Addresses.
Century Co. (Century magazine).
Cerny, Ernest.
Cesano, L. (Instituto Italiano di Numismatica).
Chachati, E.
Chadbourne, William M.
Chakallis, Michael K.
Champion, Edouard.
Chapman, Henry-Granberg dispute, 1914.
Chapman, Henry.
Chapman, Henry.
Chapman, S. Hudson.

Box 1.5.7 #21

Charleston Museum (Charleston, South Carolina).
Charon, Costa.
Chase National Bank.
Chatillon, George E.
Chediak, Manuel A.
Chiera, Edward.
Chelsea Neighborhood Association.
Chew, Beverly.
Chicago Art Institute.
Chicago Historical Society.
Chicago & Northwestern Railway Co.
Chicago Numismatic Society.
Children’s Year Medal.
China Society of America.
Chinese Consul.
Chipman, H. E. H.
Chisolm, George E.
Chivers Book Binding Co.
Christy, Mary L. (Phoenix Public Library).
Churchill, E. J. Spencer.
Ciani, Louis.
Cigerza, Giovanni.
Cinelli, Joseph.
Circolo Numismatico Napoletano (Naples, Italy)
City History Club of New York.
City Library Association (Springfield, Massachusetts).
Clapp, Charles E.
Clapp, George H.
Clapp, George H.
Clapp, John H.
Clark, James.
Clark, L. A.
Clark, P. C.
Clark, T. James.
Clark, W. A.
Clark University—Library.
Clarke, C. L.
Clarke, John M. (Director, New York State Museum)
Classen, Anton H. (Mrs.)
The Classical Weekly magazine.

Box 1.6.1 #22

Clearwater, Alphonso T.
Cleveland Museum of Art.
Cleveland Public Library.
Cluett, Sanford L.
Cochran, Alexander Smith.
Cockerell, Sydney C. (Curator, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge University)
Coggeshall, E. W.
Cohn, Morris (Mrs.).
Collins, Fred.
Colasanti, Arduino
Cohn, Hans.
The Collectors Club.
College Art Association of America.
Collier’s magazine.
Collignon, Arthur.
Collins, Edmond J.
Collins, Lathrop.
Collins, Ross F.
Columbia University.
Columbia University—School for Secretaries.
C.R.B. Educational Foundation (Commission for Relief in Belgium)
Comparette, T. Louis, 1915-1919.
Comparette, T. Louis, 1920-1922.
Comstock, William D.

Box 1.6.2 #23

Conference of Historical Societies.
Conkling, Mabel.
Connecticut Junior Republic Association, 1920.
Connecticut State Library.
Thomas Cook and Son.
Coolidge, Calvin, 1925.
Coolidge, Richard, 1925.
John E. Cooper & Co., CPAs.
Cooper, Morris (Mrs.).
Cooper, W. F.
Corbett, Gail S.
Corbino, Cav. (Direzione Generale Delle Antichita e Belle Arti).
Cordeal, John F.
Cornell University—Library.
Corn Exchange Bank.
Corning C. R.
Cosby, Joseph T.
Couch, Eunice B.
Cowell, C. W.
Cowen, William.
Count of Santa Eulalia.
Country Life magazine.
Courteau, Eugene G.
Cramer, Caspar J.
Crane, George F.
Crittenden, William.
Crose, John.
Crunelle, Leonard.
Cruthers, E. E.
Cuban legation.
Cunha, Xavier da (Director, Bibliothica Nacional de Lisboa).
Cunningham, C. E. (Mrs.).
Curtis, George L. (Mrs.).
Currelly, C. T. (Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology).
Cutler, Joseph W.

Box 1.6.3 #24

D (unsorted).

Box 1.6.4 #25

Dallin, Cyrus E.
Daly, Bernard A., public stenographer.
Daneu & Co. (Palermo, Italy).
George Damon & Sons.
Darcy & Rogers.
Dattari, Giovanni.
Davies, J. Clarence.
Davis, Gherardi.
Davis, R. E. (Mrs.) (Librarian, Chicago Coin Club).
Davis, Solomon.
Joseph K. Davison’s Sons, manufacturing jewelers.
Dawley, Eliza.
Dawson’s Book Shop.
Day, Arthur P.
Deacon, James H.
Deats, Hiram E.
DeBaum, J. A.
de Bethune, G. (1924 Foreign Medal Exhibition)
de Ciccio, Guiseppe.
de Forest, Robert W.
de Francisci, Anthony.
de Fuentes, E. Sanchez (Sociedad Nacional Cubana de la Crus Roja).
Walter de Gruyter & Co.
De Haan, Roland.
De Hart, Arthur.
de Heredia, Carlos (Mrs.).
Deighton, Bell & Co., Ltd.
de Kay Charles.
Delafield, John Ross.
de Lagerberg, Julius, 1908-1920.
de Lagerberg, Julius, 1921-1922.
de Lagerberg, Julius.
Delano, F. A.
Delano, Lyman.
De Martino, Giacomo (Italian Ambassador).
Denby, Edwin (Secretary, U.S. Navy).
Denmark—Coin Cabinet.
Dempsey & Carroll.
Dennison Manufacturing Co.
Denzer & Nathan.
de Pereira, Joaquin.
Deschamps, Leon.
Detroit, Mayor of.
Detroit News.
Devane, Joseph F. X. [Troy (NY) Chamber of Commerce].
Devreese, Godefroid.
De Vinne Press.
F. W. Devoe & C. T. Raynolds Co.
Dewing, Arthur S.
Dexter, Franklin B. (Mrs.) (Colonial Dames of America).
de Yoanna, A.

Box 1.6.5 #26

Diaz, Porfirio (Dictator, Mexico).
Dickey, Charles D. (Mrs.).
Dickinson, Robert L.
Dieges & Clust.
Dieudonne, A. (Bibliotheque Nationale).
Dinsen & Co., Inc.
Distinguished Service Medal, 1917-1918.
Dodge, Bayard (President, American University, Beirut).
Dodge, Marcellus H.
Doelling, Louis.
Dommerich, Otto L.
Dondero, A. H.
Dorr News Service.
Dotti, Enrico.
Charles A. Doubleday Books.
R. F. Downing & Co.
Dows, David (Mrs.).
Drennan, William (Drennan’s Vans).
Dresden—Staatliche Muenzkabinett.
Dresden Numismatic Society (Numismatisher Verein zu Dresden).
Drew, Sydney.
Drowne, L. S.
Drowne, Henry Russell, 1915-1917.
Drowne, Henry Russell, 1918-1921.

Box 1.6.6 #27

Drummond, J. W.
Drury, Alfred.
DuBois, Arthur E.
Debreuil, L. (French Embassy).
Dudley, Mayo (Washington, D.C., Evening Star newspaper).
Duffield, Franfurter G., 1915-1919 (Editor, The Numismatist).
Duffield, Frankfurter G., 1922-1925 (Editor, The Numismatist).
Duke University Press.
Dumbadze, V. D.
Duncan, T. S. (St. Louis Numismatic Society).
Dunham, Horace G.
Dunn, Roscoe L. (Librarian, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston).
Dunscomb, S. Whitney (Jr.).
Dutcher, George M.
E. P. Dutton & Co.

Box 1.6.7 #28

E (unsorted).

Box 1.7.1 #29

Eagle Almanac.
Earhart, Frances E. (Librarian, Duluth Public Library).
Earl, Douglas.
Earl, Robert.
Earle, Violet.
Eastman, F. G.
Eastman Memorial Foundation.
Eastwood, Eleanor.
Eaton, Doane.
Ebbets, Charles H.
Eberhardt, Frederick.
Ebersole, F. J.
Les Editions Vitry.
Editorial Mundo Latino (Madrid, Spain).
Edmonds, Franklin S.
Edwards, Francis.
Edwards, Franklin S.
Edwards, Joseph
Edwards, Virginia B.
Egger, Arnim (Egger Brothers).
Ehlers, W. C.
Marc Eidlitz & Son.
Eidlitz, Robert J.
Eidlitz, Robert J.

