2017 January Enews

Thank You

The Board of Trustees and staff of the ANS would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our members and friends who contributed to our Year End Appeal. Your support is critical to the Society and helps us continue with many important projects. We truly appreciate your commitment and show of support.

2017 Annual Gala Dinner


Over 150 friends gathered to honor Anthony J. Terranova, the Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society (EPNNES) and the Newman Numismatic Portal (NNP) during the Society’s Annual Gala Dinner on January 12. Sydney Martin, President of the Board, presented the Trustees’ Award to Terranova, and Kenneth Edlow, Chairman of the Board, introduced Linda Newman Schapiro who accepted the Award on behalf of EPNESS and Leonard Augsburger, on behalf of NNP. Q. David Bowers acted as emcee for the event, and Melissa Karstedt of Stack’s Bowers Galleries lent her talents as auctioneer. They both helped make a successful and memorable Gala held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. Read more about the event in the press release and look out for an article and photos in the upcoming issue of the ANS Magazine.

2017 Memberships

Renew your membership today! Member benefits include the quarterly ANS Magazine, invitations to events, and a 30% discount on ANS publications. You also receive a discounted rate on our new lecture series! Also this year, as a special incentive, you can renew your membership for two years – 2017 and 2018 – at the 2017 rate and avoid an increase in dues in 2018! Renew online or return the membership form that will be in your mailbox soon!

New Lecture Series at the ANS – Open Saturdays

The ANS curators and fellows are pleased to announce “Money Talks: Numismatic Conversations,” a new monthly interactive lecture series appropriate for all levels of coin collectors and enthusiasts, where attendees will view relevant coins, banknotes, or medals while learning about the broader world of numismatics. Light meals will be served, and Q&A sessions will follow. Most will take place on Saturdays at the ANS headquarters in New York City. The ANS will be open on Saturdays from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm on lecture days.

“The Origins of Money” Lecture – February 11, 2017

As part of the new “Money Talks: Numismatic Conversations” lecture series, Peter van Alfen, Gilles Bransbourg and Ute Wartenberg will present “The Origins of Money.” This lecture will consider the beginnings of money and its various guises including cut silver in the ancient Near East, early electrum coinage of Asia Minor, early bronze objects, bars and heavy coins in Italy and the spread of cowries in the Indian Ocean area, Eastern Africa and South Asia, including China. The lecture will take place on Saturday, February 11, 2017, at 1:00 pm at the American Numismatic Society. Lunch will be served at 1:00 pm, followed by the lecture at 2:00 pm, and a Q&A at 3:00 pm. The ANS will remain open from 12 noon until 4:00 pm.

“The Beginnings of Islamic Coinage” – March 11, 2017

This talk introduces members to the beginnings of Islamic coinage in the seventh century and its vast trajectories within the Arab lands and beyond. It begins with an in-depth survey of its Byzantine and Sasanian precedents and provides a basic outline of “Arab-Sasanian” and “Arab-Byzantine” types. Members will also learn more about the styles of Arabic calligraphy that were used on early Islamic coins. Members will be able to view and handle fine examples of the ANS’s Islamic holdings with Assistant Curator, Vivek Gupta. The lecture will take place on Saturday, March 11 at 1:00 pm at the American Numismatic Society. Lunch will be served at 1:00 pm, followed by the lecture at 2:00 pm, and a Q&A at 3:00 pm. The ANS will remain open from 12 noon until 4:00 pm.

During Saturday “Numismatic Conversations” at the ANS, the Society will be open from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm, so you have the opportunity to view items in our collections or library. When taking place at the ANS, the lecture fee will be $20 for ANS members, $50 for non-members. Pricing for other venues will be determined. More information, including upcoming lecture dates and topics, is forthcoming.

New Publication – The Art of Devastation

Timed to coincide with the centennial of US involvement in the First World War, the exhibition, The Art of Devastation, opened on January 27, 2017 at the Lehman Loeb Art Center at Vassar College. (Read more about the exhibit in the “Upcoming Events” section.) The companion publication includes six chapters focusing on Great War art and propaganda by experts in medallic and graphic arts of the early 20th century, followed by a complete, full-color catalogue of the 130 medals and posters featured in the exhibit. Hard cover, 356 pages, full color images throughout. ANS Member price: $70, non-member price $100. To place an order or for more information, visit http://numismatics.org/store/aod/.

