American Numismatic Society
American Numismatic Society

A photograph from the collection of the construction of an addition to the Society's Audubon Terrace headquarters, Marc Eidlitz & Son, July 11, 1929

American Numismatic Society general photographs, 1868-2007
10 cubic feet (23 boxes)

Administrative history

Contains the prints, negatives, and, for some later years, compact discs of the American Numismatic Society’s general photograph collection, most of which, particularly in the later years, were produced for membership publications. The earliest items are member portraits on cartes de visite (1860s and 1870s) and cabinet cards (1870s-circa 1910). With few exceptions, these are the only original nineteenth-century images in this collection. The decades of the twentieth century up through the 1960s are represented by about 2 cubic feet of pictures on scattered topics, including portraits, numismatic events, exhibits, Medal of Honor recipients (1918-1919), and views of the Society’s Audubon Terrace headquarters, which include the construction of an addition to the building (1929-1930) and ANS exhibition rooms before and after remodeling (1945, 1950s). Beginning in the 1970s, the photographs are more numerous and more comprehensive, many produced for the Society’s newsletter, which began in 1979 and was succeeded by the ANS Magazine in 2002. These show staff, officers, members, students, and awardees at events such as the annual meeting, annual gala, lectures, exhibits, award ceremonies, Summer Seminar, and Coinage of the Americas (COAC) and other conferences. In addition, there are posed staff portraits and images relating to the Society’s move from its Audubon Terrace headquarters at 155th Street to Fulton Street in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Also included are copy negatives and page proofs for Howard L. Adelson’s book, The American Numismatic Society, 1858-1958 (1958), and undated photographs of coins, medals, and decorations.

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Container List

Box 1

Early member portraits: cartes de viste, mostly 1860s-1870s
[unidentified] (reverse: May 12, 1869; taken at Israel & Co., Baltimore)
Ahlborn, Lea (front: Royal Mint Medal Engraver in Stockholm)
Amelung, J.A.
Anthon, Charles Edward
Applegate, J. Henry
Appleton, William Sumner (reverse: Boston, dress worn in Syria)
Baily, James Muhlenberg (reverse: died February 27, 1897)
Barnard, Charles E. (reverse: Utica, N.Y.)
Bolen, J.A. (two different photographs; reverse: Springfield, Mass.)
Boucher, A.J. (reverse: Montreal)
Bramhall, William Leggett (reverse: Washington, D.C.)
Brock, Alonzo A.
Cauffman, Emil (reverse: Philadelphia)
Clay, Charles
Clogston, William (reverse: Springfield, Mass.)
Colburn, Jeremiah (reverse: Boston)
Da Silva, B.
Davis, Robert C. (reverse: Philadelphia)
De Peyster, J. Watts
Dubois, William E.
Ely, Herman
Engstrom, A.B. (reverse: from Arendal, Norway)
Greenwood, Isaac J.
Groh, Edward
Groh, Henry
Gschwend, Charles (reverse: received November 30, 1868)
Hanna, John
Hewitt, Robert, Jr. (reverse: New York City)
Hodgson, George
Idell, G.W.
James, Fred H. (reverse: Lancaster, N.Y.)
Levick, Joseph Napoleon Tricot
Lightbody, Colin
Lionhardt, George G.
MacKenzie, Mortimer L.
McCoy, John F. (reverse: taken some five years ago, N.Y., February 17, 1868)
Mickley, Joseph J.
Moore, Michael (reverse: Trenton Falls)
Nichols, C. Porter (reverse: Springfield, Mass.)
Ogden, R.W.
Oliver, James (two different photographs; reverse: to replace me in Society’s album)
Parish, Jr., Daniel
Parker, Jas. (reverse: Springfield, Mass.)
Perine, G.H.
Phillips, George L. (reverse: Dayton, Ohio)
Prime, William C.
Ralston, J. Grier (reverse: Norristown, Pa.)
Rivett, Nathaniel
Sage, Augustus B.
Sandham, Alfred
Stickney, Matthew Adams (reverse: Salem, Mass.)
Taylor, A.B.
Taylor, James H. (reverse: Charleston, S.C.)
Edward L. Tiemann (front: 1875)