Box 1.7.2 #30

Elco Gelatone Publishing Co.
Elder, Thomas.
Elderkin, George W.
Ellenhusen, Ulric.
Ellsworth, James.
Elsworth Press, 1924-1926.
Ely, Foster / Ely collection.
Embler, Elizabeth D.
Emerson, Samuel (Mrs.).
Emery, G. H.
Empedocles, G.
Emrick, M. W.
Encyclopedia Britannica.
Endicott, F. Munroe.
Engeli, A. (Director, Winterthur Numismatic Museum).
B. Engessor Co.
Equitable Appraisal Co.
Equitable Trust Co. of New York.
Erie Canal Centennial Commission.
Ermitage Museum (Hermitage Museum).
Ernst, Bernard M. L.
Essex Institute (Salem, Massachusetts).
Ethical Cultural School.
Euainetos decadrachm.
Evans, Arthur (Sir).
Evarts, Allan W.
Evening Post newspaper (New York, New York).
Evening Sun newspaper (New York, New York).
Arthur A. Everts Co.
Everett, Ethel (New York Times).
Eyre, Louisa.
Ezekiel, Henry C.

Box 1.7.3 #31

F (unsorted).

Box 1.7.4 #32

Faelten, Reinhold.
Falls, DeWitt Clinton.
Famous Players Lasky Corp.
Fancher, F. R.
Fang, Liang Luen (Chinese Consul).
Farm and Fireside magazine.
Farnham, Sally J.
F. W. Faxton Co.
Federal Reserve Bank—Cleveland.
Federal Reserve Board—Washington, D.C.
Federal Trade Commission.
Feldman, Charles J.
Ferguson, M.
Ferris, Harlo.
Field, William B. Osgood, 1910-1919.
Field, William B. Osgood, 1920-1931.
Fifth Avenue Coach Co.
Finney, Howard (New York State Chamber of Commerce).
Finnish legation.
Finta, Alexander.
Firestone, Archibald.
Fish, Stuyvesant.
Fisher, Robert.

Box 1.7.5 #33

Flagg, Luther N.
Flagler, Harry H.
Flanagan, John.
Fletcher, Frank.
Fletcher, Henry.
Flint, Charles R.
Florange, Jules.
Fock, Gustav.
Foley, J.
Folks, Homer (NY State Charities Aid Association).
Forbes, H. R.
Ford, James B.
Fordyee, John A.
Forrer, L. (Spink & Son).
Forrestal, J. V.
Fortier, J. (Mrs.).
Foster, John W.
Fowler, C. E.
Franklin Institute.
Franklin National Bank.
Franklin Square Agency.
Fraser, A. D.
Fraser, James Earle.
Frayne, Joseph.
E. H. & A. C. Friedrichs Co.
Freeman, Harley.
French, Daniel Chester.
French, Thomas E.
French Institute in the United States.
French Line.
French Mint.
Freres, Feuardent.
Fresno County (CA) Public Library.
Frew, Walter E.
Frey, Albert R.
Fuchs, Emil.

Box 1.7.6 #34

G (unsorted).

Box 1.7.7 #35

Gabrici, Ettore.
Gaebler, H. (Kaiser Friedrich Museum).
Gaettens, Richard.
Gaines, Ruth (Huntington Free Library and Reading Room).
Galbreath, C. B. (Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society).
Gallatin, Albert.
Galli, Edoardo (Universita di Pisa).
Galster, Georg (Copenhagen, Denmark).
Galt, Caroline M.
Gamber, J.
Garcia Rico y Cia.
Gardener, Percy (Ashmolean Museum).
Garlick, A. J.
Garrett, John W.
Garrett, Robert.
Garza, J. Sanchez.
Gates, I. E.
Gates, Milo H.
Gatti, Guido.
Gaunt, James.
Gauthier-Villars & Co.
George Junior Republic, 1920.
William George’s Sons, booksellers.
George Washington High School (New York, New York).
George Washington Memorial Association.
German Catholic Convention.
Geuthner, Paul.
Geyer, H. F.
Giesecke, Walter.
Gifford, C. S.
Gies, A. C.
Gilbert, Cass.
Gilbert, S.
Gilder, J. B.
Gilhofer & Ranschburg.
Giliberti, L. (Circolo Numismatica Napoletano).
Gillett, George A.
Gilliss, Walter.

Box 1.8.1 #36

Gillingham, H. E., 1917-1920.
Gillingham, H. E., 1923-1924.
Gillingham, H. E., 1925.
Gillingham, H. E., 1926.
Gillingham, H. E., 1927.
Gillingham, H. E., 1928.
Gillingham, H. E., 1929.
Gillingham, H. E., 1930.
Gillingham, H. E., 1931.
Gillingham, H. E., 1932.

Box 1.8.2 #37

Gilmore, George L.
Gilroy, Edward A. (Jr.).
Ginori, Roberto V.
Girolami, O.
Glendining & Co., Ltd.
Goddard, Charles.
Goddard, George S. (Connecticut State Library).
Goetz, Karl.
Goessler, P. (Muenz und Medaillen).
Goldsmith, Henry.
Gombrich, Flora.
Goodman, David C.
Gordon, John.
Gorham Co.
Gough, John T. (New Orleans Times-Picayune).
Gouch, W. A.
Gould, Charles W.
Gould, Edwin.

Box 1.8.3 #38

W. R. Grace & Co.
Joseph I. Grady Co.
Graff, A. Stanley.
Grafton & Co.
Graham, Anderson, Probst & White, architects.
Granberg, H. O.
Grant, John.
Grantley, _____ (Lord).
Gravel, Ludger.
Gray, H. A.
Green, Elmer S.
Green, Theodore F.
Green, Thomas.
Greene, Henry A.
Greenough, John.
Greenwich Safe Deposit Co.
Greenwood, Mary M.
Gregory, John.
Grey, Viscount (British Ambassador).
Gridley, Edward M.
Grieshaber, Carl F.
Griffith, Susan.
Grimes, Frances.
Grinnell, George Bird.
Grinnell, William Morton.
Grolier Club.
Grose, S. W.
Grossmann, I.
Grosvenor Library (Buffalo, New York).
Grouitch, Slavko Y. (Minister, Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes).
Grover Cleveland Memorial Association.
Guerrieri, G. (Director, Museo Provinciale S. Castromediano).
Guerillot, M.
Guernsey, Roscoe. (American Academy in Rome).
Gunther Collection.
Gunther, John Jacob.
Gunther, C.
Guthrie, J. A.
Gutmann, Friedericus (Staatliches Munzkabinett Muenchen).
Guttag, Julius / Guttag Brothers.

Box 1.8.4 #39

H (unsorted).

Box 1.8.5 #40

H (unsorted).

Box 1.8.6 #41

Haarer, John W.
Habich, Georg (Director, Staatliches Munzkabinett Muenchen).
Hachette et Cie.
Hacienda y Credito Publico (Mexico City, Mexico).
Hadden, Alexander M. / Hadden, John W.
Hafner, Charles A.
Hagan, Eero (Finnish Consul).
Halls, F. S. (Director, State Museum, University of Washington).
Halpern, S.
Hamburger, Joseph.
Hamburger, Leo.
Hamilton, George L.
Hamlin, Genevieve Karr.
Hammacher, Schlemmer & Co.
Hammond, Otis G. (New Hampshire Historical Society).
Hanley, A. L.
Hannan, E. E.
Hansen, Harvey L. (Pacific Coast Numismatic Society).
Hanson-Bennett Magazine Agency.
Harbour, Jefferson L.
Hardee, N. A.
Harding, J. Horace.
Harrassowitz, Otto.
Harden, Edward.
Hare, George J., photographer.
Harriman, E. H. (Mrs.).
Harrison, Alexander.
Hart, Joseph.
Hart, W. O.
Hartman, Fred.
Harvard Cooperative Society.
Harvard University.
Haseltine, J. W.
Haskell, J. Amory.
Hatch, L. J. (Mrs.).
Haughton-Burke, Thomas A.
Havemeyer, H. O. (Mrs.).
Hawkes, McDougall (President, French Institute of the United States).
Hayden, Horace E.
Hazell’s Annual journal.
Hazelton, Alan W.