Digital Library Update

The ANS Digital Library has been updated with 82 of the 86 books in the NEH-Mellon Foundation/Humanities Open Book project, which have been tagged with references to people, places, and resources in ANS coin type/hoard/collection databases (OCRE and CRRO). Initial tallies indicate 170 different hoards linked in 400 different locations in several books. This represents 7% of all coin hoards in Inventory of Greek Coin Hoards (IGCH) that have been linked to references in ANS publications.

Read more about it in a blog post by Ethan Gruber, ANS Director of Data Science

2017 Summer Seminar

The ANS is delighted to announce the 63rd Annual Eric P. Newman Graduate Summer Seminar in Numismatics, which allows select graduate students the opportunity to work hands-on with its preeminent numismatic collections. The eight-week course introduces students to the methods, theories and history of numismatics that are taught by ANS staff, guests lecturers, and the 2017 Visiting Scholar, Dr. Thomas Faucher of the Institut de recherché sur les archéomatériaux, Centre Ernest-Babelon, part of the Centre national de la recherché scientifique (CNRS) and the Université d’Orléans (Orléans, France). Dr. Faucher is a specialist in ancient coin production and Ptolemaic coinages. Applications are due by February 10, 2017; the seminar will occur from June 5 - July 28, 2017. Learn more about the Seminar and view the application guidelines.

New Commemorative Coin

The United States mint will be releasing a commemorative Lady Liberty gold coin in April. Read the New York Times article, which features a quote from our own Gilles Bransbourg.

 Upcoming Events

 The Art of Devastation Exhibition

Often unseen art medals and posters of World War I will be on display at the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center at Vassar College in the exhibition, “The Art of Devastation: Medals and Posters of the Great War,” a joint project between the ANS and Loeb Art Center. Co-curated by Dr. Patricia Phagan (Vassar) and Dr. Peter van Alfen (ANS), the exhibit features 117 medals from both sides of the Great War and 14 posters, several of which are on loan from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The exhibition is accompanied by a full-color catalogue with essays published jointly by the ANS and the Loeb Art Center. It runs from January 27-April 9, 2017 at the Loeb Art Center, 124 Raymond Avenue in Poughkeepsie, NY, and is open to the public. Learn more about this exhibit.

ANS at Whitman Expo

The Society will be present at the Whitman Baltimore Spring Expo at the Baltimore Convention Center from March 30 through April 2. Please be sure to stop by our table to renew your membership, review a publication or just say hello.

 Recent Events

 Nomisma Presentation

Ethan Gruber participated in the Pondera Online Workshop at Louvain-la-Neuve on December 12-13, where he presented "Nomisma.org: Linked Open Data and the Future of Numismatics." This workshop, hosted at the Université catholique de Louvain, brought together specialists from various areas of ancient material culture to discuss building digital corpora. Pondera Online is a database of Greek weights that will implement data standards established by Nomisma.org.

 Presentations in India

ANS 1973.56.440 Gold mohur, Burhānpur (India), 1616 - 1617.

Vivek Gupta recently returned to the ANS from India where he delivered a three-part lecture series, January 4, 5, 6, at Jnanapravaha, Mumbai, India’s foremost institute for art and aesthetics. His series, “Word and Image: Indo-Islamic Aesthetics from the Deccan to Mughal Courts, 1400-1800,” took an innovative approach to interpreting works of art and architecture from Islamic and South Asian contexts and kicked off a series that also featured Sheila Canby (Metropolitan Museum of Art) and Finbarr Barry Flood (New York University, Institute of Fine Arts). Gupta presented new research, “Splendor of the City: Objects in Motion from Mughal Burhanpur,” at the K.R. Cama Oriental Institute at The Art and Culture of Mughal India conference’s decorative arts panel on January 8, with colleagues from the V&A, British Library, and National Museum, New Delhi.


Congress in Turkey

Dr. Ute Wartenberg, Executive Director, presented “What Happens to Electrum Coinage in the 6th Century BC?” at the Second International Congress on the History of Money and Numismatics in the Mediterranean World. Dr. Peter van Alfen, Margaret Thompson Curator, also presented “New Light on the Earliest Silver Coinage of Lampsacus.” The Congress took place in Antalya, Turkey from January 5-8, 2017.


Dr. Ute Wartenberg, Executive Director, David Hill, Librarian, and Andrew Reinhard, Director of Publications, along with the ANS Membership and Development staff Catherine DiTuri and Eshel Kreiter, were pleased to greet many members and friends and welcome new members during the New York International Numismatic Convention at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The event concurred with the ANS Annual Gala, taking place from January 12-15, 2017.

Recent Library Acquisitions

See what’s new at the ANS Library!

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