Box 2

Early member portraits: cabinet cards, 1870s-circa 1910 (1 of 2)
Adams, William
Ahlborny, Leu
Alphonse XIII, King of Spain (reverse: honorary member, 1910)
Attinelli, Emmanuel Joseph
Balman, Henry L. (reverse: with compliments, April 11, 1890)
Barnum, George Grenville (reverse: Buffalo, N.Y.)
Belden, Bauman L. (reverse: January , 1897)
Brenner, Victor David
Cogan, Edward
Cogan, George W. (front: youngest son of Edward at 17)
Cohen (no first name given)
Courteau, Eugene (reverse: 1903, aged 35)
Cunningham, Thomas (reverse: Mohawk, N.Y.)
Darling, C.W. (note: Utica)
Dreier, Ludwig
Eklund, Ole P., (Two photographs, circa 1940s; reverse: long note mentioning age (66) and what is pictured, including his homestead in Idaho and a cabin he lived in (1889-1910) and a Mr. McKenzie, whose coins were sold “recently” by Stack’s)
Elder, Thomas (picture postcard sent to Howland Wood, 1906; front: September 4, 1906)
Ely, Foster (reverse: rector of St. Stephen’s Church, Ridgefield, Connecticut)
Ford, [illegible]
Gregory, Charles (reverse: March 1889)
Groh, Edward (reverse: 1883)
Hall, [illegible] (photo taken in Nova Scotia)
Harris, Robert
Harzfeld, Sigismund K. (reverse: 1877)
Hickcox, John Howard
Higgins, Frank C. (reverse: September 5-10, 1910)
Hills, J. Coolidge
Huberich, Charles H. (as a boy)
Kirkwood, J.

Box 3

Early member portraits: cabinet cards, 1870s-circa 1910 (2 of 2)
Lederer, Philipp (picture postcard, 1944?)
Lee, William
Leverel, Herbert (reverse: member 1885)
Lillardi, J.L.B. (front: 1894)
Low, Lyman (reverse: June 2, 1888)
Low, Lyman (reverse: 1891)
Manuel II, King of Portugal (reign: 1908-1910)
Massamore, George W. (front: Baltimore, July 10, 1886)
Mitchelson, Joseph Chappel
Morgan, George T (low quality reprint; reverse: gift of Margo Russell, 1974; original photograph in the Bureau of the Mint Archives).
Morris, Charles
Morris, Rob (engraved image on paper taken from an 1882 photograph)
Parish, Daniel, Jr.
Perini, Quintilio (proceedings: Rovereto, Austria)
Pfund, Anthony (reverse: photo compliments of Pfund, January 27, 1896; born June 12, 1823)
Poillon, William
Saltus, John Sanford (reverse: 1895)
Sandham, Alfred
Scott, John Walker (reverse: November 2, 1845 [his birth date]; September 1889)
Sterling, E.B.
Stewart, William Rhinelander (reverse: 1893)
Tuthill, Luther B. (note: May 29, 1894)
Victor Emanuel III, King of Italy (honorary member, January 21, 1901)
Wright, Charles Henry
Wyckoff, Peter B.
Zabrinske, Andrew C.

Box 4

Photographs for Howard L. Adelson’s book The American Numismatic Society, 1858-1958 (1958). About 50 4x5 copy negatives, mostly portraits of people copied from publications, some with corresponding prints; loose prints; and page proofs with photographic plates in place and labeled.

Box 5

Portraits, headquarter buildings, Audubon Terrace, Graduate Student Seminar, 1850s-1990s

Includes negatives and copy prints, possibly for Adelson book, and some original photographs. Many portrait photographs are copies of ANS cartes de visite and copies from publications and other sources, including those of drawings and etchings. Box contains no nineteenth-century originals but a few from the early twentieth century.