Box 2.1.1 #42

Heath, Walter C.
Heaton, Augustus C.
W. Heffer & Sons, Ltd.
Heidel, W. A.
Heinicke, Alfred.
Heintz, Rene, J.
Heliotypc Co.
Hektograph Manufacturing and Duplicating Co.
Helbing, Otto.
Hemler, Alicia.
Henderson, J. M.
Hennegan-Bates Co.
Henry, Philip W.
Hensel, Bruckmann & Lorbacher.
Herbert & Huesgen Co.
B. Herder Book Co.
Hermannsson, H. (Curator, Cornell University Library).
Hermitage Museum.
Herrick, F. M.
Herring-Hall-Marvin Safe Co.
Hess, Charles.
Hesslein, William.
Hewlett, Walter J.
Heye, George Gustave (Museum of the American Indian).
Hibbard, D. O. (YMCA Orange County, Florida).
Hibbard Frederick C.
Hidden, William E.
Hiersemann, Karl W.
Higgins, Frank (President, New York Numismatic Club).
Hill, B. H. (American School of Classical Studies, Athens, Greece).
Hill, George F. (British Museum).
Hillhouse, J. T. B.
Thomas Hindley & Sons.
Hines, H. C.
Hinton, Charles L.
Hirschfeld, ______.

Box 2.1.1 #43

Hispanic Society of America.
Historical Society of Pennsylvania.
Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania.
Hobart, R. H. Smith.
Hoepli, Ulrico.
Hoffman, Margaret.
Hoffman, Samuel V.
Holland, W. K. (AT&T).
Holm, Frits.
Holmes, William.
Holstein, Otto.
Homes News Press (New York, New York).
Hood, Jennings (The Bailey, Banks & Biddle Co.)
Hood, P. H.
Hooper, Osman C.
Hoopes, Thomas (Metropolitan Museum of Art).
Hopkins, A. A.
Hoppin, Joseph C. (Mrs.).
Hossack, G. W.
Housel, W. B.
E. Howard & Co.
Howard Memorial Library (New Orleans, Louisiana).
Hoyt, John S.
Hubbell, E. R.
Hudson Bay Co.
Hugendubel, Heinrich.
The Huguenot Association of New Rochelle, New York.

Box 2.1.3 #44

Hulbert Bill.
Hume & Walker.
Hume, Edgar Erskine.
Hummel, Ludwig.
Hungarian Numismatic Society.
Hunt, Joseph and Richard.
Hunter, W. H.
Huntington, Arabella.
Huntington, Archer M., 1907-1910.
Huntington, Archer M., 1911-1917.
Huntington, Archer M., 1915-1918.
Huntington, Archer M., 1919-1921.
Huntington, Charles P.
Huntington, Ford.
Huntington, Henry E.
Huston, George R.
Hutchison, Joseph.
Hutaf, A. W.
Hyatt, Anna V.
Hyde, E. Francis.
Hyde, Frederick E.
Hyde, James H.

Box 2.1.4 #45

I (unsorted)
Ifould, W. H. (Sydney, Australia, Public Library).
Ihrig, F. W.
Illinois Watch Co.
Illustration Engraving Co.
Illyne, A.
Imperial Brass Manufacturing Co.
Imhoff, Charles H.
Imperial Japanese Mint.
Imperial Ottoman Museum (Istanbul, Turkey).
Imperial War Museum of London.
Indian Peace Medals.
Indiana Historical Commission.
Indiana State Library.
Indiana University.

Box 2.1.5 #46

Ingham, Albert.
Inglehart, D. S. (National Polo Pony Society, Inc.)
Ingraham, Phoenix.
Ingraham, Sara.
Ingvall, A. P.
Innes, Katherine (Director, Montclair Art Museum).
Institut International de Cooperation Intellectuelle.
Institute for Crippled & Disabled Men.
Instituto Italiano d’Arte Grafiche.
Instituto di Numismatica, Museo Nazionale delle Terme Diocleziane (Rome, Italy).
Intelligencer Printing Co.
International Art & Science Book Co.
International Cable Registrations, Inc.
International News Co.
International Numismatic Congress (Brussels), 1910.
International Studio.
Iowa Masonic Library.
Ireland, Gordon.
Irish Setter Club of America.
Irving, A. Duer.
Italy—Royal Consul.
Ives, Herbert E.

Box 2.1.6 #47

J (unsorted).
William Jackson Co.
Jacobs, Henry Barton.
Jaegers, Albert.
Jameson, J. Franklin.
Jameson, R.
Jaura, G.
Thomas Jefferson Memorial Association.
Jeffrey, Maud (Reference Librarian, Ohio State University).
Jelliffe, Smith Ely.
Jenny Lind Centennial Celebration.
Jersey City (NJ Free Public Library.
Jewelers’ Circular.
Joannes, Francis. Y.
Joannides, J. G.
John Crera Library (Chicago, IL).
Johns Hopkins University—Library.
Johnson, B. G. (St. Louis Coin & Stamp Co.)
Johnson, Franklin P. (University of Illinois).
Johnson, George D.
Johnson, Robert Underwood.
Johnson & Johnson.
Johnston, James G.
Jones, M. B.
Jones, Julia Zabriskie.
Jones & Whitlock.
Johnson, Stefano.
Jordan, Thomas P.
Journal of Economic and Business History.
H. L. Judd Co.
Judge, Thomas.
Jusserand, Jean Jules (French Ambassador).
Juszko, Jeno.

Box 2.1.7 #48

K (unsorted).
K (unsorted).
Kaiser Friedrich Museum (Berlin, Germany).
Kohn, Otto H.
Kambanis, Michel L.
Kane, Joseph N.
Kane Lodge Medal.
Kansas City Public Library.
Kansas State University.
Kawamura, Gozo.
Keck, M. H.
Keene, A. F.
Kegan, Trench, Trubner & Co.
Kellad, Daniel.
ArnoldKeller & Co.
Andrew H. Kellogg Co. (ANS brochure).
Kelley, J. T.
Kelly, Thomas Hughes.
Kent, Henry W.
Keppel, F. P.
Khayat, Azeez.
Kilenyi, Julio.
Kilian, Georg (Staatliche Muenzsammlung Muenchen).
King, Robert P.
Klein, Adolph.
Librarie C. Klincksieck.
Knapp, Charles.
William S. Koch & Son, bookbinders.
Koch, Theodore (Librarian, Northwestern University Library).
K. F. Koehlers Antiquarium (Leipzig, Germany).
Kohler, Rudolph.
Kohn, Albert M.
Koga, Y. (Japanese Imperial Mint).
Kohn, Albert M.
Theodore A. Kohn & Son.
Korper, Leo A. (Capital City Lumber Co.)

Box 2.2.1 #49

Kungl. Biblioteket (Stockholm, Sweden).
Kung. Vitterhets (Stockholm, Sweden).
Kusterer, Leonard.
Kunz, George, 1906-1915.
Kunz, George, 1916-1919.
Kunz, George, 1920-1925.

Box 2.2.2 #50

L (unsorted).
Laborie, Jean.
Laessle, Albert.
Lafayette Day National Committee.
Lafayette Medal.
Laffranchi, Lodovico.
Lake County Historical Society (Chicago, IL).
Lambert, J. B.
Lambert Samuel W.

