2016 April Enews

ANS Book Sale

The ANS will be selling select books published after 2000 at a deep discount (up to 80% off retail) from April 25–May 8. Titles in the sale are:

Cultural Change: Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Coins of the Holy Land (by David Hendin, reg. $40/sale $10); From Crime to Punishment: Counterfeit and Debased Currencies in Colonial and Pre-Federal America (by Philip L. Mossman, reg. $145/sale $45); The Island Standard: The Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman Coinages of Paros (by John A.N.Z. Tully, reg. $120/sale $40); The Silver Coins of Massachusetts(by Christopher J. Salmon, reg. $95/sale $45); Diva Faustina: Coinage and Cult in Rome and the Provinces (by Martin Beckman, reg. $95/sale $45); New Jersey State Coppers (by Roger S. Siboni, John L. Howes, and A. Buell Ish, reg. $235/sale $100); Numismatic Finds of the Americas, An Inventory of American Coin Hoards (Treasure Trove), Shipwrecks, Single Finds, and Finds in Excavations (by John M. Kleeberg, reg. $125/sale $40); American Journal of Numismatics Vol. 24 (reg. $75/sale $15).

Download an order form for your purchase(s).

Online Image Update
Thanks to the work of ANS photographers Alan Roche and Emma Pratte, photographs for more than 3,300 Roman Imperial coins from RIC V (Valerian to Probus) have been published online to the ANS collections databases, MANTIS and Online Coins of the Roman Empire (OCRE), in the past month. More than 6,000 Roman Imperial coins from the Lliria Hoard, housed by the Prehistory Museum of Valencia, have recently been published into OCRE. Finally, 1,200 Roman Republican, Imperial, and Greek Hellenistic coins from the Harvard Art Museums have been integrated into Nomisma.org and made available through OCRE, Coinage of the Roman Republic Online (CRRO), and PELLA.


New Editor of Colonial Newsletter

 The American Numismatic Society has appointed Christopher R. McDowell as the new editor of the Colonial Newsletter. He and current editor Oliver Hoover will work together on the third issue for 2016, and he will manage CNL beginning with 2017’s first issue. McDowell was born in Huntington, West Virginia, and as a boy he collected Lincoln cents with his father.  His first colonial coin was a 1785 Miller 4.1-F.4, Connecticut.  McDowell now has close to 300 different Connecticut copper varieties.  He has written many numismatic articles and is the 2009 recipient of the Gloria Peters Literary Award from Women in Numismatics.  In 2015 he authored his first book, Abel Buell and the History of the Connecticut and Fugio Coinages. A student of history and political science at Marshall University, he earned his law degree at West Virginia University where he was the senior editor of the National Coal Issue, West Virginia Law Review.  After law school, he entered active duty as an Army Officer and was stationed in Korea, Germany, and Kansas with deployments to Bosnia.  In 2000, he left active military service and began practicing law in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Additional details about the new direction of CNL will appear in the newsletter and in ANS Magazine.

2016 Membership

Don’t delay in renewing your membership - 2016 is well underway! If you haven’t yet, renew your membership easily via the ANS website, or contact Catherine atmembership@numismatics.org or 212-571-4470 ext. 117 for assistance.  Please renew today!

Thank you to all our members who already renewed for 2016! We sincerely appreciate your support and continuing partnership.

Exhibit at Art Institute of Chicago

In early April, the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) opened a new exhibit, “A Portrait of Antinous, in Two Parts,” which features four bronze coins (two drachms, both minted in Alexandreia, a coin minted in Mantineia, and a coin from a mint in Ancyra) on loan from the American Numismatic Society as well as a book from the Society’s Rare Book Collection. This exhibit is the result of years of international collaboration and research to determine if the AIC’s Fragmentary Portrait of Antinouswas the original face of the Bust of Antinous that belongs to the Palazzo Altemps in Rome.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibit

A spectacular new exhibit on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Pergamon and the Hellenistic Kingdoms of the Ancient World displays select Greek coins from the American Numismatic Society collection, including a remarkable silver 'Poros' decadrachm and two silver tetradrachms struck in  relation to Alexander the Great's Indian campaign. The ANS coins are exhibited in the first gallery, in a case with other small objects from the Louvre and the Harvard University Museum that speaks to Alexander’s prominence as a military leader and royal patron of the arts. This exhibition, which premiered on April 11, 2016, is a historic collaboration between the MMA and the distinguished Pergamon Museum in Berlin, whose eminent sculptures comprise about one-third of the works on view. Numerous outstanding museums throughout the world are also represented in this exhibit.