Portraits: Adams, Edward D.; Ahlborn, Lea; King of Spain Alphonse XIII; Anthon, Charles; Applegate, J. Henry; Appleton, William S., 1867-1903; Babelon, Ernst, 1910 (painting); Bailey, James Muhlenberg; Balog, Paul; Belden, Bauman; Bishoff, William L.; Bramhall, William L.; Brenner, Victor D., 1894-1924; Burnham, Roger, 1923; Chapman, H., 1935; Clapp, George, 1939; Cogan, Edward; Colburn, Jeremiah; Comparette, T. Louis; De Peyster, J. Watts; Dewing, Arthur S.; Dilliston (William H.?); Dodd, Charles; Douglas, Damon C., 1944, 1946; Drowne; Henry Russell; Dubois, W.M.E.; Duffield, Frank G.; Edlow, Kenneth; Eidlitz; English, Thomas Dunn; French, Daniel Chester; Greenwood, Isaac J.; Groh, Edward; Hanna, John; Havemeyer, Henry Osborne; Hewitt, Robert, Jr.; Hickox, John H.; Higgins, Frank H.; Huntington, Archer M. (includes Barcelona monument); Kunz, George F.; Lagerberg, Julius de, 1907; Lagerberg, Magnus Edward; Langdon, Woodburg; Levick, Joseph N.T.; Low, Lyman H.; Manship, Paul; King Manuel of Portugal; Mateu y Llopis, Felipe; Metcalf, William E.; Mickley, Joseph J.; Miles, George C., 1973; Newman, Eric; Norton, Frank; Norweb, R. Henry, Jr.; Oliver, James; Parish, Daniel, Jr.; Parmelee, Louis G.; Perine, George H.; Poillon, William; Pyne, Moses Taylor; Robertson, Robert; Roty, Louis-Oscar, 1889; St. Gaudens, Augustus; Sage, Augustus; Saltus, Sanford J.; Schiff, Jacob Henry; Simpson, A. Carson; Stewart, W.R.; Storer, Horatio R. (plaque); Thompson, Margaret; Turnure, Lawrence; Umberto; Vanderbilt, William Kissam; Vanderbilt, Conelius; King of Italy Victor Emanuel III; Weeks, William R.; West, Louis C.; Wood, Howland; Wormser, Moritz; Wright, Charles Henry; Wyman, Arthur C.; Zabriskie, Andrew; Zerbe, Farran.

New York Academy of Medicine
Union Dime Savings Bank
Cooper Union, October 20, 1859—Board of Education
21st and 4th Ave.
New York University, Washington Square
Bible House and Cooper Institute—Chapter 2
Hispanic Society, pre 1905
Audubon Terrace, circa 1908
ANS exterior, circa 1908
ANS exterior—Etching, 1908
ANS interior—East Hall, 1908
ANS East Hall, 1908-1945
ANS exterior, 1915
ANS exterior—Construction of west wing, 1928-1930
ANS interior—West Hall, 1930
ANS exterior, 1928-1930
ANS exterior, post 1930
ANS interior—East Hall gallery, 1935
Audubon Terrace fence, 1950s
ANS East Hall, 1952
ANS interior, circa 1956
ANS East Hall—1201 series, circa 1957
ANS West Hall—2830, circa 1957
ANS East and West Hall—2826 series, circa 1957
ANS Interior, circa 1990
Summer Seminar 1952
Summer Seminar 1984
Summer Seminar 1985
Summer Seminar 1986
Summer Seminar 1995
Summer Seminar 1996
Summer Seminar 1998
Summer Seminar 1999
ANS offices, people, computers—Some color, 1980s-1990s?

