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American Numismatic Society

Staff Directory

American Numismatic Society

75 Varick Street, 11th floor
New York, NY 10013

Tel: 212 571 4470
Fax: 212 571 4479

E-mail address are formed by appending '' to the user names listed after the staff name in the table below.

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Executive OfficesemailTel.Ext.Title
Ute Wartenberg Kagan Executive Director
Natalie Jordanx121Director of Finance & Administration
Joanne Isaacisaacx112Museum Administrator
Bary Bridgewaterbridgewaterx114Senior Accountant
Bennett HiibnerSystems Manager
Garfield MillerOffice Assistant
Catherine DiTurimembershipx117Membership and Development
Gilles Bransbourgbransbourgx156Adjunct Curator of Roman Coins
Peter Donovandonovanx157Curatorial Associate
Ethan GrubergruberWeb and Database Developer
Sebastian HeathheathResearch Scientist
David HendinhendinAdjunct Curator
Oliver HooverhooverAdjunct Curator
Disnarda Pinillapinillax159Collections Research Assistant
Elena Stolyarikelenax150Collections Manager
Peter van Alfenvanalfenx153Margaret Thompson Associate Curator of Greek Coins
Matthew WittmannmwittmannAssistant Curator of American Coins and Currency
David YoonyoonResearch Scientist
Library and Archives
David Hillhillx170The Francis D. Campbell Librarian
Andrew Reinhardareinhard111Director of Publications

American Journal of Numismatics (AJN)
Andrew Meadowsmeadows Editor of American Journal of Numismatics
Oliver HoovereditorManaging editor of American Journal of Numismatics

Colonial Newsletter (CNL)
Oliver HoovereditorEditor of Colonial Newsletter

Numismatic Literature
Oliver HoovernumlitEditor of Numismatic Literature

ANS Magazine
Peter van Alfenvanalfenx153Editor of ANS Magazine
Joanne Isaacmagazinex112Advertising Editor of ANS Magazine
Alan RochePhotographer

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