Box 2.2.3 #51

Lancaster Press.
Lance, G. C.
Landa E.
Langdale, W. G.
Landon, E. H.
Langdon, Webster F.
Langdon, William Chauncey.
Lange, Paul M.
Langenheim, F. D. (Numismatic and Antiquarian Society of Philadelphia).
Langton, John J. P.
Lapointe, L.
La Revue Moderne.
Laughlin, Randolph
Charles E. Lauriat Co., booksellers.
Lawless, Elmer.
Lawrence, Frederick George.
Lawrence, George Alfred.
Lawrence, Richard Hoe.
Lay, Charles (Municipal Art Society of New York).

Box 2.2.4 #52

A. B. Leach & Co.
LeBlanc, J. F.
Lederer, Philip.
Ledon, Luis Castillo (Director, Museo National de Arqueologia, Mexico City, Mexico).
Leeper, Roxa.
Leijonhufvud, Sigrid.
Leominster Public Library (Leominster, MA).
Leon, Maurice.
Lerando, Leon Z.
Lewis, Eugene.
Leroux, Ernest.
LeRoy, Louis C.
Lester, Henry M.
Leve, A. Atlas.
Levenson, J.
Levis, Howard C.
Lewis, John F. (Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts).
C. F. Libbie & Co.
Librairie Paul Ritti.
Library Bureau, 1908-1923.
Library Bureau, 1924-1927.
Library of Congress, 1912-1928.
Library of Congress, 1931-1932.
Libreria di Cultura (Rome, Italy).
Library Journal.

Box 2.2.5 #53

Lieber, Carl H. (Art Association of Indianapolis, Indiana).
Liebert, Gaston (French Consul).
Lillard, R. W. (Associated Dry Goods Corp.).
Lincoln, Frederick W.
Lincoln Memorial Commission.
Lindheim, Norvin R.
Ling, Harry L.
J. B. Lippincott Co.
Liveright, Frank. J.
Livingston, L. A.
Lloyd, Allan G.
Lloyd, A. H.
Lober, George J.
Loeb, James.
Loeb, Morris (Mrs.).
Loeb, Morris.
Frederick Loeser & Co.
Loftus Brothers.
B. Login & Son.
Corporation of London.
London Mint.
Long Island Historical Society.
Longman, Evelyn Beatrice.
Lorentz, Alfred.
Lorenzani, A. E.
Los Angeles Public Library.
Loubat, Duke of.
Louisiana Historical Society.
Low, Lyman H.
W. H. Lowdermilk & Co., rare book dealers.
Lowell A. L. (Harvard University)
Lowenstam, B. G.
Lownes, M. E.
Lucas, F. A. (American Museum of Natural History).
Luce, Stephen.
Lyman, R. H. (The World newspaper).
Lynch, James A.
Lynge, Herman.
Lyon, Bert.

Box 2.2.6 #54

M (unsorted).

Box 2.3.1 #55

Mabbott, Thomas O.
James MacDonald Co., bookbinder.
MacDonald, Lillian M.
MacDonald & Maier.
MacDonald, George.
Macdonald, Lucy W. (Secretary, Royal Society of Miniature Painters).
MacIlvaine, J. B. S.
MacKenzie, Thomas R.
MacLean, J. Arthur (Art Institute of Chicago).
Macallister, James J.
MacMahon, R. C.
Macmillan Co.
MacMonnies, Frederick.
MacNeil, Hermon A.
Magoffin, Ralph V. D. (New York University).
Madlener, A. F.
Maemple, M. C.
Magyar Numismatikai Tarsulat (Budapest, Hungary).
Maine Historical Society.
Maltry, M.
Maly, Franz.
Manley, Herbert D.
Mann, Earl S.
Manning, C. (Committee on Foreign Medals).
Manning, James H.
Manship, Paul.
Manuel II (King of Portugal).
Marburg, Theodore.
March, Peyton (U.S. War Department).
Marcotte, Abbe Leon.
Margetts, N. E. (U.S. War Department).
Mariani, Lucio.
Markert, Karl.
Marlier, George F.
Markus, Charles.
Marquand, Allan (Princeton University).
Marshall, Sue.
Marshall, Rudolf.
Marshall, Vause W.
Marshalltown (IA) Public Library.
Martin, George Castor.
Martin, Laura Grinnell.
Martin, Newell.
Martin, W. R. (Librarian, Hispanic Society of America).
Marvin, Elizabeth E.
Marvin, Selden E. (Jenny Lind Centennial Celebration).
T. R. Marvin & Son.
Maryowski, T. (Polish Consulate).
Marx, Jacob.
Mason, W. E. (Metropolitan Museum of Art).
Massachusetts Historical Society.
Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture.
Massachusetts, State Library of.
Massachusetts Treasury Department.
Matalene, Henry W.
Matthews, Brander (Chancellor, American Academy of Arts & Letters).
Maurice, M.
Maverick, W. C.
Mavrogordato, J.
Maxwell, J. S.
Mayer and Muller (Nomisma journal).
Mazerolle, Fernand.

Box 2.3.2 #56

Mc (unsorted).
McAllister, Martin D.
McCall, D. H.
H. W. McCandless & Co.
McCaulley, Mariana.
A. C. McClurg & Co., booksellers.
McCormick, Harry T.
McCoy, Lizzie, T.
McCraven, J. M. P.
McGraw-Hill Co.
McHugh, Edward J.
McKenna, M. L.
McKenzie, Alex.
McKenzie, R. Tait (University of Pennsylvania).
McKinley Birthplace Memorial Association.
McKim, Mead & White (American Academy / Arts & Letters).
McLachlan, R. W.
McLane, Kate M.
McLaughlin, P. J.
McMahon, B. B.

Box 2.3.3 #57

Meagher, Margaret C.
Means, Philip A.
The Mediaeval Academy of America.
Medallic Art Co.
Medallic Art Co.
Medallic Art Co.
Medina, Jose.
Meehan, George.
Meeker, H. E.
Mehl, B. Max.
Mehren, E. J. (McGraw-Hill Co.)
Meissner, Amelia (Educational Museum Curator, St. Louis Board of Education).
Mellen, C. S.
Mellon, Andrew (U.S. Treasury Secretary).
Mercantile Bank of the Americas.
Merchants’ Association of New York.
C. & G. Merriam Co.
Merritt, Ferriss P.
Merzbacher, E.
Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Menconi Brothers.
Meuss, Hans.

Box 2.3.4 #58

Miami University.
Milbank, A. G.
Milbank, Samuel R.
Miller, C. V.
Miller, George N.
Miller, Hoyt.
Miller, Thomas S. (NY Numismatic Club).
Miller, William J.
Milliken, C. F. (Ontario County Historical Society).
Mills, A. G.
Mills, William C. (Curator, Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society).
Milmine, C. E.
Minnesota Historical Society.
Mirone, Salvatore.
Mitchell, William.

Box 2.3.5 #59

Moisil, Constantine (Societatea Numismatica Romana).
Moore, Charles (U.S. Commission of Fine Arts).
Moore, H. C.
Moore, J. Clark.
Moore, S. L.
Morgan, Caroline L.
Morgan, Edward B.
Morgan, J. Pierpont (Morgan Library).
Morgan, William F.
Morgenthau, M. L.
Morison, Horace (Society of the Cincinnati).
Morris, Joseph L.
Morris, Lewis R.
Morris, Nathalie Bailey.
Morrison, Norah F.
Morse, C. H.
Morse, Ten Broeck.
Mosley, Eleanor.
Mott-Smith, May.
Mountbatton, _______.
Mouroux, Anie.
Moynihan F.
Mulliner, W.
Mueller, Johannes.
Municipal Reference Library (ANS military exhibition).
Munsterberger, R. (Kunsthistorisches Museum Wein).
Murray, James.
Museu Nacionale Rio de Janeiro.
Museum of the American Indian.
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
Muskogee (OK) Public Library.