Box 6

Exhibit: Ancient Numismatics – Werner Gallery, University of Oregon, [year?]
Exhibit: Cleveland Museum, [year?]
Exhibit: Henry Chapman, [year?]
John Adams Bolen, late 1800s - Modern copy prints
Montroville Dickeson with Native American Indian – Modern copy print from Robert Wester in 1984, 1860s-1870s
Early Portraits – modern copy negatives – George and Ed Cogan, Lyman Low, John Walter Scott, J.K. Haryfeld, George W. Keafsamore, E.J. Attinelli 1870s-1890s
Charcoal portrait of an unidentified man, early 1900s?
United States Mint – New Orleans, early 1900s?
Howland Wood, early 1900s
Early Portraits – Hugo O. Greenhood, F.S. Duffield, Matthew A. Stickney, Lorin Parmelee, Francis ?, early 1900s
Early Portraits and other images – W.B.O. Field, Kurt Regling, George C. Hines, J. Hunt Deacon, Egerton Smith engraving, etc., early 1900s
Agnes Baldwin (Brett)?, early 1900s
Chief Thundercloud - Copies - Originals at the Rochester Numismatic Association, early 1900s
ANS building – Audubon Terrace – one view of exterior, early 1900s
New York Numismatic Club – Keen’s Chophouse negative, early 1900s
Thomas Elder banquet, early 1900s
New Theatre postcard, early 1900s
King ?, early 1900s
King of Italy - King Victor Emmanuel III, ca. 1901
King of Spain – Alphonso XIII, ca. 1905
Edgar H. Adams – Coney Island, 1905 Farran Zerbe, ca. 1906
Henry Chapman portraits, 1908 and later
King of Belgium – King Albert I, ca. 1910
King of Portugal – Manuel II, ca. 1910
ANA convention – from Elder Magazine, 1910
Audubon Terrace – Hispanic Society and ANS, 1913
Farran Zerbe – Money of the World exhibit – San Francisco, 1915
Medal of Honor recipients, including Civil War veterans, circa 1918-1919
Presentation to Prince of Wales, 1919
Portrait of an unidentified man, 1920s
Will Rogers – Misidentified as Arthur J. Fecht, 1926
Beach and harbor scenes, unidentified, 1930s?
Maximilian Bernhart – his profile on a plaque, 1930
Edward Newell, Owen P. White, George De Zayas - Presentation of Huey Long satirical medal, 1933
Photographs taken at ANS by L.S. Werner – Edward Newell, Howland Wood, etc., 1935, 1943
Julio Berzunza – with his collection of Alexandriana books, 1940s?
Edward T. Newell plaque, 1940s
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Service (Ankara?) – Robert Kelly, General Tindal, Earle Parker, 1945
Insignia and Chevrons of the United States Marine Corps, mid-1900s?
ANS exhibition room before and after remodeling, 1945, 1950s
ANS exhibit at Exposition Spain, 1951
Traveling Exhibition – Coins of the Centuries, 1952
Archer M. Huntington Plaque, 1953 (plaque date)
George Miles, Sture Bolin, Kenneth Jenkins (in Stockholm, Sweden?), and Jean Babelon, Victor Tourneur, etc., in France, 1960s?
Stockholm, Sweden conference – Philip Grierson, George C. Miles, Humphrey Sutherland, August 1960
Nancy Waggoner with unidentified man, 1960s
World’s Fair exhibit, 1964
COINage photos for Larry Stevens article (vol. 5, no. 10, Oct. 1969), 1969
ANS – Coins of India exhibit, 1970s?
Florence Donnelly, Marie Martin, 1970s?
Harry Bass with unidentified man, 1970s?
Dexter Seymore, 1970s or 1980s
ANS library – Frank Campbell, 1970s
ANS – Margaret Thompson, Leslie Elam, etc., 1971
ANS – Annual meeting, Thodore V. Buttrey, Jr., Harald Ingholt, Jan. 13, 1973
