American Numismatic Society
American Numismatic Society

American Numismatic Society records, 1858-present

The Society's institutional archives are arranged according to record groups and series based on the division of functions within the Society. This grouping is as follows:

Record Groups
RG-IAdministrative Records -- 36.5 linear feet, 1890s-present
 Facility records, including visitor logs, blueprints, security and maintenance/improvement records.
 Legal records, including correspondence with outside counsel and claims/litigation.
 Records related to honors and awards given and received by the Society.
RG-IIGeneral Correspondence -- 196 linear feet, 1850s-1980s
 Correspondence by staff, primarily chief curators and ANS Secretaries, with external organizations and individuals.
RG-IIICuratorial Records -- 99 linear feet, ca. 1910-present
 Records include: staff correspondence; exhibition files; and accessions, and loans to or from ANS.
RG-IVDevelopment & Membership Records -- 30 linear feet, 1860s-present
 Fund-raising records including: annual and planned giving; endowment campaigns; and grant applications
 Membership records related to: meetings & events; correspondence with members regarding their membership status; membership data; membership publications such as the ANS Newsletter, ANS Magazine, and ANS E-Newsletter
 Publicity records, such as press releases and other promotional efforts
RG-VEducational Records -- 23.5 linear feet, 1940s-present
 Records related to the Society's fellowships and scholarships, including: Graduate Fellowship; Graduate Summer Seminar; Donald Groves Fund; Fellowship in Roman Studies; Frances M. Schwartz Fellowship; and Shaykh Hamad Fellowship in Islamic Numismatics.
 Education Office files from 1993-96
 Conference records from 1984-present
RG-VIFiscal Records
 Accounting and banking records.
RG-VIIGovernance Records -- 8.5 linear feet, 1850s-present
 Council/Board minutes.
 Constitutions and By-Laws.
 Annual reports.
RG-VIIIHuman Resource Records -- 8 linear feet, 1950s-present
 Personnel files.
 Benefits/Pension Plans.
RG-IXLibrary Records -- 7 linear feet, 1900-1920s, 1980s-90s
 Records include external correspondence and Library Committee meeting minutes.
RG-XPublications/Editorial Records -- 150 linear feet, 1860s-present
 Records related to the Society's publishing program, including records related to the following monograph series and journals: Ancient Coins in North American Collections; COAC Proceedings; Numismatic Notes and Monographs; Numismatic Studies; Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum: American Numismatic Society; Hispanic Numismatic Series; Museum Notes; American Journal of Numismatics, Second Series; Numismatic Literature; Colonial Newsletter; and International Numismatic Newsletter.
RG-XIPhotographs -- 5 linear feet, ca. 1880s-present
 Includes prints and negatives related to the Society's publishing program, administrative activities (e.g., conferences and meetings) and coin collections. Images taken after 1947, when the Society's photographic department was formed, are arranged chronologically and individually numbered.