Box 2.3.6 #60

N (unsorted).

Box 2.3.7 #61

Nachf, Otto.
Nagai, S. (Director, Imperial Mint of Japan).
Naon, Romulo (Argentinean Consulate).
Nathan, Maud.
National Academy of Art.
National Academy of Design.
National Arts Club.
National Bank of South Africa.
National Cyclopedia of American Biography.
National District Telegraph Co.
National Geographic Society.
National Institute of Arts and Letters.
National Polo Pony Society.
National Press Club.
National Sculpture Society catalog—acknowledgements.
National Union List of Serials.
Navarro, J. C. Olina.
Neandross, Sigird.
Negri, Ottavio.
Neil, Will.
Neilson, Howard S.
Nelles, E.
Nelson, Peter (University of the State of New York).
New England Society of New York City.
New England Steamship Co.
New Jersey Historical Society.

Box 2.4.1 #62

New York Central Railroad.
New York City—Board of Education.
New York City—Internal Revenue.
New York City—Parks.
New York City—Public Works.
New York City—Tercentenary.
New York City—Water Supply.
New York Genealogical and Biographical Society.
New York Historical Society.
New York Library Club.
New York Life Insurance and Trust Co.
New York, New Haven & Hudson Railroad.
New York Numismatic Club.
New York Public Library.
New York Society Library.
New York Special Libraries Association.
New York State Library.
New York Telephone Co.
New York Times.
New York University.
New York World.
Newark Museum Association.
Newark Paper Box Co.
Newark Public Library.
Newcomb, Howard R.
Newcomb, Waldo.

Box 2.4.2 #63

Newell, Adra.
Newell, Edward T., 1905-1914.
Newell, Edward T., 1915-1919.
Newell, Edward T., 1920-1941.
Newell, Edward T., assorted dates.
Newell, Edward T., assorted dates.
Newman, Allan G.
Newman, J. F.

Box 2.4.3 #64

Nicodemi, G. (Medagliere Milanese).
Nicolletti, Vincent A.
Nickoley, Edward F. (President, University of Beruit).
Nielsen, N. C.
Nijhoff, Martinus, bookseller.
Nissim, Judah A. S.
Noe, Sydney P., 1915.
Nocq, Henri.
Noetzel, Fred W.
Noorian, Daniel Z.
Noorian, J. Zado.
A. B. Nordiska, booksellers.
Nordman, C. A.
Norlind, Tobias.
The Norman, Remington Co.
Norsted & Soner.
Novelli, James.
Numismatische Gesellschaft (Vienna, Austria).
Numismatic Society of India.
Nystrom & Co.

Box 2.4.4 #65

O (unsorted).
O (unsorted).
Odon, Gohl (Numizmatikai Kozlony).
O’Donnell, Hubert.
Oettinger, Julia W.
Oettinger, S.
Official Metropolitan Guide (New York, New York).Ogden, Nelson (Stevens Institute of Technology).
Ogden, Robert C.
Ohsa, Robert M. (So. Manchurian Railway Library).
Oikonomos, G. P. (Director, National Numismatic Museum, Athen, Greece).
Olcott, E. E.
Olcott, Zita.
Olcott, George N. (Columbia University).
Oldenbourg, R.
Olds, Irving S.
Olschki, Leo S.
Omaha (NE) Public Library and Museum.
Oman, Charles W. (President, Royal Numismatic Society).
Ongania, Ferdinand.
Oriental Book Shop.
Ormond, M. Georgia.
Orlowski, Alexander.
Orr, R. B. (Director, Provincial Museum of Toronto).
Orr, Viola Ellen.
Orsi, Paolo (Director, R. Museo Archeologico di Siracusa, Syracuse, Sicily).
Osborn, George (Librarian, Rutgers University).
Osborn, William C.
Otis, Philo.
Overall-Hatswell, D. R.
O’Toole, James.
Owen, William H. (Jr.).
Oxford University Press.

2.4.5 #66

P (unsorted).

2.4.6 #67

Page, Laura L.
Page, Adeline G.
Paladino, Bruno.
Palesty, N.
Palmer and Serles (Newell attorneys).
Paltsits, Victor H. (NY Public Library).
Pandick Press.
Pani, Alberto.
Pappavangelon, Themistoclou.
Parish, Daniel.
Parent, George W.
Park Museum (Providence, Rhode Island).
Parker, A. G.
Parker, C. C.
Paris, William F.
Partridge, Sidney L.
Parshina, A. (Librarian, ____ University, Saratov, Russia).
Parsons, H. Alexander (Honorary Librarian, British Numismatic Society).
Pasqualini, Mattioli (Ministro della Real Casa, Rome, Italy).
Paterson (NJ) Mayor.
Patten, Katharine (Minneapolis Athenaeum).
Pauli, G. E.
Pazquez-Torne, Luis.
Peace Dollar, 1922.
Peacock, C. D.
Pearson & Crain.
Peirce, Hayford.
Pell, Howland.
Pell, Stephen H. P.
Pell Collection circular.
Pelletier, Octave.
Pennell, Frederick.
Pennisi di Floristella, Salvadore.
Penny, Joseph.
Penton, John A.
Perella, Francesco.
Perkins, Edward N.
Perkins, Seymour.
Perkins, William H.
Pernier, Luigi (R. Museo Archiologico, Florence, Italy).
Perreau, Maurice.
Pershing, John J.
Peters, Richard (Numismatic and Antiquarian Society of Phila.)
Peterson, Waldo.
Petsalis, ______.

Box 2.4.7 #68

Pharr, Clyde.
Phillips, Stephen.
Phoenix, Lloyd.
Photo-Gelatine Printing Co.
Piccirioli, Attilio.
Pick, Behrendt (Herzogliches Muenzkabinett, Gotha).
Pietz, Adam.
Pinches, John.
Piper, William C.
Place, P. G. (University of Syracuse).
Platt, Clement.
Platt, Dan F.
Plimpton, Russell A. (Director, Minneapolis Institute of Arts).
R. L. Polk & Co.
Poillon, Arthur.
Poillon, William.
Pond, Preston.
Pond, Shepard.
Postmaster—New York City.
Postmaster—Newark, NJ.
Potter, F. Wayland.
Povenmire, H. M.
J. C. & W. E. Powers Co.

Box 2.5.1 #69

Prato, Leon.
Pratt, Frank.
Pratt, George D.
Prentice, Bernon S.
Preis, H. P.
Press clippings (unsorted).
Price, Henry Brooks.
Pridik, Eugen (Director, Hermitage Numismatic Collection).
Princeton University Library.
Proctor, William.
Proskey, David.
Provincial Museum (Lucknow, India).
Pryer, Charles, 1905-1913.
Pryer, Charles, 1914.
Pryer, Charles, 1915.
Pumpelly, Raphael.
Purdy, F. C.
Putnam, E. (Curator, Richester Municipal Museum).
G. P. Putnam & Son.
Putorti, Nicola (Museo Civico, Reggio Calabria, Italy).

Box 2.5.2 #70

Q (unsorted).
Quagliati, Quintino (Museo Archaeologico, Taranto, Italy).
Quaritch, Bernard.
Quinby, Henry C.
Qvist, Gerda

Box 2.5.3 #71

R (unsorted).

Box 2.5.4 #72

Rackus, A. M.
Rand McNally Co.
Rane, K. R. (Rane’s Museum, India).
Rand, Charles F.
Rapid Transit Celebration Committee (New York, NY).
Rassegna Numismatica (Rome, Italy).
Ratto, Rodolfo.
Raymond, Wayte.
Read, William (Mrs.).
Reed and Barton.
Regling, Kurt (Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum), 1922-1923.
Reid, Ida M.
Reid, R. L.
Reilly, John (Jr.), 1910-1919.
Reilly, John (Jr.), 1920-
Reilly, John (Jr.).
Reilly, John (Jr.)—death.
Reinach, Theodore.
Reuterdahl, Sigrid (New Jersey College for Women).
Revista Italiana di Numismatica (Milan, Italy).
Revue du Vrai et du Beau.
Reynolds, B. H.
Rhind, J. Massey.
Rhinelander, Philip.