International Numismatic Congress (INC), 1973
International Numismatic Congress (INC), Sept. 1973
International Numismatic Congress (INC), Monday, Sept. 1973
International Numismatic Congress (INC), Monday Audubon Terrace, Sept. 1973
International Numismatic Congress (INC), Tuesday, Brooklyn, Sept. 1973
International Numismatic Congress (INC), Coinage of the Americas exhibit, 1973
ANS annual meeting, Jan. 1976
ANS annual meeting, World Coin News clipping, Feb. 1, 1977
Eric P. Newman, 1978
Michael Bates – Fustat, Cairo, Egypt, 1978
Harry Bass and Samuel Milbank, Jan 14, 1978
ANS event – Harry Bass, etc., April 8, 1978
ANS event – Harry Bass, etc., Dec. 8, 1978
Goetz medal exhibit – Mr. and Mrs. Ira Goldberg, Harry Fowler, Nancy Waggoner, etc., Dec. 8, 1978
William Metcalf and unidentified man, April 1979
ANA 50-year Medal, Henry Grunthal, 1979
ANS event – Harry Bass, etc., April 7, 1979
ANS exhibit hall, 1980s?
Various portraits – Arthur Houghton, Margo Russell, George Curth, John Kleeberg, etc., 1980s?
ANS event – Margaret Thompson, Richard Doty, William Metcalf, Nancy Waggoner, Alan Stahl, Rose Chan Houston, etc., 1980s?
ANS event – Margaret Thompson, 1980s?
ANS event – William Metcalf, Leslie Elam, etc., 1980s?
William Metcalf, 1980s?
Coin exhibits, 1980s?
ANS event – Elizabeth Jones, Harry Bass, Karen Worth, 1980s
Stack Family – 1980s
ANS miscellaneous – computers, library, Eric Newman teaching seminar, etc., 1980s
ANS miscellaneous – Michael Amandry, Elizabeth Jones, Karen Worth, 1980s
ANS event, April 1982
1983 Los Angeles Olympic one dollar coin model and designer Elizabeth Jones, circa 1983
World of Coins exhibit – Audubon interiors, 1983
ANS 125th anniversary medal – Jovine’s rejected design, Jovine’s drawing of accepted design, 1983
ANS 125th anniversary, 1983
ANS group photo – Emery May Norweb, Frank Campbell, Chapman family, April 1983
ANS – Eric Newman, Harry Bass, etc.
ANS annual meeting – Margaret Thompson, 1984
ANS annual meeting – Karen Worth, etc., Jan. 14, 1984
ANS annual meeting – Karen Worth, Harry Bass, etc., Jan. 14, 1984
ANS spring meeting – Walter Breen, Harry Bass, Eric Newman, etc., April 14, 1984
ANS – John Kroll, Harry Bass, etc., Oct. 13, 1984
ANS annual meeting, 1985
ANS annual meeting – Marcel Jovine, Karen Worth, 1985
ANS - Saltus exhibit (Kauko Rasanen), historical costumes, Audubon exterior, fundraising flier, 1986
Exhibit: Money – Jorvick Viking Center, York, U.K., 1986
ANS T-shirt – Melqarejo, Richard Doty, Leslie Elam, April 1986
ANS event – Harry Fowler
ANS – William Metcalf, Frank Campbell, etc., Nov. 1986
ANS reception at World Trade Center, Jan. 9, 1987
Coinage of the Americas Conference (COAC), PR-BA COAC, Oct.-April, 1987
ANS event – Windows on the World, permanent exhibits, 1987
Development campaign launch reception, January 1987
Norweb dinner – Henry Fowler, Henry Norweb, 1987/1988?
ANS – Audubon Terrace exhibit hall and exteriors, 1988
ANS endowment drive dinner – silver medal awardees, John Kroll, Eric Newman, Harry Fowler, etc.
Coinage of the Americas Conference (COAC) – coin photos, 1988
ANS members meeting, Oct. 17, 1988
ANS press release – Harry Bass, Walter Breen, Elizabeth Jones, etc., 1989?
Coinage of the Americas Conference (COAC) – coin photograph, 1989

