American Numismatic Society
American Numismatic Society

2012 Calendar (subject to change)

Mon.January 2, 2012in celebration of New Years Day (ANS Closed)

Thu.January 5, 20122012 ANS Dinner Gala in honor of Harlan J. Berk and Frederic G. Withington Details

 January 6-8, 2012ANS/Friends of Numismatics Reception at the Archaeological Institute of American Annual Meeting Details

Mon.January 16, 2012Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (ANS Closed)

Mon.January 30, 2012Private Event: Global Kids, Inc. Visit Details

Thu.February 2, 20125:30pmStephen K. Scher Lecture - Andrea Bayer, Associate Curator, Dept. of European Paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Exploring the Renaissance Portrait from Donatello to Bellini Details

Mon.February 6, 2012ANS Adjunct Curator Oliver Hoover, will present a lecture on the coinage of Hellenistic Syria and the Southern Levant in the Classics Department of the University of Cincinnati. Details

Sat.February 18, 2012ANS Curator of North American Coins & Currency Robert W. Hoge to lecture at Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, OK Details

Mon.February 20, 2012Presidents' Day (ANS Closed)

Mon.February 27, 2012Robert Hoge Lectures at Universitat Barcelona Details

 February 20-28, 2012 Sage Society Trip to Israel and Jordan Details

Thu.Feb 23, 20125:30pm2011 Huntington Medal Award & Silvia Mani Hurter Memorial Lecture Details

Sat.February 25, 201210:00amBoard of Trustees meeting

Sat.Mar 3, 2012Robert Hoge Lectures at Universitat Barcelona Details

Wed.March 7, 20125:30pmANS Lecture The Wrapped Coin: The Ritual of Coin Giving in the Early and Middle Islamic Period by Stefan Heidemann Details

Mon.March 12, 20125:30pmMark M. Salton Memorial Lecture with Giancarlo Alteri Details

Thu.April 19, 20125:30pmHarry W. Fowler Lecture Coin Circulation in Epirus: Excavation Finds from the Byzantine Castle of Ioannina with Katerini Liampi Details

Mon.April 23, 20125:30pmANS Lecture Coin hoards and hoarding in Britain: buried with the intention of recovery or votive deposits? with Roger Bland Details

 April 26-29, 2012 ANS attends Chicago International Coin Fair Details

Wed.May 9, 2012Heritage Lecture Series: Ancient Coins Details

 May 11-12, 2012 ANS attends San Francisco Historical Bourse Details

Sat.May 12, 20127:30pmAugustus B. Sage Society Dinner at SF Historical Bourse Details

Mon.May 28, 2012Memorial Day (ANS Closed)

Mon.June 11, 2012Eric P. Newman Graduate Summer Seminar begins Details

Fri.June 15, 20127:30pmSage Society Dinner & Lecture Details

Sat.June 16, 201210:00amBoard of Trustees meeting

Wed.June 20, 2012ANS Lecture The Acroteria of the Temple of Venus and Rome Terence Cheesman Details

Wed.July 4, 2012Independence Day (ANS Closed)

Wed.July 18, 2012ANS Lecture The Three Ages of Greek Coinage and Monetary by Alain Bresson Details

Fri.July 27, 2012Eric P. Newman Graduate Seminar ends

 August 7-11, 2012 ANS attends World's Fair of Money, Philadelphia, PA Details

Mon.September 3, 2012Labor Day (ANS Closed)

Thu.September 20, 2012Heritage Lecture Series: Latin American Coinage Details

Wed.September 26, 2012ANS Curatorial Associate, Peter Donovan, to present at The State Hermitage Museum, Russia "Da Yuezhi and Kushan coinage from Bactria, from the collection of the American Numismatic Society, New York" at the Conference: Two Centuries of Islamic Numismatics in Russia. Details

 September 26-28, 2012ANS Deputy Director Andrew Meadows to present at "Greek coins and their images: noble issuers, humble users?" Conference, French School at Athens, Greece Details

Tue.October 2, 20125:30pmKrause-Mishler Forum Details

Thu.October 18, 20123:00pmAdjunct Curator of Roman Coins Gilles Bransbourg to speak at the Autumn Meeting of the Committee for Monetary Research & Education. Details

 October 18-20, 2012 ANS at Wall Street Collectors Bourse II and special event for ANS and NYNC Members Details

Fri.October 19, 2012 ANS at Wall Street Collectors Bourse II and special event-breakfast- for ANS and NYNC Members Details

Fri.October 19, 20127:30pmSage Society Dinner Details

Sat.October 20, 201210:00amBoard of Trustees meeting

Sat.October 20, 20123:00pmANS 155th Annual Meeting

Sun.October 21, 2012 The exhibit Mirroring Medicine: Medals from the Collection of Dr. Ira Rezak is on view at the Hammer Health Science Center, Columbia Univ.

Tue.November 6, 20125:30pmJ. Sanford Saltus Medal Award Ceremony, Lecture & exhibit Details

 November 15-16, 2012ANS Curator Robert W. Hoge to attend the Colonial Coin Collectors Club C4 Annual Convention

Thu.November 15, 2012ANS Executive Director Ute Wartenberg Kaganto present "The Clazomenae hoard: an archaeological and iconographical puzzle" at "Art in the Round": New Approaches to Ancient Coin Iconography Conference Details

Mon.November 19, 2012ANS Executive Director Ute Wartenberg Kagan to present "Elektronstatere aus Klazomenai: Ein numismatisches Rätzel," at the Österreichischen Archäologischen Instituts und die Numismatisches Kommission of the Österreischische Akademie der Wissenschaften Details

Thu.November 22, 2012Thanksgiving Day (ANS Closed)

Fri.November 23, 2012(ANS Closed)

Fri.November 23, 2012ANS Executive Director Ute Wartenberg Kagan and Jonathan Kagan to present "Münzfunden in England und ihre Erforschung und Publikation im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert" at the Tagung "Münzkabinette und Numismatik im Zeitalter des Barock." Details

Tue.November 27, 20136:00pmAdjunct Curator of Roman Coins Gilles Bransbourg, to speak on "Signs of Inflation" at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World. Details

 November 27-28, 2012ANS duplicates to be sold Numismatic Genevensis SA auction, read the NGSA Press Release

 December 14-15, 2012ANS at San Francisco Historical Bourse (details TBA)

Tue.December 25, 2012Christmas Day (ANS Closed)

Wed.December 26, 2012(ANS Closed)