Book Available for Pre-Order

John Cunnally’s Irritamenta: Numismatic Treasures of a Renaissance Collector (Numismatic Studies 31), is available for pre-order. This slipcased, 2-volume set (plates and catalogue) features the complete collection of over 1,200 ancient coins owned by Andreas Loredan, a 16th-century Venetian patrician. The introductory essay details the history of the collection, a biography of the collector, and a glimpse into the career of the unnamed artist whose draftsmanship and skill were on par with Titian, Palladio, and others.

The set is available for pre-order at $125 + shipping until May 1st. The Member price will then be $140, and non-Member price at $200.

Two Copies Remaining for Sale 

The ANS has only two copies left of the new book, A Superpower is Born: The Rise of the Dollar.  Published in 2016, this 80-page, full-color book features seven articles on United States silver dollars, including two chapters by Matthew Wittmann, recently the ANS’s Assistant Curator of American Coins and Currency. Other authors include Ole Bjørn Fausa, Brian Hendelson, Svein Gullbekk, Michael Märcher, and Jesse Kraft. Published by Samlerhuset Group B.V., edited by Prof. Svein H. Gullbekk of the University of Oslo. ISBN 978-82-999453-2-5

Purchase price is $25 for Members and non-Members, plus $10 shipping/handling. Only two copies remain! Contact Andrew Reinhard, ANS Director of Publications, ASAP, to order.


Coin Finds Database Meeting

Ethan Gruber, Director of Data Science, will be in Caen, France, April 27-30, for the fifth annual European Coin Find Network/Nomisma.org meeting. This meeting discusses the future of coin find databases in Europe and the eventuality of integration of these data into Nomisma, to be made broadly available to researchers through projects like OCRE. Ethan will present updates to ANS digital projects and Nomisma.orgover the last year and lead a workshop on querying and visualizing numismatic data in Nomisma.

Hellenistic Art Symposium with Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is hosting a two-day symposium on the significance of Hellenistic art, where Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan, Executive Director of the ANS, will present “Early Portraits of Alexander the Great: The Numismatic Evidence.” The event takes place on May 4 and 5; Dr. Wartenberg Kagan will present during the afternoon session on day two. Learn more about this symposium.

Conference at Yale

The Economic Growth Center of the Yale Economics Department at Yale University is presenting a one-day conference on Quantifying Problems in Ancient History. On May 6, 2016, Dr. Gilles Bransbourg, ANS Adjunct Curator of Roman Coins, will discuss how joint papyrological and numismatic data revealed a major Roman coinage reform from the fourth-century CE. Read more about this conference.

Archer M. Huntington Award and Silvia Mani Hurter Memorial Lecture

 On Tuesday, June 7, 2016, the ANS will present the 2016 Archer M. Huntington Award to Dr. Michael Alram, Director of the Coin Cabinet of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria. Dr. Alram will present the Silvia Mani Hurter Memorial Lecture entitled “Money and Power in Ancient Bactria.” The lecture will begin at 6:00 PM at the ANS headquarters, and will be preceded by a reception at 5:30 PM. Registration is required to membership@numismatics.org or 212-571-4470 ext. 117.
A subscription dinner will be held following the event at a nearby restaurant. Pre-registration required. Contact membership@numismatics.org or 212-571-4470 ext. 117 for information.



Harry W. Fowler Memorial Lecture

Dr. Aneurin Ellis-Evans, Junior Research Fellow in Classics at The Queen’s College in Oxford, gave the 2016 Harry W. Fowler Memorial Lecture at the ANS headquarters on April 12. Dr. Ellis-Evans’s presentation featured new research on coinage and weight from the Athenian Empire, which generated a lively questions-and-answer session following the presentation. View the lecture online.
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