Box 7

John Kroll, Oct. 13, 1989
ANS miscellaneous – Alan Stahl, Richard Hoge, Richard Doty, etc., 1990s?
ANS miscellaneous events – 1990s
ANA event – Windows on the World, 1990s?
Coinage of the Americas Conference (COAC), 1990s?
ANS event – Bob Julian, John Wright, Steve Ellsworth, Eric Newman, Michael Bates, etc., 1990s?
ANS events – Eric Newman, R. Henry Norweb, Jr., etc., 1990s
Frank Deak – ANS photographer, 1990s
ANS event – Eric Newman, Elizabeth Jones, Harry Bass, Harry Fowler, striking anvil, 1990s
ANS event – Eric Newman, Harry Bass, Harry Fowler, vaulted interior, Robert Edlow tablet, 1990s
ANS event, 1990s
ANS staff photographs for holiday cards, 1990s
British Art Medal Society (BAMS)
Slides – vault, Frank Deak, Michael Bates, library, visitor area, Leslie Elam, Florence Donnelly, etc., 1990
Harry Fowler tribute, June 10, 1990
Color slides – Audubon building, library, medals, staff, etc., 1991
Roger A. Hornsby, Apr. 1991
Symposium on Mexican Coinage and Finance – Richard Doty, John Kleeberg, etc., Jan. 24 & 25, 1992
ANS – Princeton field trip, Jan. 23, 1993
Perspectives on the Renaissance Medal – June 4&5, 1994
Correspondence – Arlene Jacobs (development officer) to Lynnn Saville (photographer), 1995
ANS Gala – Eric Newman, Elena Stolyarik, circa 1996
Eric P. Newman dinner, Oct. 25, 1996
ANS – Miscellaneous photos received, Feb. 20, 1996
Coinage of the Americas Conference (COAC) – Negatives, fall 1997
ANS annual meeting – Negatives, winter 1998
Fowler lecture – Michael Amandry, etc., 1999
Saltus awards – Cedar Tavern, Feb. 13, 1999
Fulton Street building, 2000?
ANS event – early 2000s?
Coin Day – Fulton Street, June 5, 2000
Coin Day – Fulton Street, June 5, 2000
Delivery of 1933 Double Eagle to the Federal Reserve (?), 2002

Box 8

Late 1990s
Mostly color prints and negatives, loose and in developers’ envelopes. Includes various events and Fulton building. Mostly late 1990s.

Box 9

ANS Newsletter and other negatives and contact prints, 1977-1984. Includes events, exhibits, Summer Seminar, Audubon Terrace interiors, computer systems, Bechtler coin press, Chapman exhibit (1983), weight machine, Margaret Thompson, and other topics.

Box 10

ANS Newsletter and other negatives and contact prints, 1986-1989.

Box 11

ANS Newsletter and other negatives and contact prints, 1986-1989.

Box 12

ANS Newsletter and other negatives and contact prints, 1994-1997.

Box 13

ANS Newsletter photographs, 1985-1992, with some newsletters.

Box 14

ANS Newsletter photographs, 1993-1999, with some newsletters.

Box 15

One set of 4x6 color prints
David Tripp Double Eagle Lecture, Federal Reserve, June 20, 2002

Box 16

Includes color 3x5 prints with 35 millimeter negatives
“1933” opening
Bass Luncheon, opening of the Harry W. Bass Jr. Library, February 2003
2003 Annual Meeting, October 2003
“Full Circle” Olympic opening
Federal Reserve “Gold Hoard from Israel” January 14, 2003

Box 17

ANS Ford dedication (with compact disc), May 13, 2004
Williams Street dedication (with compact disc), June 18, 2004
Huntington Award (portfolio with compact disc), October 22, 2004
Annual Meeting (portfolio with compact disc), October 23, 2004
David Tripp Lecture (portfolio with compact disc), November 10, 2004
Borglum Sculpture Removal (portfolio with compact disc), December 5, 2004
COAC 2004
Gala 2004, Plaza Hotel, in honor of Ken Edlow