Box 2.5.5 #73

Riba e Hermanos.
Ricci, Ulysses A.
Ricci, Serafino (R. Museo Numimatico e Medagliere Nacionale di Brera, Milan).
Richard Oscar.
Richardson, John.
Richmond, Charles A.
Richter, Gisela M. A.
Rico y Cia, Garcia.
A. Riechmann & Co.
Riley, H. E.
Risdon, F. Ray.
Ritsos, Michel.
Roper, Daniel C. (Commissioner, Internal Revenue, U.S. Treasury Department).
Rivista Italiana di Numismatica (Milan, Italy).
The Robbins Co.
Roberts, Elizabeth M. (Concord Art Association).
Robertson, Robert.
Robinson, Charles A. (Jr.).
Robinson, Duane.
Robinson, Edwin P.
Robson & Adee.
Rochester Numismatic Association.
Roe, Frank.
Rolland, H.
Rogers, Daisy F.
Rogers, Edgar.
Rogers, Norman (American Legion).
Rogers & Krull.
Rollman, Henry.
Roman Bronze Works.
Romania—Consul General.
Romeike, Henry.
Rosenberg, H. Sally.
Ross, Christa A.
Rossi, Angelo J.
Rossi, Fillipo (Medagliere Milanese, Milan, Italy).
Roth, Frederick G. R.
Rothenstein, M.
Rottner, G. H.
Rowe, L. Earle (Director, Rhode Island School of Design)
Rowland, M. T.
Ruch, Clarence.
Ruhl & Co.
Rumford Press.
Russell, Walter.

Box 2.5.6 #74

S (unsorted).

Box 2.5.7 #75

Saltus, J. Sanford, 1892-1908.
Saltus, J. Sanford, 1910.
Saltus, J. Sanford, 1911.
Saltus, J. Sanford, 1912.
Saltus, J. Sanford, 1913.
Saltus, J. Sanford, 1914.
Saltus, J. Sanford, 1915.
Saltus, J. Sanford, 1916.
Saltus, J. Sanford, 1917.
Saltus, J. Sanford, 1918.
Saltus, J. Sanford, 1919.
Saltus, J. Sanford, 1920.
Saltus, J. Sanford, 1921.
Saltus, J. Sanford, 1922.
Saltus, J. Sanford, 1922-25.

Box 2.6.1 #76

Sailor, R. W. (Cornell Publications Printing Co. / Cayuga Press).
Saint-Gaudens, Augustus (Mrs.).
St. Louis Coin and Stamp Co.
St. Louis Numismatic Society.
St. Louis Public Library.
St. Paul (MN) Public Library.
Salemme, Antonio.
Sambon, Arthur.
P. & P. Santamario. (Rome, Italy).
Santi Anna, ______ (Baron).
Saric, L. W. (Newark Fire Insurance Co.).
Sartiges, ______ (Premier Secretaire d’Ambassade).
Sather Gate Book Shop.
Satterlee, Herbert L.
Saxton, Burton H.
Sawyer, Edward W.
Scaifa, Walter B.
Schaefer, Hans.
Scharff, John M.
Schervee, H. (Schervee Studios).
Schiff, Jacob H.
Schiff, Mortimer L.
Schiapparelli, E. (R. Museo di Antichita, Turin, Italy).
Schlosser, Richard.
Schmahl, Roy C.
Schmidt, Charles R.
Schmidt, Ernst C.
Schmidt, G.
Schmuck, T. K.
Schoenhof Book Co.
Schoetz & Parrhyius.
Schoff, Wilfred H. (Commercial Museum).
Schuler, Hans.
Schulman, J.
Schweitzer, B. (Archaeologisches Institute der Universitaet, Heidelberg).
Scott, John M. (Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution).
Scott, Walter.
Scott, W. S.
Scoville, Herbert.
Charles Schribner’s Sons.

Box 2.6.2 #77

Seaby, Herbert A. (B. A. Seaby, Ltd).
Seederer-Kohlbusch, Inc.
Seidler, Herbert H.
Serafini, Camillo (Director, Cabinetto Numismatico Vaticano).
Serdy, Michael.
Sesquicentennial International Exhibition Committee, 1926.
Severance, Frank H. (Secretary, Buffalo Historical Society).
Severeano, G.
Shakallis, M. K.
Shapley, John (New York University).
Shear, T. Leslie.
John V. Sheehan & Co.
Sheldon, A. E. (Nebraska State Historical Society).
Shellenberger, Grace [Davenport (IA) Public Library].
Sheridan, Clare.
Shortridge, S. M.
Shrubbs, H. T. (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge University).
Shuart, Louise (Curator, Washington’s HQ State Museum, NY).
Shultz, Norman.
Simmons, Joseph.
Sinclair, D. B.
Sinclair, Henry A.
Sinz, Walter A.
Sliepen, Ch.
Smith, David E. (Teachers College, Columbia University).
Smith, Elliott.
Smith, Fred S.
Smithsonian Institution.
Snoeck, M. W.
Snow, John H.

Box 2.6.3 #78

Societa Numismatica Italiana.
Societe Francaise des Amis de la Medaille.
Societe Royale de Numismatique (Brussels, Belgium).
Societe Suisse de Numismatique (Geneva, Switzerland).
Society of Economic Geologists.
The Society of Medallists.
Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies.
Soderstrom, Alfred (Swedish Historical Society of America).
Sons of the Revolution of New York.
Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge.
Soutzo, Michel (Prince, Romania).
Sorensen, M.
South Manchuria Railway Co.
Special Libraries Association.
Spencer, Dwight.
Spencer-Churchill, E. J.
Speyer, James.
Spicer-Simson, T.
Spink & Son, Ltd.
Spink, Edwin (Spink & Son, Ltd.).
Spinazola, ________ (Director, Museo Nazionale, Naples).
Sponzel, J. (Staatliches Muenzkabinett, Dresden).
Springsted & Adamson.

2.6.4 #79

Stafford, Morgan.
Starr, Charles S.
Starr, Louis M.
Stearns, Foster.
Stebbins, Eunice B.
G. E. Stechert Co.
E. Steiger & Co., booksellers.
Stephenson, Charles W.
Stevens, Edward F. (Librarian, Pratt Institute).
Stevens, Harry E.
Stevens, Leo E.
Stevenson, E. L.
W. K. Stewart Co.
Stewart, W. A. W. (Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club).
Stewart, William Rhinelander.
Stewart Weir.
Stickney, Albert (Jr.).
Stikeman & Co., bookbinders.
Stillemans, _______ (Msgr.).
Stillman, C. C.
F. W. Stillman Co.
Stimmel Brothers.
Stonborough, J.
Stone, Charles G. (Connecticut Society, Sons of the Revolution).
Stone, Edmund J.
Stone, W. C. (Springfield Public Library).
Storer, Malcolm.
Stow, Charles (Editor, Christian Science Monitor).
A. Stowell & Co.
Stowell, J. W.
Stowell, Ruth.
Strauss, Harry.
Strena Buliciana.
Strohn, Adam (Librarian, Detroit Public Library).
Strumer, Samuel.
Strunz, William F.
Sturgio, F. K.
Sulgrane Institution.
Sullivan, Cornelius J.
Sullivan George H.
The Surney.
Sutton, George W. (Jr.).
Svoronos, A. (Le Musee National de Numismatique, Athens).
Svoronos, Jean N. (Director, National Numismatic Museum, Athens).
Swanson, Jonathan M.
Swasey, Ambrose.
Swedish Mint (Stockholm, Sweden).
Swedish Numismatic Society.
Swem, E. C.
Swets & Zeitlinger.
Sykes, G. E.
Sykes, P.