Box 18

Sale of Broadway, 155th St. (sheet with color thumbnails and compact disc), May 11, 2005
New York on Steel Opening, photos by Rosemary Lazenby (2 compact discs), February 8, 2005
Gala & Auction 2005 (portfolio with compact disc), Plaza Hotel, January 13, 2005
Sanford Saltus Award (portfolio with compact disc), September 17, 2005
Annual Meeting (portfolio with compact disc), October 22, 2005
Annual Dinner Gala in honor of Mr. Q. David Bowers (portfolio with compact disc), January 12, 2006
Archer Huntington Award & Margaret Thompson Memorial Lecture to Dr. Michel Amandry
Krause-Mishler Forum, “The Story of Swedish Money from 1523 to 2006” by Ian Wisehn (portfolio with compact disc), October 12, 2006
Harry W. Fowler Memorial Lecture, “The Athenian Empire and the Spartan Coinage Decree,” Andrew Meadows and the presentation of the book, Agoranomia, offered to John Kroll on his retirement (portfolio with compact disc), October 20, 2006.
Archer M. Huntington Award and Margaret Thompson Memorial Lecture, “Counterfeiting in Colonial and Pre-Federal America,” Dr. Philip Mossman, (portfolio with compact disc), November 10, 2006
COAC, “Newby’s St. Patrick Coinage” (portfolio with compact disc), November 11, 2006
One Hundred and Forty Ninth Annual Meeting (portfolio with compact disc), October 21, 2006
Gala 2007, in honor of Chester L. Krause (portfolio with compact disc), January 11, 2007
American Numismatic Society Recording and Preserving the Past, Dr. Roger Bland on “How British Fair Play Has United the Public” and “Not Just a Pretty Face,” by Shailendra Bhandare (portfolio with compact disc), July 11, 2007
One Hundred and Fiftieth Annual Meeting (portfolio with compact disc), October 20, 2007

Box 19

Opening of 1H2—Varick Street (portfolio with compact disc), October 24, 2008
Lecture: Beauty and Sublimity: Why Greek Coins are so Admired (portfolio with compact disc), November 11, 2008
Lecture: The Thirty Pieces of Silver-A Modern Numismatic Perspective, November 19, 2008
Annual Dinner Gala in Honor of Harvey G. Stack (portfolio with compact disc), January 8, 2009
2009 Saltus Award, Lecture on the sculpture of Andrea Riccio

Box 20

Miscellaneous coins and medals
Photographs of various coins and medals used for exhibits and publications.

Box 21

Oversized and special
Portrait of Daniel Parish, Jr.
Audubon Terrace construction, 1929-1930
Humorous photograph from Robert I. Nesmith to Sawyer McA. Mosser, October 28, 1944
Glass plate negative: Joan Fagerlie, Copenhagen Coin Cabinet, September-November, 1958

Box 22

Portrait of John Reilly, Jr.
Portrait of Henry Chapman
Banquet: Members of the N.Y. Numismatic Club at Keen’s Chophouse, used in Adelson’s book, p. 156-7
Banquet: Given by Thomas Elder for buyers at an auction sale
Banquet: Tri-State Coin & Stamp Convention, Jamestown, New York, June 17-18, 1932
Banquet: Westchester County Coin Club, Second Anniversary Dinner, Roger Smith Hotel, White Plains, New York, April 16, 1936
Brooklyn Coin Club, Fifth Annual Dinner, Joe’s Restaurant, Brooklyn, January 5, 1937
Banquet: 8th Annual Convention Banquet, Numismatic Association of Southern California, Statler Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles, California, February 2, 1963
Banquet: Unidentified
Group photograph in front of building – Includes John Reilly Jr. and Edward Newell
Group photograph: Henry Chapman sale of the Andrew Zabriskie collection, June, 1909 (framed)
Group photograph: Auction Sale Collection of Coins of George H. Earle Jr., Catalogued by Henry Chapman, Philadelphia, June 25, 26, 27, (28), 29, 1912 (copy)
Group photograph: Sale of the Lyman Collection, Office of S.H. Chapman, November 7, 1913 (copy)
Portrait of Russian violinist Joseph Piastro Borissoff, signed “To my dearest and best friend Fannie and Emmanuel Dobrowsky" (framed), 1923

Box 23

Drawing of fence for the American Numismatic Society, S.W. Morgan, Architect, October 25, 1955
Agnes Baldwin Brett portrait
Audubon Terrace, including Eidlitz addition (1929-1930), West Hall interior (1930), and Broadway entrance (1940s or 1950s)
New York Academy of Medicine building—Used in Adelson book
Hispanic Society of America (HSA) building—Used in Adelson book, 1905
Edward Groh portraits
Louis West portrait
Michael Bates with coin tray in vault (on board)
Frank Campbell in the Library at Audubon Terrace, includes Edward Janis (on board)
Alan Stahl and William Warden examining coins (on board)

Archival Collections