2.6.5 #80

T (unsorted).

Box 2.6.6 #81

Tack, Augustus V.
Taft, Henry W.
Tanzer, Helen H.
Tapley, Henry F.
D. B. Taraporevala Sons & Co.
Tatman, Charles T.
Taylor, Robert L.
Teall, Gardner.
Ten Eyck, James.
Tenney, Edward.
Thal, Carl (Curator, Milwaukee Public Museum).
Thalheimer, Sidney.
Thebaud, Paul G.
Thom, Robert W.
Thomas, Charles G. M.
Thomas R.
Thompson & Norris Co.
Thompson, Albert W.
Thompson, Frederick (Mrs.).
Thompson, John H.
Thompson, W. Gilman.
Thompson, Grace [Librarian, East Orange (NJ) Public Library].
Thorne, W. J.
Thorndike, A. H.
Thorson, Nelson.
Thresher, E. S.
Thurston, R. C. Ballard.
Tice & Lynch.
Tiernann, Bernard.
Tilden, George L.
Tiffany & Co.
Tilden & Thurber.
Tilney, J. S.
Toplitz, Robert L.
Torrey, Charles C.
Torrey, Fred M.
Tourneur, Victor (Societe Royale Numismatic, Brussels, Belgium).
Tracy, Louis.
Treal, C. W.
Treat, Robert W.
Tremblay, P. O.
Triebel, F. E.
Triggs, A. B.
Towbridge, Alfred P.
Tsangaris, V. C.
Tuck, Edward.
Tucker, Lauri (Bibliothek das Universitas, Helsinki, Finland).
Tuthill, Luther B.

Box 2.6.7 #82

U (unsorted).
Underhill, Adelaide (Librarian, Vassar College Library).
Underwood, Oscar (U.S. House of Representatives).
United States—Copyright Office.
United States—Customs Office.
United States—Government Printing Office.
United States—Commerce and Labor, Department of.
United States—Interior, Department of.
United States—State, Department of.
United States—Treasury, Department of.
United States—Treasury, Department of—Mint.
United States—Navy, Secretary of.
University of California at Berkeley.
University of Chicago.
University of Cincinnati.
University of Glasgow.
University of Illinois.
University of Kansas.
University of Pennsylvania.
University of Padau.
University of Wisconsin.
Unz & Co., 1912.
Unz & Co., 1913.
Unz & Co., 1914.
Unz & Co., 1915.
Unz & Co., 1916-1918.

Box 2.7.1 #83

V (unsorted).
Vail, A. W.
Vail, William.
Valentine, David W.
Valentine, G.
Valentine, W. H.
Van Amringe, Guy.
Van Brunt, A.
Van Buren, A. W. (Librarian, American Academy in Rome).
Van Deusen, Albert H.
Van Deventer, H. B. (Mrs.)
G. Broes Van Dort Company.
Van Dyke, John C.
van Kerkwyk, A. O. (Director, Royal Coin Cabinet, The Hague, Holland).
Van Norden, Warner.
Van Nappen, R.
D. Van Nostrand Co.
Van Rensselaer, Schuyler (Mrs.).
Van Seebeck, Maurice.
Van Trappen, Raoul.
Van Voast, Horace.
Van Wert, William.
Van Winkle, ________.
Vanderbilt, Cornelius.
Vanderbilt, William K.
Vanderbilt, William K. (Mrs.).
Vanderlip, Frank A.
Vaupel, William.
Verlag des Boersenvereins der Deutschen Buchhaendler zu Leipzig.
Vernon, Frederic.
Vernon, Paul E.
Verplanck, William E.
Victor Emanuel (King, Italy).
Vicenzi, C. (Director, Soc. Numismatica Italiana).
Villalon, Jose R.
Villard, A. E.
Ville, Q. B.
Vincent, George A.
Vingaprova, Raymond.
The Vitagraph Company.
Viti, Marcel A.
Vitry, G.
Voetter, Thomas W.
Vogelsang, Philip.
von Bahrfeldt, Max
von Zambaur, Eduard.
Voynow, Edward B.
Voss, Reuben T.
Vreeland, N.

Box 2.7.2 #84

W (unsorted).

Box 2.7.3 #85

Wade, J. H.
Wadepuhl, Otto.
Wadley & Smythe.
Wadlin, H. (Boston Public Library).
Wainwright, J. M.
Waitt, Joseph E.
Wakeman, A.
Walker, A. Stanley (College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio).
Walker & Chambers.
Walker, William J.
Wall, Alexander J. (Librarian, New York Historical Society).
Walroth, H. A. (Director, Royal Mint, Stockholm, Sweden)..
Walsh, Joseph.
Walters, Henry.
Wanamaker, Rodman (NYC Mayor’s Committee for the Reception of Distinguished Visitors), 1919.
Warburton, Thomas.
Warburg, Felix M.
Ward, Frank B.
Warner and Swasey Co.
Warner, William E.
Warner Olin L.
Warren, Richard F.
Warren, Whitney.
Warnshuis, A. L. (National Missionary Conference, Shanghai), 1913.
Waterbury, John I.
Wayte, William.
Webb, Grace.
Watrous, Harry W.
Watson, Sue E.
Waverly Press.
Way, James.

Box 2.7.4 #86

Weber, Shirley H. (Princeton University).
Weeks, William R.
Weeks, William R. (Mrs.).
Wehn, James A.
Weight, E. M.
Weil, Henri.
Weinert, Albert.
Weinman, A. A.
Weissbach, F. H. (Universitats-Bibliothek Leipzig).
Welch, William M.
Welcher, Emma Parke Avery.
Wendt, Julia B.
West, Allen B. (University of Cincinnati).
West, Allen B.
Westermann, W. L. (Columbia University).
Westervelt, Leonidas.
Westhorpe, Arthur W.
Westinghouse, H.
Wetmore, William.

Box 2.7.5 #87

White, Herbert (CT Society of the Sons of the American Revolution).
White, Hugh W. (American Presbyterian Mission, China).
White John J.
Whitehead & Hoag Co.
Whitehead, R. B.
Whiting, Frederick.
Whiting, Giles.
Whitney, Caspar.
Whittemore, Thomas.
Whiton, John M.
Wickes, John Y.
Wicks, William R.
Wild, Henry (Williams College).
Wiley, William A.
Wilharm, G. T. E.
Wilkin, Joseph M.
Willey, W. L.
Williams, Alice.
Williams, D.
Williams, E. M. (Mrs.).
Williams, Harry F.
Williams, John.
Williams, Linsley (National Tuberculor Association).
Williams R. H.
Williams, A. C. (Medal Clerk, U.S. Mint, Philadelphia).
Williamson, W.
Wilmerding, Julia.
H. W. Wilson Co.
Wilson, W. W. C.
Wilson, Barker and Wager (Spring probate).
Winans, Charles S. (U.S. Consul, Czechoslovakia).
Wingate, George W. (Victory Hall Association).
Winship, Addison L.
Winter, Ezra.
Winthrop, Grenville L.
Wisconsin State Historical Society.
Wisconsin State Normal School.

Box 2.7.6 #88

Wolcott, H. R.
Wolf, Estelle (Ms.).
Wood, Howland.
Wood, Howland—death of.
Wood, Richard D.
Wood, Walter.
Wood, William C.
Woodbridge, Freeman.
Woodbury, C. J. H.
Woodbury, John C.
Woodhull, Oliver J. (Mrs.).
Woodin, William H.
Woodward, A. M. Tracey.
Woolsey, L. J.
Woolverton, William H.
Worchester (MA) Art Museum.
Worchester, Edwin D.
Work, Eunice (Wheaton College).
World Metric Standardization Council.
Wormser, Moritz.
Wormser, Moritz (Mrs.).
Worthen, T. W. D.

2.7.7 #89

Wray, Henry Russell.
Wright, E. E.
Wright, H. Nelson.
Wright, Rebecca (Vermont Historical Society).
Wulfing, John Max.
Wurtzbach, Carl.
Wykes, Hunter (Pilgrims Society of the United States).
Wyckoff, Edward G.
Wyckoff, Peter B.
Wyman, Arthur C.
Wymer, W. G.
Wyman, Walter C.

Box 2.8.1 #90

Yale University.
Yale University Press.
Yawger, H. H. (American Numismatic Association).
Yen, U. Y.
Yoder, Albert H.
York, Edward P.
Yosemite Museum.
Young, A. C.
Young, Mahonri.
Young, William E.
Younglove, Florence L.
Z (unsorted).
Zabala, Romulo (Museo Bartolomeo Mitre, Buenos Aires).
Zabriskie, Andrew C. (Mrs.).
Zabriskie, Christian A.
Zabriskie, George A.
Zamora, Crispulo.
Zantal, Ladislas E.
Zerbe, Farran.
Zettler, Emil R.
Zimmerman, Jeremiah (Syracuse University).
Zink, ____ (Bundessammlung von Medaillen, Muenzen und Geldzeichen, Vienna).
Zograph, Alexander (The Hermitage).
Zonaras, Cleanthis.

Correspondence, 1932 (3 boxes)

Box 2.8.21(1932)

Baldwin, A. H.
Baer (Joseph) & Co.
Cammann, George (Mrs.)
Cox, Dorothy.
Eidlitz, Robert J.

Box 2.8.32 (1932)

Huntington Free Library and Reading Room.
Medallic Art Company.

Box 2.8.43 (1932)

Work, Eunice.
Wormser, Moritz.

Correspondence, 1933 (4 boxes)

Box 2.8.51 (1933)

Applications for positions.
Andrews E. P.
Baer (Joseph) and Company.
Baldwin (A.H.) and Son.
Banta Publishing Company.
Bellinger, Alfred.
Cammann, George P. (Mrs.).
Cox, Dorothy.

Box 2.8.62 (1933)

Drowne, Henry Russell.
Duffield, F. G.
Eidlitz, Robert J.
Gillingham, Harrold E.
Hill, George Francis (British Museum).
Hispanic Society of America.
Huntington, Archer M.
Huntington Free Library and Reading Room.

Box 3.1.13 (1933)

Intelligencer Printing Company.
Medallic Art Company.
Moser, Arthur H.
National District Telegraph Company.
Newell, Edward T.
Pond, Shepard.
Pradeau, A. F.
Regling, Kurt (Kaiser Friedrich Museum).
Robinson, E. P.

Box 3.1.24 (1933)

Seaby (B.A.), Ltd.
Spink and Son.
Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Company.
Waverly Press.
Weber, Shirley H.
West, Allan B.
Work, Eunice.
Wormser, Moritz.

Correspondence, 1934 (4 boxes)

Box 3.1.31 (1934)

American District Telegraph Company.
Baldwin (A.H.) and Son, Ltd.
Banta Publishing Company.
Bellinger, Alfred R.

Box 3.1.42 (1934)

Cammann, George P. (Mrs.).
Central Hanover Bank.
Cox, Dorothy.
Drowne, Henry Russell.
Duffield, Frankfurter.
Gillingham, Harrold E.

Box 3.1.53 (1934)

Harlem Printing Company.
Hispanic Society of America.
Huntington, Archer M.
Intelligencer Press.
Lancaster Press.
Medallic Art Company.
Newell, Edward T.
Nussbaum, Hans.
Pond, Shepard.
Pradeau, A. F.

Box 3.1.6 (1934)

Ravel, O.
Raymond, Wayte.
Regling, Kurt (Kaiser Friedrich Museum).
Robinson, E. P.
Spink and Son, Ltd.
van Kerkwijk, A O.
Waverly Press.
Weber, Shirley H.
Work, Eunice.
Wormser, Moritz.

Correspondence, 1935 (5 boxes)

Box 3.1.71 (1935)

Applications for employment.
Baldwin (A.H.) & Son.
Banta Publishing Company.
Cammann, George P. (Mrs.).
Central Hanover Bank.
Coach, Eunice Burr.
Council memoranda.

Box 3.2.12 (1935)

Duffield, Frankfurter.
Eidlitz, Robert J.
Gillingham, Harrold.

Box 3.2.23 (1935)

Hildreth Printing Company.
Hirsch, Jacob.
Hispanic Society of America.
Huntington Library and Reading Room.
Intelligencer Printing Company.
Lancaster Press.

Box 3.2.34 (1935)

Medallic Art Company.
Moser, Arthur H.
Pond, Shepard.
Pradeau, A. H.
Quartich (Bernard), Ltd.
Ravel, O.
Raymond, Wayte.
Regling, Kurt (Kaiser Friedrich Museum).
Robinson, E. S. G. (British Museum)

Box 3.2.45 (1935)

Scoville, Herbert.
B.A. Seaby, Ltd.
Spink and Son, Ltd.
Vlasto, Michel P.
Waverly Press.
Weber, Shirley H.
Work, Eunice.
Wormser, Moritz.

Correspondence, 1936 (4 boxes)

Box 3.2.51 (1936)

Annamite gold coins.
Applications for employment.
Baldwin (A.H.) & Sons, Ltd.
Bellinger, Alfred R.
British Numismatic Society.
Bullowa, David M.
Cammann, Jean B.
Central Hanover Bank.
Clement, Paul.
Council memoranda.
Eidlitz, Robert J.
Elder, Thomas.

Box 3.2.62 (1936)

Gillingham, Harrrold E.
Hispanic Society of America.
Huntington, Archer M.
Intelligencer Printing Company.
Ives, Herbert E.
Moser, Arthur H.

Box 3.3.13 (1936)

New England Preparatory Schools.
Nussbaum, Hans.
Quaritch (Bernard), Ltd.
Raymond, Wayte.
Robinson, E. S. G. (British Museum).
Santamaria, P&P.
Smith, Elliott.
Spink & Son, Ltd.

Box 3.3.24 (1936)

Waverly Press.
Westbrook Publishing Company.
Work, Eunice.
Wormser, Moritz.

Correspondence, 1937 (3 boxes)

Box 3.3.31 (1937)

American Council of Learned Societies.
Brunner will.
Cahn, Herbert A.
Cammann, Jean.
Commission International de Numismatique.
Council memoranda.
Duffield, Frankfurter.
Eidlitz (Marc) & Son, Inc.

Box 3.3.4 2 (1937)

Gallatin, Albert.
Gillingham, Harrold E.
Intelligencer Printing Co.
Ives, Herbert E.
Nussbaum, Hans.

Box 3.3.53 (1937)

Publications Committee.
Spink & Son, Ltd.
Wormser, Moritz.

Correspondence, 1938 (6 boxes)

3.3.61 (1938)

American Council of Learned Societies.
Bellinger, Alfred R.
British Museum.

3.3.72 (1938)

Central Hanover Bank.
Clapp, George H.
Council memoranda.
Duffield, Frankfurter G.

Box 3.4.13 (1938)

Fecht, A. J.
Gillingham, Harrold E.
Hildreth, E. L.
Ives, Herbert E.

Box 3.4.24 (1938)

Medallic Art Co.
Meriden Gravure Co.

Box 3.4.35 (1938)


Box 3.4.46 (1938)


Correspondence, 1939 (7 boxes)

Box 3.4.51 (1939)

American Council of Learned Societies.
American Council of Learned Societies.

Box 3.4.62 (1939)

Central Hanover Bank.

Box 3.4.73 (1939)

Gillingham, Harrold E.

Box 3.5.14 (1939)

Milbank, Samuel R.

Box 3.5.25 (1939)

Raymond, Wayte.

Box 3.5.36 (1939)

Spink & Son.

3.5.47 (1939)

World’s Fair.

Archival Collections